Splash and Bubbles.

Splash and Bubbles

Dunk the Artist; Ripple's Sea Dragons

Dunk is proud of his ability to make art on the ocean floor; Ripple and the gang investigate the legend of the sea dragon. (30 minutes)

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Sat, 8/20 at 6:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Mo's Sunburn; Imagin-Ocean

Dunk's cousin Mo wants to get away from the sun, so the kids take him to the Arctic -- which proves too cold for him; Splash and friends pretend to be other fish. (30 minutes)

Sun, 8/21 at 6:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Lights Out!; Catching Some ZZZs

When Lu's light goes out, the kids show her a world filled with light -- the reef; Bubbles explores what it's like to be nocturnal on a sleepover with Zee. (30 minutes)

Sat, 8/27 at 6:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

The Sand Is Grand; The Treasure Trove

Splash and his friends find a parrotfish while playing at the sandy bed; Bubbles gets trapped in a treasure chest. (30 minutes)

Sun, 8/28 at 6:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Seal Sitters; From Ray to Zee

Splash and Bubbles visit Tidy, who is exhausted from cleaning up after Tyke, a young female seal pup. (30 minutes)

Sat, 9/3 at 6:00 am on Austin PBS Kids

Whitebeard; Coral Day

Ripple tries to convince her friends to stay up and watch for the mysterious creature Whitebeard to sail over Reeftown; everyone gets ready for Coral Day. (30 minutes)