A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home

Cloud Break

George considers selling the farm; Richard schemes new ways to bring down the Blighs. (60 minutes)

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Sat, 7/11 at 9:00 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

In Memoriam

Richard is arrested for murder, as Jack tries to determine what happened that night; Anna considers a relationship with Henry, but Olivia warns her off. (60 minutes)

Sat, 7/18 at 9:00 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

A Nagging Doubt

As Sarah's life continues to hang in the balance Carolyn starts to see her life crumble, and George comes closer to finding out the truth about Regina. (54 minutes)

Sat, 7/18 at 9:54 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

Bad in a Good Way

Sarah is suspected of murdering Milly; Regina weaves a web to keep George trapped; James is rattled by Olivia's confession. (55 minutes)