Sister Boniface Mysteries.

Sister Boniface Mysteries

Lights, Camera, Murder!

A TV crew has arrived to use St Vincent's Convent as a location for spy thriller; the filming becomes all too real when a live gun is fired instead of a replica; Sister Boniface deduces the bullet was meant for producer. (46 minutes)

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Sat, 2/4 at 8:45 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

Love and Other Puzzles

After spending the night with a pipe-smoking gentleman caller, a woman is found dead with a jigsaw puzzle and a face full of cold cream. (46 minutes)

Sat, 2/11 at 8:45 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

My Brother's Keeper

Sister Reginald's ex-con brother Alfie abruptly turns up at the convent after being released from prison; since he has nowhere else to go, the sisters agree to let him stay. (46 minutes)