Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

The Kibble Crook; Screaming for Ice Cream

T-Bone blames another dog for eating all of Cleo's food; Emily and Charley make a big mess when they try serving ice cream. (30 minutes)

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Fri, 8/19 at 9:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Hiccup Pup; Top of the Charts

Emily Elizabeth and Clifford travel all around Birdwell Island to try to get rid of Clifford's hiccups; Emily Elizabeth is inspired to write a song and start a band. (30 minutes)

Fri, 8/19 at 11:30 am on Austin PBS HDTV

Searchers of the Lost Coin; Birdwell Backwards

Pablo loses his lucky coin while playing kickball with his friends; Emily Elizabeth and Clifford have fun during Backwards Day. (30 minutes)

Sat, 8/20 at 5:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

T-Bone, Dog About Town; Clifford's Big Heart

T-Bone puts on airs to impress a visiting poodle; Clifford tries to make the perfect Valentine for Emily. (30 minutes)

Sat, 8/20 at 10:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Things That Go Bump; Sherlock Bones

Things are going great for Emily Elizabeth and Clifford's backyard campout -- until weird noises and shadows spook them and their friends; Clifford and his friends find that their community dog bowl is missing. (30 minutes)

Sun, 8/21 at 5:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

The Big Sleepover; Dog for a Day

Charley watches Clifford for a night; Charley doesn't like a dream he has about living a dog's life. Featuring the voices of John Ritter and Kel Mitchell. (30 minutes)

Sun, 8/21 at 10:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Knights of the Wobbly Table; Don't Lead Me a Stray

Emily Elizabeth and Clifford try to track down a missing book; at the annual Pet Adoption Fair, Clifford and Emily Elizabeth help others find their forever friends. (30 minutes)

Mon, 8/22 at 9:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

The Little Red Dream; The Mail Mix Up

Clifford dreams he is a little dog; Emily Elizabeth, Clifford and the gang help Mrs. Clayton deliver invitations by way of the Big Red Delivery Service. (30 minutes)

Mon, 8/22 at 11:30 am on Austin PBS HDTV

Samantha's Perfect Day; Welcome Home, Natalie Chan

Emily Elizabeth, Pablo and Jack plan a special surprise party for Samantha's birthday; Pablo rallies his friends to welcome his favorite author Natalie Chan to Birdwell Island. (30 minutes)

Tue, 8/23 at 9:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Coming Soon!; Fire Dog Tucker

Pablo is disappointed that his favorite author is unable to visit, so the gang puts on a performance to cheer him up; Tucker needs to overcome his fears so he can become an official fire dog. (30 minutes)