Highlights January 10 to January 16

Posted on January 7, 2022

Monday, January 10th

Wonderful treasures are unveiled at Wadsworth Mansion, including an Elizabeth Peyton portrait oil, ca. 1987, a 2004 Tony Soprano tracksuit & script and a Corvette Stingray signed by Paul Newman. Which wonder is worth $200,000? Antiques Roadshow Wadsworth Mansion Hour 2 at 7:00 pm Monday.

Travel to the Midwest - and back in time - with amazing appraisals at pioneer town Bonanzaville. Highlights include a UND Margaret Cable box, an Elsebeth Haugard silversmith archive and a B.F. Goodrich Tires advertising sign. One is $30,000-$35,000. Antiques Roadshow Bonanzaville Hour 2 at 8:00 pm Monday.

THE REUNITED STATES is a moving and timely documentary that profiles the everyday heroes on the courageous journey of bridging our cultural, political, and racial divides. Whether it's a liberal mother of a slain activist, or a conservative family uncovering the roots of our divisions, these brave citizens have realized that while our divisions run deeper than they ever could have imagined, so does the love and hope to bring our country back together. Based on the book of the same name, the film urges us to consider that everyone has a role to play in reuniting the country. The Reunited States at 9:00 pm Monday.

Two students in Arkansas and Louisiana tread uncertainty when Covid interrupts their lives. Reel South Hindsight at 10:30 pm Monday.

Tuesday, January 11th

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. welcomes Brittany Packnett Cunningham and Anita Hill, two guests who made profound sacrifices for social justice, and helps them discover the ancestors who made sacrifices for them. Finding Your Roots Activists Roots at 7:00 pm Tuesday.

Discover the legendary choreographer Alvin Ailey whose dances center on the Black American experience with grace, strength and beauty. Featuring previously unheard audio interviews with Ailey, interviews with those close to him and an intimate glimpse into the Ailey studios today. American Masters Ailey at 8:00 pm Tuesday.

KORLA is the amazing story of John Roland Redd, an African American from Columbia, Missouri who migrated to Hollywood in 1939 and reinvented himself as a musician from India. As one of early television's pioneering musical artists, Korla Pandit's life was one of talent, determination, ingenuity and racial passing, a story not fully realized until after his death in 1998. Korla at 9:30 pm Tuesday.

Two men from Alabama and Puerto Rico build local solidarity during 2020's uprising. Reel South Hindsight Volume 2 at 10:30 pm Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 12th

Follow an Alaskan professor as he raises and studies a pet octopus in his home, making remarkable discoveries about its extraordinary intelligence, personality and skills. Octopuses are able to recognize faces and interact with other individuals. Nature Octopus Making Contact at 7:00 pm Wednesday.

NOVA investigates the hidden scientific secrets of butterflies that reveal them as smarter and more resilient than we ever imagined, and explores how they're inspiring cutting-edge technical innovations. Nova Butterfly Blueprints at 8:00 pm Wednesday.

In the heart of a city in the northern Netherlands, a once-extinct Eurasian otter makes an unlikely appearance. THE OTTER: RETURN OF A LEGEND provides a look into the life of the elusive creature and the measures needed to protect the valuable freshwater ambassador. Otter: Return of a Legend at 9:00 pm Wednesday.

Celebrate the 2021 ACL Hall of Fame inductees as Alejandro Escovedo, Lucinda Williams and Wilco are honored. Guest performers include Jason Isbell, Margo Price, Rosanne Cash and Sheila E. Austin City Limits 7th Annual Hall of Fame Honors at 10:00 pm Wednesday.

Thursday, January 13th

Celebrating 10 years of Overheard, hear from top entertainers who have been on the show. Overheard with Evan Smith Ten Years of Overheard: Entertainers at 7:03 pm Thursday.

For more than two decades, Melinda French Gates has been committed to addressing systemic problems all over the world -- from limited education to maternal health challenges and more. In this episode, she sits down to share her thoughts on leveling up the health and wealth of societies worldwide. Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan Melinda Gates at 7:30 pm Thursday.

Chet explores the west side of the capitol city where the hill country begins. Chet goes e-foiling on Lake Austin, art-gazing at Laguna Gloria, bouldering on Bull Creek and enjoys Hawaiian TexMex and classic BBQ cuisine. Daytripper West Austin, TX at 8:00 pm Thursday.

The ghost village of Little Auburn has been abandoned since the war. When a young man is found murdered during its grand reopening, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter must unravel a sinister web of lies from both past and present in order to catch the killer. First appearances of Nick Hendrix as DS Jamie Winter and Paddy the dog. Midsomer Murders The Village That Rose from the Dead, Part 1 & 2 at 8:30 pm Thursday.

Germany is a land of monumental castles, great palaces and defensive constructions whose walls and legends are still intact today. Stories featured include the alleged madness of the Duke of Bavaria in Neuschwanstein, the escapes of Allied prisoners in Colditz, and the supposed death of the Archbishop Hatto by thousands of rats in the Mouse Tower. Additional castles profiled: Heidelberg, Lichtenstein, Burghausen, Reichenstein, Drachenburg, Kriebstein, and the castle thought to be the home of Frankenstein's monster. Castles: Secrets, Mysteries and Legends Germany at 10:00 pm Thursday.

Friday, January 14th

KINDRED SPIRITS explores the unique relationship between an African American aunt and niece who became accomplished artists and educators despite the hardships of the Great Depression and the inequities of racial segregation. Kindred Spirits: Artists Hilda Wilkinson Brown and Lilian Thomas Burwell at 7:30 pm Friday.

This hour-long documentary highlights the 2021 winners of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards and their important work. THE ANISFIELD-WOLF BOOK AWARDS is the only national juried prize recognizing literature that has made important contributions to our understanding of racism and human diversity. 86th Annual Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards at 8:00 pm Friday.

THE BOOK MAKERS profiles an eclectic group of people who have dedicated their lives to answering the question: what should books become in the digital age? From the esoteric world of book artists to the digital libraries of the Internet Archive, the film spins a tale of the enduring vitality of the book. This engaging documentary captures the painstaking but pleasurable process of creating hand-crafted books, in a diverse range of styles and mediums. The film travels from New York to Germany's Black Forest, culminating at the Codex Book Fair in San Francisco, where the cast of characters congregates to sell their books to collectors from universities and the Library of Congress, and to curious buyers from around the world. Along the way, THE BOOK MAKERS highlights the talent, dedication and skill of these book artists, and reframes the concept and purpose of the book itself. The Book Makers at 9:00 pm Thursday.

Celebrate the 2021 ACL Hall of Fame inductees as Alejandro Escovedo, Lucinda Williams and Wilco are honored. Guest performers include Jason Isbell, Margo Price, Rosanne Cash and Sheila E. Austin City Limits 7th Annual Hall of Fame Honors at 10:00 pm Friday.

Saturday, January 15th

Charlie visits the oldest hardware store in Texas and then a local brewery to grab some gear and a honey ale. What can’t honey be in? Charlie tries out a new bike, gets an assist on a removal from his very own queen bee, Charlie’s wife, Kaye -- who has an eye for finding queen bees. Charlie attempts a hive removal at possibly the largest fireplace ever made. This hive is hidden under a good chunk of fireplace, covered in thick, tough rock. But that’s okay, Charlie is here to save the day! Charlie Bee Company Bees, Beers & Bikes at 4:30 pm Saturday.

Little Dominican Republic, located in Washington Heights, is a microcosm of the Dominican community in Manhattan, NY. This community is vibrant and truly alive with Dominican cuisine and culture, with beloved dishes like camarones al horno, chicharrones, tres golpes and mangu. Roadfood NYC/Little Dominican Republic: Tres Golpes at 6:00 pm Saturday.

Relish the distinctive sounds of St. Vincent and Joy Oladokun. The Grammy-winning St. Vincent plays songs from her much-praised LP Daddy's Home. Versatile singer/tunesmith Oladokun performs tunes from her album In Defense of My Own Happiness. Austin City Limits St. Vincent/Joy Olakokun at 7:00 pm Saturday

A TV reporter about to broadcast an expose on a prominent Saint Marie broadcaster is found dead in her swimming pool. DI Parker is convinced her co-host Garfield Tourné is responsible but at the time he was live on air interviewing his daughter. DS Cassell returns to the island to take up the vacant detective sergeant's position offered by Commissioner Patterson who does not mention Parker's idiosyncrasies for fear she would not accept. The commissioner keeps the team up-to-date on the whereabouts of Officer Ruby Patterson, who departed to Paris with DS Madeleine Dumas, however informs the team she will be extending her hiatus indefinitely. Death In Paradise Season 10, Episode 1 at 8:00 pm Saturday

An enchanting beauty is fatally poisoned while Poirot holidays on the Greek island of Rhodes. Agatha Christie's: Poirot Triangle at Rhodes at 9:00 pm Saturday.

Esther Summerson, brought up an orphan, is summoned to London by her guardian's solicitors, where she is to meet the Wards of Court in the Jarndyce versus Jarndyce case. Bleak House Episode 1 at 9:55 pm Saturday.

Having survived mayhem in France, Fogg and his party are crossing Italy when their train comes to a screeching halt. Can they continue and save a boy's life in the process? Around The World In 80 Days On Masterpiece Episode 2 at 10:50 pm Saturday.

When a depressed Hungarian countess drowns in the bath, it looks like suicide. Intense scrutiny falls on her psychoanalyst, Max. Oskar teams up with Max to solve the riddle of the countess's death and clear Max's professional reputation. Vienna Blood The Melancholy Countess, Part 1 11:50 pm Saturday.

Sunday, January 16th

To meet their connection in Aden, Fogg and Passepartout hire a camel driver to cross the desert. Bad idea! Can Abigail and her new acquaintances rescue them? Around The World In 80 Days On Masterpiece Episode 3 at 7:00 pm Sunday.

Hopeful of a closer relationship with Helen, James invites her to the gala spring dance. Siegfried also tries his luck with romance. All Creatures Great and Small On Masterpiece Semper Progrediens at 8:00 pm Sunday.

Circumstantial evidence points to the countess's young friend having poisoned her, but without a motive, Oskar and Max must widen the search. A breakthrough in Max's analysis of the countess's dreams opens a new line of investigation. Vienna Blood The Melancholy Countess, Part 2 9:00 pm Sunday.

The mysterious law-writer, Nemo, has been found dead in his lodgings; Lady Deadlock has taken an interest in his identity and her lawyer is investigating. Esther has been entrusted with the running of Bleak House by John Jarndyce, her guardian. Bleak House Episode 2 at 10:00 pm Sunday.