Let's Go Luna!.

Let's Go Luna!

Totally Totem; Glacier or Bust

Andy and Luna enlist the help of a totem pole artist to tell their story; Andy wants to see the blue light of the Mendenhall Glacier ice caves. (30 minutes)

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Fri, 8/19 at 10:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Me and My Elephant; Mukandi's Farm

Leo becomes a reluctant caregiver of an orphaned baby elephant in Nairobi; the kids learn about creative farming in Nairobi when Luna volunteers to take care of her friend's farm for a day. (30 minutes)

Fri, 8/19 at 1:30 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

Viva La Pasta; Arrivederci Aqua

After forgetting her birthday, Carmen wants to make up for it by bringing Honey the finest pasta in Rome; Andy vows to build an aqueduct when the Circo mysteriously runs out of water. (30 minutes)

Sat, 8/20 at 11:30 am on Austin PBS Kids

The Big Squeeze; Meet the Presses

Carmen volunteers to play the accordion for a friend's Circo performance; Andy gets help from a printmaker to make copies of his book. (30 minutes)

Sun, 8/21 at 11:30 am on Austin PBS Kids

What a T-Wreck; Way of the Gaucho

Andy helps a paleontologist in Argentina; Carmen wants to be a gaucho. (30 minutes)

Mon, 8/22 at 10:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

The Ghost Piper of Edinburgh Castle; Make 'Em Laugh

Carmen learns about bagpipes; Leo must stop Dad's comedy act. (30 minutes)

Mon, 8/22 at 1:30 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

Gaja's Birthday; The Kabaddi Kid

Fabuloso faces his worst nightmare when he has to take the kids to a birthday party; Andy learns about the old sport kabaddi. (30 minutes)

Tue, 8/23 at 10:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Queen for a Day; Jolly Special Friend

Carmen finds out that royal life is more complicated than it looks; Carmen, Andy and Luna help out when Papa Chockers is too sick to make lunch. (30 minutes)

Tue, 8/23 at 1:30 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

Stinky Fruit; Kick It Good

Leo wants to like a very strong-smelling durian fruit; Andy wants to play ball with kids in Thailand. (30 minutes)

Wed, 8/24 at 10:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Guitar to Sitar; Spring Has Not Sprung

While looking for guitar strings in Delhi, India, Carmen and the kids learn about a different stringed instrument called the sitar; Andy's plan to photograph the colors of spring is threatened by overcast weather. (30 minutes)