Big Birds Can't Fly

The lives and histories of flightless birds such as ostriches, emus, rheas, cassowaries and kiwis. (60 minutes)

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Wed, 7/15 at 1:00 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

Dogs in the Land of Lions

An intimate portrayal of motherhood centers on an African wild dog family in the Zimbabwean wilderness. (60 minutes)

Thu, 7/16 at 1:00 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

The Serengeti Rules

Five scientists who learned that keystone species can make or break the ecosystems they live in recall stories of their adventures in the wilderness in the 1960s. (60 minutes)

Fri, 7/17 at 1:00 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

Undercover in the Jungle

A team of naturalists and wildlife filmmakers documents the lives of exotic creatures in the extreme jungle of the Amazon rainforest. (60 minutes)