Highlights April 11 to April 17

Posted on Apr 8, 2022

Monday, April 11th

ROADSHOW reveals remarkable appraisals in this first hour from Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ! Antiques Roadshow Grounds for Sculpture Hour 1 at 7:00 pm Monday.

Incredible stories and items from the Crescent City include a "Blade Runner" set decoration, Agnes Martin mixed-media abstractions, ca. 1955, and a feather golf ball ca. 1840. Can you guess which was appraised at $40,000-$80,000? Antiques Roadshow New Orleans, Hour 2 at 8:00 pm Monday.

Menachem Begin is a proud yet scarred leader haunted by the Holocaust and decades of war, who struggles to balance history and heroism as he attempts to make peace with his greatest enemy and cement a legacy long misunderstood. Upheaval: The Journey of Menachem Begin at 9:00 pm Monday.

Meet a visionary doctor on a journey to find a cure for cancer. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Jim Allison spent decades waging a lonely but ultimately fruitful quest to discover a way the immune system can stop cancer in its tracks. Independent Lens Jim Allison: Breakthrough 10:00 pm Monday.

Tuesday, April 12th

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. guides Regina King and Damon Lindelof, the creative forces behind a visionary television series, as they discover that they have more in common than meets the eye. Finding Your Roots Watchmen at 7:00 pm Tuesday.

Facing defeat on the Eastern Front, resistance builds as Hitler pushes Germany to untold destruction. This is the story of why dictatorships fail, and of the hubris that nearly destroyed freedom, but ultimately destroyed itself. Rise of the Nazis: Dictators at War Barbarossa at 8:00 pm Tuesday.

The inside story of what led to Vladimir Putin's war on Ukraine. The events that shaped the Russian leader, the grievances that drive him, and how a growing conflict with the West exploded into war in Europe Frontline Putin’s Road to War at 9:00 pm Tuesday.

RETURN TO AUSCHWITZ: THE SURVIVAL OF VLADIMIR MUNK is a moving documentary focused on the life of Czech Holocaust survivor and retired U.S. professor Vladimir Munk. The program follows Vladimir in 2020, at age 95, as he returned to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and extermination camp, one of the camps where he was held prisoner during World War II. This trip was his last chance to honor 30 of his close relatives, including his parents who were murdered there. Return to Auschwitz: The Survival of Vladimir Munk at 10:00pm Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 13th

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has long protected survivors of the Ice Age, but this once remote and frozen fortress is on the brink of change. Now, for the caribou, musk oxen, polar bears, and Arctic foxes, the ice age is slipping away. Nature American Arctic at 7:00 pm Wednesday.

Cannabis contains chemicals which mimic ones found in our brain. One is THC, which produces the high associated with pot use. Another, called CBD, shows promise for treating seizures, addiction, and insomnia. NOVA joins scientists and experts around the country. What risks does cannabis pose to the developing adolescent brain? Does heavy cannabis use impair intelligence, increase psychosis, or even put future generations at risk for addiction? As cannabis becomes socially accepted, scientists are racing to understand the long-term health consequences. Nova The Cannabis Question at 8:00 pm Wednesday.

RIP CURRENT RESCUE tells dramatic stories of life saving, survival, and real-life heroes filmed across America's most popular beaches. Rip currents are America's greatest beach hazard, and every summer these dangerous currents are responsible for up to 80% of all beach rescues and dozens of deaths every year. The documentary features incredible stories of potentially fatal incidents captured on camera. Viewers will witness dramatic scenes from the frontlines of U.S. beach safety as first responders work to keep the public safe from these deadly currents. But rip currents are not just an ocean phenomenon, and the film reveals why the Great Lakes are a hot spot for rip current drownings - despite being hundreds of miles from an ocean. Go beneath the water's surface with leading scientist Dr. Rob Brander as he unlocks the secrets of how rips operate. These compelling stories, augmented with scientific information and clear illustrations, help us understand rip currents, to know how to spot them, and what to do if you ever find yourself in the grip of a rip. Rip Current Rescue at 9:00 pm Wednesday.

Rejoice in a high voltage hour with New Orleans-born R&B/jazz/gospel musician Jon Batiste. The Stephen Colbert bandleader performs songs from his album We Are, including "I Need You" and "Freedom". *Austin City Limits Jon Batiste* at 10:00 pm Wednesday.

Thursday, April 14th

Michael Curry is the Presiding Bishop and Chief Pastor of the Episcopal Church. He discusses social justice and policy. Overheard with Evan Smith Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of Episcopal Church at 7:00 pm Thursday.

For five decades, Judy Woodruff has delivered exceptional coverage of politics to the American public. In this episode, she reflects on her career highlights, her perspectives on the changing American political landscape, and raising a child with spina bifida. Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan Judy Woodruff at 7:30 pm Thursday.

Chet and crew reminisce about the amazing Texas State Parks they've visited. Daytripper Texas State Parks Road Trip at 8:00 pm Thursday.

When a young woman dressed in period attire slips away from a campsite where a Jane Austen fantasy event is taking place, and is found stabbed in the woods with a quill, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter discover that the victim was a journalist interested in the village's healthcare drone delivery program, and are forced to look back in time to find the killer. Midsomer Murders Death By Persuasion at 8:30 pm Thursday.

UNSETTLED HISTORY: AMERICA, CHINA AND THE DOOLITTLE TOKYO RAID examines a key moment in American/Chinese history from the perspectives of the children of both the "Doolittle Raiders" and the Chinese villagers who aided in their rescue. In doing so, the film explores how a shared event can be remembered in different ways, and what lessons this history may hold for today. Unsettled History: America, China and the Doolittle Tokyo Raid at 10:01 pm Thursday

Friday, April 15th

Mary heads off down the Thames -from the gentle, calm waters of the non-tidal Thames to the fast-flowing, choppy banks in central London. Mary explores the hidden gems of this iconic river, stopping for delicious food along the way. Mary's journey starts with the Henley Rowing Club, where she is recruited as their cox. To feed her breathless team,Mary rustles up some delicious mixed bean and butternut squash wraps. Next, a vessel skippered by royal waterman Jonathan Hunt ferries Mary to The Waterside Inn -the world-famous, three-Michelin-Star restauran t run by the Roux family -where Mary is in fora real, comforting treat. But this luxury is replaced with hard work when Mary finds herself at the helm, steering the harbormaster's patrol boat into the heart of the capital. Right in the centerof the city, Mary discovers an oasis floating on the Thames when she meets an established river community who have turned their barges into gardens teaming with fruit and veg. Mary's maritime exploits inspire her wonderful Thai salmon. Mary Berry's Simple Comforts River Thames at 7:30 pm Friday.

For most of America's history, sacred buildings represented our greatest feats of innovative engineering and artistic design. For a time, America's tallest structure and its largest-capacity building were churches, and a Maryland church organ stood as the most complex machine ever built. SECRETS OF SACRED ARCHITECTURE unlocks the elements of design that make these innovative structures so fascinating and unveils the meaning embedded in religious architecture. Secrets of Sacred Architecture at 8:00 pm Friday.

At the intersection of poverty and portraiture, THEIRS IS THE KINGDOM follows the rare creation of a contemporary fresco mural inside the sanctuary of a small church in Asheville, North Carolina. This is a painting not of the rich and powerful, but of people battling homelessness, addiction, and mental illness. From first sketch to final unveiling, the viewer witnesses the difficulties of this ancient artistic technique while also meeting an ensemble cast of rich, complex characters. Theirs is The Kingdom at 9:00 pm Friday.

Saturday, April 16th

Charlie visits the oldest hardware store in Texas and then a local brewery to grab some gear and a honey ale. What can't honey be in? Charlie tries out a new bike, gets an assist on a removal from his very own queen bee, Charlie's wife, Kaye -- who has an eye for finding queen bees. Charlie attempts a hive removal at possibly the largest fireplace ever made. This hive is hidden under a good chunk of fireplace, covered in thick, tough rock. But that's okay, Charlie is here to save the day! Charlie Bee Company Bees, Beer, & Bikes at 4:30 pm Saturday.

Invented during the Great Depression as a way to offset the cost of beef, the onion fried burger has become a beloved staple of El Reno, Oklahoma. On Route 66 and known as the Crossroads of America, this small town has big personality, and the restaurants serving this iconic dish have served as the heartbeat of the community through all of the ups and downs. Roadfood Oklahoma/Route 66: The Onion Fried Burger at 6:00 pm Saturday.

Relish an hour of Texan singer/songwriters Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram and Jon Randall in an intimate acoustic setting. The trio showcase their collaborative LP The Marfa Tapes, including "Tin Man" and "Am I Right or Amarillo." Austin City Limits Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram & Jon Randall: The Marfa Tapes at 7:00 pm Saturday.

An archaeologist is poisoned with arsenic during a dig and Parker soon has a suspect who confesses, however evidence points to her not being the culprit. The owners of the land also fall under suspicion as they were against the dig. The problem for Parker was how the arsenic was ingested, with no suspect evidence being found. The Commissioner advertises for a new officer and Sergeant Hooper is shocked at his choice of Marlon Pryce whom he knows only too well. Death In Paradise Steamy Confessions at 8:00 pm Saturday.

With the town still reeling from "Radio-gate," Maggie is desperate to make amends. Meanwhile, Neil and Kelly decide to embrace what was broadcast about them and go along with the unsubstantiated gossip as a way to explain their sudden windfall. Trouble with Maggie Cole at 9:00 pm Saturday

Max employs his psychoanalytic training to probe murder suspects' minds. Eventually, a thread emerges that takes Max and Oskar throughout Vienna. Solving the supernatural conundrum will threaten Oskar's career and ultimately Max's life. Vienna Blood The Last Seance, Part 2 at 10:00 pm Saturday.

Sunday, April 17th

Zebulon's family proudly lived in their Boston home for over 30 years.Now, with family members spread out in different cities, they're faced with the challenge of finding a new home where their mom can age successfully. Matt and his team help with the emotional clean out,coming across a special find that helps Zebulon reconnect with his recently deceased father in a powerful way. Legacy List with Matt Paxton Moving Mom at 12:00 pm Sunday.

Follow the trail of one of America's first recognized Black female composers and piano virtuosos from Little Rock to Chicago to learn how West African music and European hymns inspired nearly all of American popular music. Great Performances Now Hear This: Florence Price and the American Migration at 1:00 pm Sunday.

The Burmese border is home base to an organization called the Free Burma Rangers, headed by Dave Eubank. The Free Burma Rangers serve around the world in combat zones, rescuing civilians from the frontlines of conflict and documenting atrocities in places like Myanmar and Syria. Dave's entire family - his wife and three children - are involved in the work of engaging and helping wounded civilians caught in conflict. Craig Martin and Earl Bridges try to keep up on horseback as they work out with the rangers on the "Ranger Runs" and wading through swamps as they train in Northern Thailand. They learn how challenging and stressful the work is, and how sharing love and hope with desperate people presents a new level of complexity and extreme danger. Currently, the Free Burma Rangers are in the middle of the struggle between military oppression and the regular citizenry of Myanmar. At great risk to their lives, Dave Eubank and his family are proving that love and good cannot just survive but even thrive in the midst of evil and injustice. Good Road On The Burmese Border: Free Burma Ranger at 6:00 pm Sunday.

Trixie has been assigned to a complicated case. Sister Hilda is called to the primary school and she asks Nancy and Sister Francesto for help. Nurse Crane receives exciting news that will take her on an adventure of a lifetime. Call The Midwife at 7:00 pm Sunday.

Lennox and Colbourne's rivalry over Charlotte comes to a head and Georgiana makes a decision that will impact her future, forever. Edward's manipulation of Esther takes a dark turn and Alison realizes what she has been missing. Sanditon On Masterpiece at 8:00 pm Sunday.

Hannah and Billy learn how the Mimicas plan to bring the cocaine into the UK, but without Christian, they don't know when or where the consignment will be delivered. Another dealer confesses to Sean's murder, but Bianca makes a discovery. Before We Die at 9:00 pm Sunday.

Henry breaks with the Roman Church to marry Anne, but as Worsley notes, he grows tired of her and falls for Jane Seymour. Anne's fate is sealed; she is executed and Henry immediately marries Jane, who dies soon after she gives birth to a son. Secrets of Six Wives Beheaded, Died at 10:00 pm Sunday.