Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

(30 minutes)

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Sun, 12/15 at 6:30 am on Austin PBS HDTV

Daniel Learns About Lizards; Daniel Wonders About Trolley

Daniel and Prince Wednesday discover a small lizard in Daniel's backyard; Daniel and his friends learn more about their favorite Neighborhood Trolley. (30 minutes)

Sun, 12/15 at 10:30 am on Austin PBS Kids

Daniel's Bicycle; Katerina's Magic Trick

Daniel practices riding his dad's bike; Katerina becomes frustrated by a magic trick. (30 minutes)

Sun, 12/15 at 11:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Visiting Grandpere; The Tiger Family Goes Back Home

Daniel and Grandpere hunt for buried treasure; Grandpere takes Daniel on a sunrise boat ride before the family heads back home. (30 minutes)

Mon, 12/16 at 9:00 am on Austin PBS HDTV

Daniel's New Friend; Same and Different

Daniel and Miss Elaina meet Prince Wednesday's cousin, Chrissie, who needs help walking; while playing dress up at school, Daniel learns not everyone has a tail like his. (30 minutes)

Mon, 12/16 at 9:30 am on Austin PBS HDTV

The Baby Is Here

Everyone welcomes the new baby, Margaret, home to the family. (30 minutes)

Mon, 12/16 at 1:30 pm on Austin PBS Kids

Daniel's Winter Adventure; Neighborhood Nutcracker

Daniel and Prince Wednesday are afraid to go sledding when they see the hill's height; Daniel dances in "The Nutcracker Ballet." (30 minutes)