Highlights April 10 to April 16

Posted on April 7, 2023

Monday, April 10

Watch breathtaking appraisals at Idaho Botanical Garden, including Idaho State gems & gold nuggets, ca. 1905, 1935 Gum Inc. Mickey Mouse cards, and 1826 portraits attributed to the Guilford County Limner. Which is a $20,000 to $40,000 find? Antiques Roadshow Idaho Botanical Garden Hour 2 at 7:00 pm.

Join ROADSHOW to visit Virginia Beach. Featured finds include a 1964 Cassius Clay twice-signed promotional print, modern Abdullah Qandeel "Red" and "Love" oils, and an early 18th-century Chinese celadon vase.Which is valued at $50,000-$80,000? Antiques Roadshow Virginia Beach Hour 2 at 8:00 pm.

Pati Jinich travels along both sides of the Arizona-Sonora border through some of the most untouched places in North America. She hunts for an ancient chile, visits a ghost town, drops water for migrants, and more. La Frontera with Pati Jinich Ancient Seeds & Desert Ghosts at 9:00 pm.

The Hardest Day is a film about the human-animal bond and the last moments shared between. It also explores the community of veterinarians and support staff that assists along the way. It provides an unprecedented look at the largest at-home pet euthanasia company in the United States, Lap of Love, and offers new insight into power of the human-animal bond. The Hardest Day at 10:00 pm.

Tuesday, April 11

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. uncovers the remarkably diverse backgrounds of country music icons Clint Black and Rosanne Cash. Finding Your Roots Country Roots at 7:00 pm.

Join actor Kit Harington, who has played soldiers, spies, and - in Game of Thrones - warriors, as he discovers that his grandparents played comparable roles in their real lives during WWII and gains a new appreciation of their courage and sacrifice. My Grandparents' War Kit Harington at 8:00 pm.

How America's 20-year investment in Afghanistan culminated in Taliban victory. Drawing on decades of on the ground reporting, and interviews with Taliban and US officials, part one of an investigation of the missteps and consequences. Frontline America and the Taliban, Part 2 at 9:00 pm.

Two families experience homeland violence across generations. / In Call Me Anytime, I'm Not Leaving the House two Ukrainian sisters - one recently emigrated to Brooklyn, the other in war-besieged Odessa - long to be reunited and reminisce about their homeland. /Freedom Swimmer is the story of a grandfather's perilous swim from China to Hong Kong that parallels his granddaughter's own quest for a new freedom. POV Shorts Our Motherland Fantasy Nightmare at 10:00 pm.

Veterans who have a connection to citizenship. After Action Pledge of Allegiance at 10:30 pm.

Wednesday, April 12

Explore Costa Rica's one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. From rainforests to volcanos, tiny architects and caretakers at the heart of this vast wildlife diversity keep this ecological giant running: the hummingbirds. Nature The Hummingbird Effect at 7:00 pm.

It's hard not to notice: our weather is changing. From longer, hotter heat waves, to more intense rainstorms, to megafires and multi-year droughts - the U.S. is experiencing the full range of impacts from a changing global climate. But people on the front lines of these destabilizing weather trends around the country are coming up with new ways to adapt to the many challenges they bring. The lessons they're learning today can help all of us adapt in the years ahead, as the planet gets warmer and our weather gets weirder. Nova Weathering The Future at 8:00 pm.

Rip Current Resuce tells dramatic stories of life saving, survival, and real-life heroes filmed across America's most popular beaches. Rip currents are America's greatest beach hazard, and every summer these dangerous currents are responsible for up to 80% of all beach rescues and dozens of deaths every year. The documentary features incredible stories of potentially fatal incidents captured on camera. Viewers will witness dramatic scenes from the frontlines of U.S. beach safety as first responders work to keep the public safe from these deadly currents. But rip currents are not just an ocean phenomenon, and the film reveals why the Great Lakes are a hot spot for rip current drownings - despite being hundreds of miles from an ocean. Go beneath the water's surface with leading scientist Dr. Rob Brander as he unlocks the secrets of how rips operate. These compelling stories, augmented with scientific information and clear illustrations, help us understand rip currents, to know how to spot them, and what to do if you ever find yourself in the grip of a rip. Rip Current Rescue at 9:00 pm.

Enjoy highlights from superstar rock band Foo Fighters' 2009 and 2015 episodes of Austin City Limits. Songs include "The Pretender" and "Best of You." Austin City Limits Foo Fighters Rock Austin City Limits at 10:00 pm.

Thursday, April 13

World War II brought renewed energy and purpose to Route 66 as the country suddenly needed to transport people, arms and ammunition from one coast to the other. Hospitality work was viewed as a natural extension of the domestic sphere, and on Route 66 many women worked in family businesses providing food and lodging. The war allowed women to move out of low paying jobs and perform patriotic duties that were highly skilled and dangerous, such as sorting ammunition. After the war, these women would create vibrant businesses on their own. From the CEO of an iconic Route 66 restaurant in Gallup, NM to Navajo women at the Ordinance Depot in Flagstaff, AZ these women rejected domesticity in favor of a career. Also the story of the writing of the iconic song "Route 66" by Bobby Troup. Route 66 Women: The Untold Story of the Mother Road World War II & the Post War Period at 7:00 pm.

Chet heads to the "Lavender Capital," harvesting it from the field and drinking it in lemonade. He explores the historic courthouse used in the movie "True Grit" and a buggy museum that's supplied Hollywood with all its western needs for years. He visits a brewery, eats BBQ, swims in the Blanco River, and plays traditional 9-pin bowling with Blanco's German residents. The Daytripper Blanco, TX at 8:00 pm.

Having endured a miserable and brutal childhood, Olver is sold to a local undertaker. Oliver Twist at 8:30 pm.

Circumstances force the spirited Mary Yellan to travel to the ominous Jamaica Inn in Cornwall to live with her downtrodden Aunt Patience. The Inn has no guests, and Patience’s violent husband Joss Merlyn is the ringleader of a dangerous group of smugglers. Mary finds her moral resolve immediately challenged, complicated further by her attraction to Joss’ enigmatic brother, Jem. Jamaica Inn at 9:00 pm.

A year has passed since The Hour was unceremoniously taken off air. Freddie has been fired, while Bel fought to stay - now all eyes are on the new Head of News, Randall Brown, as a force for change. The Hour Welcome Back at 10:00 pm.

Friday, April 14

Big walls with bright colors and bold designs are transforming and beautifying spaces throughout the capital of Texas. Known for its young and artsy vibe, Austin is bursting with vibrant murals that are energizing the city’s urban architecture. Check out Austin’s contemporary murals and meet the artists who are enlivening the cityscape with their uplifting public art. Egypt Excursion: Wyoming Climbers Explore Sinai Peninsula at 7:30 pm.

Hidden Canary Islands is a one-hour special hosted by CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg. Peter takes viewers on a delightful exploration of all eight Spanish islands: El Hierro Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Graciosa Lanzarote, La Palma, and Tenerife. Hidden Canary Islands at 8:00 pm.

Ballet Hispanico explores Evita Peron's diverging legacies in this invigorating and emotional work. Her rags-to-riches story is interpreted through movement - following her journey from dancehall performer to Argentina's First Lady and sudden death. Next at the Kennedy Center Ballet Hispanico's: Dona Perón at 9:00 pm.

Enjoy highlights from superstar rock band Foo Fighters' 2009 and 2015 episodes of Austin City Limits. Songs include "The Pretender" and "Best of You." Austin City Limits Foo Fighters Rock Austin City Limits at 10:30 pm.

Saturday, April 15

Chef Maria Loi takes us to the historic Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel in Athens to cook with the celebrated Chef Bertrand Valegeas. Inspired by the fresh seafood , they prepare Tsipoura sti Ladokola (Sea Bream in Parchment Paper) and Karavides me Kritharaki (Langoustine with Orzo). Back in New York City, Maria makes some Athens-inspired recipes: Crispy-Skin Salmon and Shrimp with Orzo. The Life of Loi: Mediterranean Secrets Down by the Sea at 1:30 pm.

The U.S. dollar conquered the world economy, then turned plastic and went digital. So, what does a "dollar" even mean these days? Gabe visits Ben Stein to help make "cents" out of our money. Reconnecting Roots Dollar: Rise and Fall of the Dollar at 4:30 pm.

The Basin and Range geologic province is where the Earth's crust has been raised up and stretched and broken apart into parallel blocks of rock, creating a repeating series of rugged mountain ranges with valleys between them. Doug descends into California's Death Valley and climbs high into the wilderness mountain ranges of Nevada, before descending into another far-flung basin. Doug’s Geology Journal An Army of Caterpillars at 6:00 pm.

Enjoy a pair of up and coming, Austin-based singer/songwriters with Jade Bird and Dayglow. The UK-born Bird plays tunes from her album Different Kinds of Light. Sloan Struble, AKA Dayglow, performs cuts from his LP Harmony House. Austin City Limits Jade Bird/Dayglow at 7:00 pm.

A true-crime podcaster is murdered while on the hunt for a child who disappeared on Christmas Eve 1977 - and Selwyn's past comes back to haunt him. There's just one case that Selwyn has never solved - and this Christmas it will return to haunt him. As the inhabitants of Saint Marie prepare for the festive season, true-crime podcaster Jennifer Langan is found shot dead. Langan had been investigating the strange disappearance of a nine-year old boy on Christmas Eve in 1977.When recordings from the night of the murder are uncovered, the team are left with a chilling question. Are supernatural forces at work? And, in the biggest shock of them all, will Neville find love just in time for Christmas? Death in Paradise Christmas 2022, Part 1 at 8:00 pm.

Poirot receives a strange letter for assistance from an elderly woman, Miss Amelia Barrowby, who lives at Rosebank in Charman's Green. She is extremely vague in defining the problem, but adds several times that discretion is paramount as family is involved. The letter intrigues Poirot who has his secretary Miss Felicity Lemon draft a reply saying that he is at the lady's service. Five days later Miss Lemon spots an announcement in the "personal column" of The Morning Post about the death of Miss Barrowby. Poirot sends a letter to Rosebank to provoke a response from the next of kin, and he duly receives a reply from the dead woman's niece saying that his services are no longer required. Nevertheless, he goes to the house where he admires its well-maintained garden with its spring flowers and edging of shells, then meets Katrina, a young Russian girl, and the niece, Mrs Delafontaine, and her husband... Agatha Christie's Poirot How Does Your Garden Grow? at 8:45 pm.

Circumstances force the spirited Mary Yellan to travel to the ominous Jamaica Inn in Cornwall to live with her downtrodden Aunt Patience. The Inn has no guests, and Patience’s violent husband Joss Merlyn is the ringleader of a dangerous group of smugglers. Mary finds her moral resolve immediately challenged, complicated further by her attraction to Joss’ enigmatic brother, Jem. Jamaica Inn at 9:40 pm.

Marie Antoinette and Louis are about to make their first official visit to Paris. But the King becomes seriously ill and succession becomes a reality. Du Barry knows that she needs to protect herself from the future Queen of France. Marie Antoinette Queen of France at 10:40 pm.

Sunday, April 16

A lesser-known National Park in Utah's red rock country, Capitol Reef National Park, is explored via a scenic drive considered to be one of the best in the world. Jeff, Zack, and Dave follow Utah's Route 12 Scenic Byway to the majestic cliffs and slot canyons in search of the perfect frame. Outside: Beyond The Lens Utah Route 12 Road Trip at 12:00 pm.

In southwest Texas, far from cities and people, lies a pristine river: clear spring-fed turquoise water tumbles past rugged ridges and scenic canyons. It's not easy to get there, but it's worth the effort to experience this unique combination of snorkel-worthy pools and swift rapids set in a desert environment. The Devil's River is one of the most pristine and Wild Rivers of the west. Wild Rivers with Tillie The Devil's River - An Unexpected Gem in Texas at 12:30 pm.

Visit Scotland, Germany and France with host Scott Yoo as he investigates the connection between Robert Schumann's bipolar disorder and creative genius via experts, musical performances and examining the work of other artists outside world of music. Great Performances Now Hear This: Schumann: Genius and Madness at 1:00 pm.

Is there a way to do what makes your heart sing while changing the world along the way? Roadtrip Nation: Changemakers follows three young people eager to explore purposeful career paths and make a positive impact on the wider world. Follow along as roadtrippers Genevieve, Jake and Rahael take a journey across the United States to discover how they can get as much as possible out of their future careers while giving back to their communities too. As they travel throughout the country, they hear from businesspeople, tech workers, educators, art enthusiasts, and other inspiring professionals about finding work they're passionate about that generates social impact along the way. Roadtrip Nation: Changemakers at 2:00 pm.

Liquifying natural gas and shipping it around the world in tankers could make it available to all at a global market price. While this could boost industry and help developing nations choose gas as an alternative to coal, some say LNG import terminals are too expensive and its trade may increase emissions. Octavio Simoes, CEO of Tellurian, and Jake Schmidt, Senior Climate Director at NRDC, discuss. Energy Switch Could LNG Change Global Energy? at 6:00 pm.

Nancy oversees a child born out of wedlock, but things take a very unexpected and shocking turn. Dr. Turner and Sister Veronica discuss a new contraception procedure: the Vasectomy. The Board of Health delivers some unwelcome news to Sister Julienne. Call the Midwife at 7:00 pm.

Charlotte and Colbourne rush to Augusta's aid, and it's revealed whether Edward has really changed. Georgiana is reunited with a ghost from her past, and Charlotte must make a difficult decision about her future. Sanditon on Masterpiece at 8:00 pm.

Louis may now be King, but Marie Antoinette is determined to launch her reign as the Queen of France. First steps--organize a glittering Inauguration Ball and convince Louis to choose her pro-Austrian candidate as his new Prime Minister. Marie Antoinette Rebel Queen at 9:00 pm.

When Massimo and Candela really are in trouble, the Visions reappear to help them. But do the Visions only want to help, or is there something more between Massimo and Candela? Love, Inevitably at 10:00 pm.