Highlights April 18 to April 24

Posted on Apr 8, 2022

Monday, April 18th

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW explores some of the most fascinating treasures that were created from organic materials, as well as those that capture the beauty and power of our natural world. Antiques Roadshow Natural Wonders 7:00 pm

Fabulous finds in NOLA include an "Andy Warhol" portrait by Jamie Wyeth from around 1975, a Chinese gold-splashed bronze wine vessel dating to about 1795, and a 1904 English Smith & Son tourbillon pocket watch. Which is valued at $75,000? Antiques Roadshow New Orleans, Hour Three at 8:00 pm Monday.

McAllen, TX is home to the last reproductive health clinic on the Texas/Mexico border. It is the center of the tension between religious protesters who try to stop patients coming inside and the security staff of the clinic who fight to protect it. On The Divide follows three different Latinx members of this community and the unforeseen choices they face for their daily survival. POV On The Divide at 9:00 pm Monday.

A story of familial sacrifice and the bonds of brotherhood. Living with an illness that is causing him to lose the use of his body, Kais is awoken every morning by a different member of his family. Though paralyzed, he dreams he is the hero of his favorite manga, along with his brothers: Fehd, the bodybuilder and Zaid, the ninja. POV Shorts Le Frere 10:30 pm Monday.

Tuesday, April 19th

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. journeys with Erin Burnett, Amy Carlson and Andre Leon Talley, three guests from diverse backgrounds, as they meet the ancestors who laid the groundwork for their success. Finding Your Roots Where Did We Come From? at 7:00 pm Tuesday.

It's 1942, and Hitler has just lost the Battle of Moscow. Now winter in Russia, German troops are in desperate need of fuel and resources. Rise of the Nazis: Dictators at War Stalingrad at 8:00 pm Tuesday.

The fossil fuel industry's history of casting doubt and delaying action on climate change. Tracing decades of casting doubt on the science, missed opportunities and the ongoing attempts to hold Big Oil to account. Frontline The Power of Big Oil, Part 1 at 9:00 pm Tuesday.

In the projects of Watts, Meryland Gonzales, a twelve-year-old female boxer trains to be crowned the 2019 Junior Olympics champion. Meanwhile, her immigrant parents work tirelessly to give their child a shot at achieving her dreams. POV Shorts Team Meryland at 10:30 pm Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 20th

Every year over seven years, conservationist M. Sanjayan anchors a global storytelling effort to monitor seven iconic locations across the planet. Featuring the latest science and emphasizing local voices,each location represents a unique biome and a litmus test for change happening across the planet. Some locations are heavily protected; others will experience pioneering schemes to rebuild the habitats; others could be lost forever. There are winners and losers, positive changes and reasons for hope. Locations include the West Coast of America, the Great Barrier Reef, the East African Plains, the Arctic, the Sundarbans and the Ganges, the Amazon Basin, and coastal Southeast Asia. Changing Planet at 7:00 pm Wednesday.

Explore how environmental feedback loops are amplifying global warming and what we can do about it. Narrated by Richard Gere, this revealing film asks whether we are approaching a point of no return or if we have the will and vision to act now. Earth Emergency at 9:00 pm Wednesday.

Thursday, April 21st

Native American novelist Tommy Orange discusses his transformation from being a poor student to receiving rave reviews on his debut novel "There There," which chronicles the lives of Native Americans living in Oakland, California. Overheard with Evan Smith Tommy Orange, Author at 7:00 pm Thursday.

Ai-Jen Poo has been organizing domestic workers for over two decades, ensuring that they have the same structure and security we give to every other job we value. In this episode, she sits down to discuss the roots of her activism, the art of listening with dignity, and the future of caregiving as a profession. Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan Ai-Jen Poo at 7:30 pm Thursday.

Chet heads to the birthplace of America's first drill team, the Kilgore Rangerettes. He explores the "World's Richest Acre" that produced a Texas-sized oil boom and visits the East Texas Oil Museum. He goes mountain biking the woods, eats Hungarian food, and dines on the most storied rib joint in Texas. Daytripper Kilgore, TX at 8:00 pm Thursday.

Barnaby and Winter uncover multiple motives when the winner of a fought-after music award is found strangled with a violin string, moments before a performance. The possible motives include rivalry over the prize, disagreements about the music festival business, and a missing Stradivarius violin. Guest star James Fleet (The Vicar of Dibley) This episode is the last appearance of Dr. Kam Karimore (Manjinder Virk). Midsomer Murders The Curse of the Ninth at 8:30 pm Thursday.

INSIDE JAGUAR: A SUPERCAR IS REBORN documents key elements of the engineering challenge to follow the resurrection of one of the nine legendary XKSS super cars that were incinerated in a 1957 factory fire. The documentary weaves together pristine archival footage and amazing illustrative illustrations to share the story of this engineering feat. Inside Jaguar: A Supercar Is Reborn at 10:05 pm Thursday.

Friday, April 22nd

Mary visits Ireland, where humble comfort food is at the heart of the local cuisine - as Mary discovers at Cork's local food market, which is jam-packed with culinary delights, from fresh fish and steaming stews to beautiful breads and the famous Boxty potato pancake. Mary Berry's Simple Comforts Ireland at 7:30 pm Friday.

Forever Wild chronicles an environmental and democratic triumph in the historic town of Telluride, Colorado. A billionaire developer plotted to turn 600 acres of pristine valley floor into a mammoth lake and golf resort by manipulating the politicians and press. Nothing stood in his way until a small group of citizens united the residents, rallied the community, and fought for the land. Forever Wild at 8:00 pm Friday.

Professor Phil Jones and his team at the University of East Anglia find themselves in the middle of a major investigation with their 30 years of research work being questioned in the first 'fake news' attack. The Trick at 9:00 pm Friday.

Saturday, April 23rd

Charlie goes back to college where he gets schooled by a bee professor & her students -- working on cutting edge bee research. Then, Charlie and crew find themselves in Louisiana. After suffering devastating blows caused by Hurricane Laura, a local resident sought out Charlie and tasked him with one of his toughest removals yet. If you thought live bees were scary, wait until you come across dead bees... and lots of them. Let's hope you can stomach it better than this good ole beekeeper! Charlie Bee Company Bee School & A Hurricane at 4:30 pm Saturday.

Los Angeles is a renowned cultural hub, drawing people of all backgrounds together and bringing new dishes like the acai bowl to the United States. In this episode, Misha Collins travels into his own backyard to discover the acai bowl and explore why Angelenos are on the forefront of a burgeoning plant-based food movement and why this area is such fertile ground for creativity and innovation. Roadfood Los Angeles: The Acai Bowl at 6:00 pm Saturday.

Enjoy an unforgettable hour with Grammy-winning Best New Artist H.E.R.The singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist plays tracks from her self-titled album and numerous EPs. Austin City Limits H.E.R. at 7:00 pm Saturday.

A lottery winner, Cheryl Jackson, is found dead in her garden by her visiting friend who herself is knocked unconscious by someone in the house. JP arrives with the friend's husband only to find out that the body has disappeared. Parker suspects the victim's husband who has an alibi provided by his pregnant lover. When the body of Jackson is found at sea in a fishing net the only clue is a shoelace in the pocket. It's the anniversary of the death of Florence's fiancée and JP's wife's pregnancy is a week overdue. Death In Paradise Lucky in Love at 8:00 pm Saturday.

Peter Cole is visibly jittery from public and press attention following Maggie's interview. Author Marcus bonds with Jill, and Maggie continues her mission to right all of her wrongs with a tense visit to local hairdresser Kelly. Trouble with Maggie Cole at 9:00 pm Saturday.

Oskar asks Max to help investigate a grotesque series of murders in Vienna's slums, where the victims are seemingly chosen at random. The killer's gruesome calling cards are vicious mutilation with a military blade and a penchant for arcane symbols. Vienna Blood Queen of the Night at 10:00 pm Saturday.

Sunday, April 24th

Nick is proud of the sprawling 5,000 square foot Virginia Beach home he built with his own hands. Over the decades, he and his wife Wendy lovingly filled it with an eclectic mix of collectibles ranging from oil lamps to antique car hood ornaments. Now they need Matt's help downsizing and getting the property ready for sale so they can move into their dream condo on the beach. Legacy List with Matt Paxton Life’s A Beach at 12:00 pm Sunday.

Learn how the works of an American classical composer developed into a signature American sound drawing from his Jewish roots, modernism and American folk music. Great Performances Now Hear This: Copland: Dean of American Music at 1:00 pm Sunday.

How do you connect your purpose to your post secondary path? ROADTRIP NATION: ALL PATHS ARIZONA, follows three young people from Arizona as they explore how they can connect their ambitions and interests to the educational pathways that will help them realize their future vision. Along the way, they hear the inspiring stories of other Arizonans who have made an incredible impact on the state they call home. Roadtrip Nation: All Paths Arizona at 2:00 pm Sunday.

Precariously positioned between major waterways, rivers and the Atlantic Ocean, Charleston, South Carolina is susceptible to flooding from major storms and even the daily shifting of the tides. This reality complicates everything for businesses and the city's residents, especially those living in poor, historically black neighborhoods. Earl Bridges and Craig Martin have in-depth conversations with people addressing climate change and sustainability, such as Mayor John Tecklenburg. They also venture out on the rich oyster beds with Terrell Brown and his dad, owners of Brown's Oyster Supply. Terrell talks about sustainability and the impact that climate change has had on this generational industry of oyster harvesting. Later, Craig and Earl visit with Latonya Gamble at Eastside Community Development, where Latonya talks about the impact that flooding has had on this struggling community. A visit to Joe Watson and his family-owned Mary's Sweet Shop restores faith in the power of family and community in the face of intense societal and meteorological pressures. Joe shows Earl and Craig the sticky notes and registers of names of many of the poorest of the poor who receive basic needed food and milk for free with a promissory note to pay Joe back when they can. Good Road Charleston, South Carolina: Rising Tides at 6:00 pm Sunday.

Trixie speaks out on behalf of a patient, with mixed reactions. Dr. Turner and Sister Frances help a mother-to-be who refuses medical care. Nancy reveals a secret that could threaten her relationship with Nonnatus House. Call The Midwife at 7:00 pm Sunday.

Alison prepares to leave Sanditon with her dreams of romance in tatters, and Esther faces a bleak future. Charlotte considers what her future will look like. When Sidney's belongings are returned to Sanditon, Georgiana learns some shocking truths. Sanditon On Masterpiece at 8:00 pm Sunday.

The police attempt to bust the Mimicas' operation, but they are in for an unpleasant surprise. With Billy and Christian's help, Hannah manages to turn the tables on the Mimicas and set up a dramatic and conclusive showdown. Before We Die at 9:00 pm Sunday.

Lucy Worsley presents the last three wives: Anne of Cleves, called "ugly"; young Catherine Howard, whose tragic childhood was abusive; and finally, the far from saintly nurse, Katherine Parr. Secrets of Six Wives Divorced, Beheaded, Survived at 10:00 pm Sunday.