Highlights January 9 to January 15

Posted on January 6, 2023

Monday, January 9

Golden state treasures shine at Filoli in Woodside, CA including a Cartier platinum, diamond & onyx brooch, a Pennsylvania firefighter's helmet, and a Carrie Bethel basket. Which find struck gold with a $75,000 to $150,000 value? Antiques Roadshow Filoli, Hour Two at 7:00 pm.

Discover Fort Worth's hidden treasures, including a Felipe Orlando abstract oil, ca. 1980, a German baroque lockbox from around 1625, and a Green Bay Packers championship group, ca. 1965. Can you guess which is valued at $75,000-$200,000? Antiques Roadshow Fort Worth, Hour Two at 8:00 pm.

Spurred by the spectacle of a circus tent outside his Oakland apartment, a disabled filmmaker launches into a meditative journey exploring the history of freakdom, vision, and (in) visibility. Shot from director Reid Davenport's physical perspective - mounted to his wheelchair or handheld - "I Didn't See You There" serves as a clear rebuke to the norm of disabled people being seen and not heard. POV I Didn't See You There at 9:00 pm.

Joyce Carol Oates is one of the most distinguished and critically-acclaimed fiction writers in America. She is a recipient of the National Medal of Humanities, the National Book Critics Circle Ivan Sandrof Lifetime Achievement Award, the National Book Award, and the PEN/Malamud Award for Excellence in Short Fiction, and has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Her works of fiction include We Were the Mulvaneys, Blonde and The Accursed. Her latest collection of stories, Lovely, Dark, Deep: Stories, was published in September. Overheard with Evan Smith Joyce Carol Oates, Novelist at 10:30 pm.

Tuesday, January 10

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. takes guests Claire Danes and Jeff Daniels on a journey through primal scenes from America's past-leading all the way back to an infamous witch hunt. Finding Your Roots Salem's Lot at 7:00 pm.

Jonathan Adams sets off across America to explore Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpieces and life. Frank Lloyd Wright: The Man Who Built America at 8:00 pm.

Investigating the powerful spyware Pegasus, sold to governments around the world by the Israeli company NSO Group. The conclusion of a two-part series with Forbidden Stories into the hacking tool used to spy on journalists, activists, the fiancee of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and others. Frontline Global Spyware Scandal: Exposing Pegasus, Part 2 at 9:00 pm.

In SURVIVING DISASTERS WITH LES STROUD, host of public television's Wild Harvest and survival expert Les Stroud shares practical, life-saving survival tips in a calm, knowledgeable way. World-famous for introducing the "survival TV" genre with his ground-breaking series Survivorman, Les takes us through the stages of "Preparing, Surviving and Recovering" from any natural disaster and elicits advice from those who have experienced them. Free from hyperbole and sensationalism, as per Les' imitable style, this heavily researched special aims at helping all of us and covers the basic rules for safely facing hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods, blackouts, blizzards - and yes, pandemics. Surviving Disasters with Les Stroud at 10:00 pm.

Wednesday, January 11

Experience the hostile and bitter cold ecosystems of the Alps, shaped by snow blizzards and avalanches. Nature The Alps: Winter's Fortress at 7:00 pm.

Discover the chemical reactions that constantly transform our world. Like one that enables us to feed billions but when reversed, is explosive. And lock-and-key molecules that put the heat in hot peppers or make deadly venoms useful to medicine. Nova Beyond The Elements: Reactions at 8:00 pm.

A fresh look at the science and conditions surrounding the Hindenburg explosion reveals 10 particular flaws that directly led to the infamous disaster in 1937. Secrets of the Dead Hindenburg's Fatal Flaws at 9:00 pm.

The eighth annual Austin City Limits Hall of Fame induction honors singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow. ACL 8th Annual Hall of Fame Honors Sheryl Crow at 10:00 pm.

Thursday, January 12

Opportunity Coaches Jean Chatzky, Louis Barajas, and Patrice Washington travel to Lake Charles, El Paso, and Raleigh to meet three of the six families. During the visits they come to understand each family's financial struggles and what's at stake. It's more than money. Opportunity Knock$ Out of the $Torm at 7:00 pm.

In this episode, Kelly Corrigan speaks to Nick Hornby, screenwriter and author of acclaimed titles including About a Boy and High Fidelity . Nick speaks to the relation of personal background and artistry as he analyzes similarities between his idols, Prince and Charles Dickens. He also tells us about his writing process and his so - called “ordinary” work days. Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan Nick Hornby at 7:30 pm.

Chet heads to the Texas border to sample the Tex Mex culture. He shops the mercados, eats at the restaurantes, and finds lots of historia on the famous "Streets of Laredo." To cap it off, he paddles the Rio Grande on the look out for migrating birds. Daytripper Laredo, TX at 8:00 pm.

Causton is abuzz when a new brewery opens on the site of a famously cursed Abbey, but excitement turns to fear when a man is found boiled to death in one of the vats. DCI Barnaby and DS Winter will need to work out the true motive. This story marks the first appearance of pathologist Dr. Fleur Perkins (Annete Badland, Ted Lasso). Midsomer Murders The Ghost of Causton Abbey, 1 & 2 at 8:29 pm.

The Hour begins its first few weeks of broadcast, but Hector flounderson air. While Freddie clashes with Hector, he also continues to inves tigate the murder of Peter Darrall and the apparent suicide of Ruth Elms. Then Egypt's President Nasser seizes the Suez Canal, sending the newsroom into a frenzy. The Hour Failure at Launch at 10:01 pm.

Friday, January 13

The film weaves together the narrative of Alice Schille's life told through archival photos, journal entries, and her paintings- with the story of the Keny Family's multi generation connection to the artist. Jim Keny and his twin brother Tim run Keny Galleries in the historical German Village neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. Schille at 7:30 pm.

In the 1800s, the Industrial Revolution spawned new artistic styles: idealized Romanticism, light-chasing Impressionism, sensuous Art Nouveau. Then Europe's tumultuous 20th century inspired rule-breaking art as exciting as the times: from Expressionism and Cubism to Surrealism to Abstract. The genius of artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Dalí express the complexity of our modern world. Rick Steves Art of Europe The Modern Age at 8:00 pm.

Jonathan Adams sets off across America to explore Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpieces and life. Frank Lloyd Wright: The Man Who Built America at 9:00 pm.

Saturday, January 14

Water Song is a restaurant that brings the traditions and flavors from founder Colin Liang's hometown of Yunnan Province, China. Originally coming to America to study business, Colin's life took a series of twists and turns that led him right back to his roots. Start Up Water Song: Baltimore, MD at 6:00 pm.

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats and Adia Victoria update soul and blues for a new generation on Austin City Limits. Rateliff and his band perform songs from their LP The Future. Victoria plays tunes from her Americana Music Awards Album of the Year nominated A Southern Gothic. Austin City Limits Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats/Adia Victoria at 7:00 pm.

Sir Charles Hakeworth is garrotted at a New Year's Eve masked ball held at Montague Hall by Lord "Monty" and Lady Felicia Montague. A death threat, stating that the Red Death was coming, had already led to Inspector Mallory closing the estate, trapping the killer. Father Brown with the aid of Mrs McCarthy, Sid, and Bunty look to discover the killer from four people who knew Hakeworth would be present; his wife, his doctor, Bunty's friend Ruth Moulton, and Robert, Earl of Finchmore whose father committed suicide after Hakeworth's adulterous affair with Robert's mother. Father Brown sees a figure in a red mask escaping after stabbing Moulton. Lady Felicia, unhappy with her marriage, has a decision to make when a one-way airline ticket to New York arrives from Flambeau. Father Brown The Red Death at 7:59 pm.

The Miss United Britain contest takes a dive when one of the beauty queens is discovered dead in the pool. Sister Boniface Mysteries Crimes and Miss Demeanours at 8:45 pm.

Poirot receives a visit from Miss Mary Marvell, the famous American film star who is in London. She has received three letters, handed to her by a Chinese man, which warn her to return her fabulous diamond, the "Western Star", to where it came from – the left eye of an idol – before the next full moon. Her husband, Gregory Rolf, who bought it in San Francisco, gave Mary the jewel three years ago. The pair are going to stay at the home of Lord and Lady Yardly to discuss the making of a film there and Mary is determined to go with her diamond. The next day, Mary's jewel is stolen from her London hotel. Agatha Christie's Poirot The Adventure of the Western Star at 9:31 pm.

A famous magician does the ultimate disappearing act and vanishes into thin air. All of London is talking about the mystery and Eliza is hired by a newspaper to investigate, despite the fact that the Duke is already on the case. Miss Scarlet and the Duke On Masterpiece The Vanishing at 10:25 pm.

With the discovery of a young seamstress murdered in a luxury fashion house, Max and Oskar learn that the world of couture conceals sinister secrets. When two more similar victims are discovered, Max and Oskar doggedly pursue the few clues. Vienna Blood Deadly Communion Part 1 at 11:25 pm.

Sunday, January 15

Samantha and her family set sail on an Alaska Cruise making their first stop in the capital city of Juneau, where they experience how dogs are trained for the Iditarod at the Sled Dog Discovery & Musher Camp. From there, they visit Sitka to learn about Tlingit culture and the historic totem poles. Back at sea, they take in the beauty of Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve be fore experiencing other excursions that include whale-watching and salmon fishing. Samantha Brown’s Places to Love Cruising the Inside Passage of Alaska at 11:30 am.

When your dad helps put a man on the moon, you're bound to have cool stuff in your garage. Vicki, the last surviving member of her family, must go through a house full of personal belongings - including heirlooms that honor her Japanese heritage and boxes filled with one-of-a-kind treasures her dad collected while working on the Apollo space program. Legacy List with Matt Paxton All Systems Go (Downey, Ca) at 12:00 pm.

As World War II begins, Americans are divided over whether to intervene against Nazi Germany. Some individuals and organizations work tirelessly to help refugees escape. Germany invades the USSR and secretly begins the mass murder of European Jews. The U.S. and the Holocaust Yearning to Breathe Free (1938 - 1942) at 1:00 pm.

Historian Ian W. Toll discusses the grand strategic decisions and naval operations behind the crushing assault the U.S. waged on the Japanese navy in the Battle of the Philippine Sea, as World War II in the Pacific entered its endgame in June 1944. History with David Rubenstein Ian W. Toll at 6:00 pm.

Eliza bumps into Arabella Herbert, the girl who made her life a misery growing up. But as an adult, Arabella seems kind and considerate and everybody loves her. So, when Eliza suspects she may be a criminal, no one wants to hear it, least of all the Duke. Miss Scarlet and the Duke On Masterpiece Arabella's at 7:00 pm.

James and Helen enter married life, while James settles in uneasily as Siegfried's partner at the clinic. Tristan too must make new adjustments. All Creatures Great and Small Honeymoon's Over at 8:00 pm.

Max and Oscar pursue the killer of three victims, a murky trail that will lead them from the world of haute couture to the altogether more sinister world of pornography, exploitation and blackmail. Vienna Blood Deadly Communion Part 2 at 9:00 pm.

After spending months in jail, Teresa is released from prison, but she is not the same: exhausted, with no strength to face her sister, Roberta. Teresa finds purpose with Ines, a young street hustler she's intent on seeing at the Academy. La Otra Mirada Fear of the Other at 10:00 pm.