Austin PBS, Bringing the World To Your Neighborhood

Give to Make a Lasting Impact

Your enduring legacy will ensure a more informed, connected and educated community.

Planning Your Legacy

By including Austin PBS in your estate plans, you’ll be supporting immediate program needs and fostering the long-term financial health and growth of the station’s endowment. Your lasting contribution will both safeguard the legacy of Austin’s only community-supported public television, and help you achieve your personal, financial, and estate planning goals.

Ways to Give

There are a variety of ways to give to Austin PBS, and we encourage you to explore your options. Here are a few recommendations for your consideration:

Beneficiary Designations

The easiest way to provide a legacy gift is by designating Austin PBS as a beneficiary. Whether it is a life insurance policy, an IRA or another account, making a change by indicating Austin PBS as a new beneficiary is simple and easy.

Bequest in Your Will

You have choices as to how you name Austin PBS as a beneficiary in your will. Through a bequest, you may leave a specific dollar amount, percentage of your estate or all or a percentage of your residuary estate.

Below is sample bequest language to discuss with your legal or financial advisors:

"I give [$ ] [ % of my estate] [the residue of my estate] [ % of the residue of my estate] to Capital of Texas Public Telecommunications Council, Inc., a Texas nonprofit corporation located in Austin, Texas, for its general support (or support of a specific purpose or program)."

Bequests are the way many viewers create endowed funds. If you decide to restrict your bequest, we ask that you include the following language in your will:

"If at any time, in the judgement of the Board of Directors of Capital of Texas Public Telecommunication Council, Inc. it is no longer practicable to use the income or principal of the bequest for the purpose stated herein, I authorize them to use the income or principal for any purpose they deem to be consistent with such purpose."

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable Remainder Trusts (CTR) are a way to provide income for you or a loved one and a future gift for Austin PBS. There are several types available. Contact your financial advisor to discuss creating a Trust for Austin PBS.

Charitable Lead Trusts

Make your assets work overtime — first for Austin PBS, then for your family. Charitable Lead Trusts accomplish two objectives:

  1. The assets provide important funding for programming at Austin PBS and
  2. They are passed along to heirs at a time when those family members are able to use the assets to best advantage.

Including Austin PBS in your Estate Plan?

Please let us know by completing our Estate Intention Form. You may mail this form to:

Susannah Winslow
VP Development
P.O. Box 7158
Austin, TX 78713-7158


Estate Planning

"My sister was a very intelligent woman who passed away unexpectedly and prematurely after a short illness. One of the most intelligent things she did was her Estate Planning. Her Estate was divided between eleven family members and eleven charities...and the majority of her Estate was distributed roughly a year ago. I have yet to receive a call from any family member or charity to do anything other than to thank me. Precise estate planning eliminates interpretation, as well as misunderstandings, at a very emotional time. A judge once told me that legal fees spent on the front end greatly reduce legal fees spent on the backend. I have come to realize that also applies to estate planning as well."

- Family Member of Austin PBS Planned Giving Donor


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