Clifford the Big Red Dog

Clifford the Big Red Dog

(30 minutes)

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Mon, 12/9 at 8:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Teacher's Pet; Islander of the Year

The dogs go to school for the first time; the children enter an essay contest. (30 minutes)

Tue, 12/10 at 8:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Stinky Friends; He's Wonderful Mr. Bleakman

Clifford goes into a field to play after being told not to; Mr. Bleakman gets upset when Clifford messes his potato garden. (30 minutes)

Thu, 12/12 at 8:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

New Dog in Town; Get Well

T-Bone recalls how Clifford's size frightened him at first; the dogs try to make Emily feel better when she catches a cold. (30 minutes)

Fri, 12/13 at 8:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Clothes Don't Make the Dog; Short-Changed

T-Bone is embarrassed to wear his new sweater; Emily worries Clifford prefers the attentions of a family friend. (30 minutes)

Sat, 12/14 at 8:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Hiccup Pup; Top of the Charts

Emily Elizabeth and Clifford travel all around Birdwell Island to try to get rid of Clifford's hiccups; Emily Elizabeth is inspired to write a song and start a band. (30 minutes)

Sun, 12/15 at 8:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Knights of the Wobbly Table; Don't Lead Me a Stray

Emily Elizabeth and Clifford try to track down a missing book; at the annual Pet Adoption Fair, Clifford and Emily Elizabeth help others find their forever friends. (30 minutes)

Mon, 12/16 at 8:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Magic in the Air; Everyone Loves Clifford

Charley gets carried away with the Peter Poundstone Magician craze; Emily Elizabeth scratches Clifford's "sweet spot.". (30 minutes)

Tue, 12/17 at 8:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Who Me, Jealous?; A Bunny in a Haystack

Mrs. Diller seems to like her sister's new puppy better than Cleo; the dogs learn to take care of a pet. (30 minutes)

Wed, 12/18 at 8:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Little Clifford; Welcome to Birdwell Island

Emily remembers choosing Clifford for her puppy; the town has doubts about Clifford. (30 minutes)

Fri, 12/20 at 8:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

T-Bone, Dog About Town; Clifford's Big Heart

T-Bone puts on airs to impress a visiting poodle; Clifford tries to make the perfect Valentine for Emily. (30 minutes)