KLRU unveils new brand in honor of PBS 50th Anniversary

Posted on Nov 4, 2019

Your Central Texas PBS station has been known as KLRU-TV, Austin PBS since inception. On November 4 we’ll be making a change to … Austin PBS, KLRU-TV. You’ll also notice that in addition to the name change, we also have a new logo to coincide with the 50th anniversary of PBS and their national updated look.

This evolution in branding is not unique to Austin PBS. As technology has changed, call letters (K-L-R-U) do not resonate as strongly as they did in the past, especially with a younger generation who consume media in new ways across new platforms. The geographic name (Austin) allows people across the country to immediately know and recognize that this is the Austin community’s PBS station. Austin PBS identifies the station with the active, creative, entrepreneurial spirit of our city, along with the high quality content we produce and distribute. It also gives the high number of residents moving to the area a heads up that we are their local PBS station.

We believe that this name change clearly broadcasts that we are proud to be part of Austin, and we take our identity both from the community we serve and the network we deliver.

KLRU has long provided public media to more than 20 counties in the Central Texas area. This remains the same. Austin, as the center point of this geographic region, has a strong connection to all the counties we serve. We will also adapt the branding in special on air and social media spots to surrounding cities and counties, e.g. Georgetown PBS, San Marcos PBS, etc.

“PBS has connected with hundreds of millions of Americans through the stories that matter to our lives,” said Ira Rubenstein, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, PBS. “Our new look and feel better represents how we are doing that in today’s digital age, while also preserving the most iconic aspects of this beloved brand. From broadcast to every major streaming platform, from your screens to your communities, we’ve created one connected experience that spans PBS locally and nationally.”

Audiences will see an exciting new look and feel that spans broadcast, mobile and digital, making it easier to identify and rediscover the PBS content they know and love across platforms. The new logo is an evolution of its iconic symbol, reflective of the diverse perspectives PBS offers through its content. It is paired with “PBS” rendered in a custom type that’s more modern, prominent and designed to be highly legible as it migrates across platforms. The new brand identity also features a new, vibrant signature color, PBS Blue, designed to convey a sense of trust and integrity.

As the station moves forward with the 2020 opening of new facilities at ACC Highland, we remain dedicated to outreach that extends beyond just television. The name Austin PBS creates a more accessible, inclusive and friendlier atmosphere than the channel call letters employed in the past. This will make connecting with our neighbors easier.

We look forward to serving you as Austin PBS for at least another 50 years and hope you continue to enjoy your favorite local and national shows as well as our work in the community.