Hold the Sunset.

Hold the Sunset

The Burglary

A midnight break-in brings Edith face-to-face with a ghost from her past. (30 minutes)

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Sun, 10/4 at 11:00 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

If I Were a Wise Man

Edith plans one last Christmas with the family before she and Phil embark on their sunset trip; Phil's anxiety about not selling his house leads him to a spooky encounter. (30 minutes)

Sun, 10/4 at 11:30 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

The Sale

With Edith and Phil's sunset future in suspense, Phil's beginning to despair of ever selling his house; Queenie talks him into an open day, but she has ulterior motives. (34 minutes)

Sun, 10/11 at 11:00 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

The Disappearance

After his disastrous open day, Phil disappears, and while Edith searches for him, her difficult sister Joan invites herself to stay; Roger fills the house with unexpected guests. (30 minutes)

Sun, 10/11 at 11:30 pm on Austin PBS HDTV

Aunty Joan

Edith is finding her sister Joan very difficult to deal with; Roger, impatient to help Phil sell his house, decides to help by checking his roof for dry rot. (30 minutes)