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Shine a light on your business with value unattainable anywhere but public broadcasting

Sponsorship of Austin PBS and PBS programming offers community-minded businesses the opportunity to reap the benefits of associating with the nation’s most intelligent and trusted content. Research consistently affirms the trust viewers have for Austin PBS programming. Your sponsorship investment provides credibility and a sense of reciprocity from the community.

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Austin PBS viewers are exactly who you expect them to be. As business and community leaders, patrons of the arts, and conscientious parents and their children, they tune in to Austin PBS each week for safe, trusted, entertaining and educational programming. Greet an audience that tunes IN instead of out.

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Enjoy greater share of voice with Austin PBS’s average of just over 3 minutes of non-programming minutes an hour and a succinct spot format. Your message has significantly greater retention rates in Austin PBS’s clutter-free broadcast environment.

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A benefit unique to public broadcasting - your investment in Austin PBS sponsorship positions your company as a good corporate citizen with a commitment to excellence. Austin PBS viewers have a preference to do business with Austin PBS sponsors and see them as socially responsible, innovative and trustworthy.

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Austin PBS is committed to designing sponsorship programs that are unique to your business’ specific needs in engaging the Austin PBS Community. We aim to be as flexible and creative as possible sto assist you in getting the most from Austin PBS sponsorship.


Mon, 4/6

Q Night at the Movies features Fail Safe 04/11

Q Night at the Movies presents 1964's Cold War drama, based on the titular book, Fail Safe.

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Wed, 4/1

Austin PBS is Moving Forward — April Update

This year we're relocating to a new facility. Learn more about it!