Highlights June 20 to June 26

Posted on June 17, 2022

Monday, June 20th

Learn about historical treasures as they're appraised at Rosecliff, a Gilded Age mansion. Finds include a Faberge jade snuff bottle made around 1890, Basquiat oil stick drawing, and General Wharton Civil War archive. Which is valued at $400,000? Antiques Roadshow Newport, Hour Two at 7:00 pm Monday.

Celebrate as ROADSHOW wraps up its visit to Rosecliff mansion with more treasures, including a Tiffany & Co. sapphire and diamond ring, a Boston bureau table made around 1770, and M.C. Escher lithographs. Find out which is appraised for $100,000! Antiques Roadshow Newport, Hour Three at 8:00 pm Monday.

On a hot summer night in Detroit in 1982, Ronald Ebens, an autoworker,killed Vincent Chin, a young Chinese American engineer with a baseball bat. Although he confessed, he never spent a day in jail. This gripping Academy Award-nominated film relentlessly probes the implications of the murder, for the families of those involved, and for the American justice system. POV Who Killed Vincent Chin? at 9:00 pm Monday.

After spending 15 years working in the conventional funeral industry, a passionate mortician is paving uncharted territory to help create the first natural burial ground of its kind in Tennessee. Bury Me at Taylor Hollow recounts his personal journey from mortuary traditionalist to global-thinking environmentalist, as he seeks a better place for his community to lay to rest. Reel South Bury Me at Taylor Hollow at 10:30 pm Monday.

Tuesday, June 21st

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. helps actor Sterling K. Brown, comedian Sasheer Zamata and musician Jon Batiste discover the unexpected places their ancestors called home, providing new insight into the people and places that made them who they are today. Finding Your Roots Homecomings at 7:00 pm Tuesday.

Celebrate the comedic talents of Jon Stewart, this year's recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. A star-studded lineup pays tribute to the comedian, producer, author and social activist from the Kennedy Center stage in Washington, DC. Jon Stewart: The Mark Twain Prize at 8:00 pm Tuesday.

THE REAL BEDFORD FALLS: IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE explores the connections between Seneca Falls, New York, and Bedford Falls, the fictional setting of the beloved movie It's A Wonderful Life. Real Bedford Falls: It's A Wonderful Life at 9:30 pm Tuesday.

Silicon Valley, known as the high tech capital of the world, has had a profound impact on the LGBTQ+ movement in the United States. In Queer Silicon Valley, a new one hour documentary from Bob Gliner (We're Still Here, Schools That Change Communities, Walk the Walk) and Ken Yeager, the rich history of the LGBTQ+ Community's challenges and successes in Silicon Valley is traced through an ethnically diverse range of voices. From its early beginnings in a 1970s vibrant bar scene through the challenges posed by AIDS and the religious right, the fight for political representation and marriage equality, to what it was like to come out in the high tech industry, Queer Silicon Valley casts a fresh lens on a not well known but significant history. Queer Silicon Valley at 10:00 pm Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 22nd

Learn surprising facts about the sharks that call the warm waters near Hawaii's islands their home. Meet the White Tip Reef shark, Whale shark, Tiger shark and more. Nature Sharks of Hawaii at 7:00 pm Wednesday.

Tech giants and car manufacturers alike are developing self-driving cars - and some of them are already on public roads. But what must computers be capable of to truly take the wheel? And could they eventually be safer than human drivers? Nova Look Who’s Driving at 8:00 pm Wednesday.

California is a land of extremes - tallest, deepest, highest, hottest.But in a rapidly changing and thirsty world, drought, dams and fire pose dire threats to an ecosystem connected by rivers on land, in the air and in the sea. Planet California Rivers of Gold at 9:00 pm Wednesday.

Thursday, June 23rd

Celebrating 10 years of Overheard, hear from top journalists who have been on the show. Overheard with Evan Smith Ten Years of Overheard: Journalists at 7:02 pm Thursday.

Kelly Corrigan talks with divinity professor and writer, Kate Bowler. Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan Kate Bowler at 7:30 pm Thursday.

Chet heads to the coast to learn how to surf the waves and shell the shore. He dines on local seafood and learns the boating history that brought FDR to this coastal hideaway. Daytripper Port Aransas, TX at 8:00 pm Thursday.

Causton is abuzz when a new brewery opens on the site of a famously cursed Abbey, but excitement turns to fear when a man is found boiled to death in one of the vats. DCI Barnaby and DS Winter will need to work out the true motive. This story marks the first appearance of pathologist Dr. Fleur Perkins (Annete Badland, Ted Lasso). Midsomer Murders The Ghost of Causton Abbey at 8:30 pm Thursday.

As the mystery around Danny Latimer's death deepens, DI Hardy and DS Miller must work fast to identify the key suspects. But where is the murder scene? And how will the Latimer family continue to cope? Broadchurch Episode 2 at 10:02 pm Thursday.

Friday, June 24th

Grammy-winner Jennifer Nettles meets Seth Grumet, founder of Stomp the Monster, which he started during chemotherapy. Jennifer writes and performs a soaring anthem about Seth's life that leaves a surprised audience without a dry eye in the house. American Anthems Life Is Sweet at 7:30 pm Friday.

Join the ten contestants for their first challenge: creating a dish that expresses their unique story and talents. Next, they put their original spin on regional dishes and ingredients, and BBQ chicken and Korean tacos are on the menu. Great American Recipe If I Were A Recipe at 8:00 pm Friday.

Follow the Brass sisters as they tackle their burger bucket list, then "flirt" their way into an Indian kitchen to uncover the mystique of Indian dosa. After some careful experimentation in their home kitchen, they serve up a cheeseburger dosa. Food Flirts Burger Meets Dosa at 9:00 pm Friday.

Saturday, June 25th

Eric Hanson explores the backpacking trails that surround Revelstoke, B.C. Epic Trails Revelstoke at 6:00 pm Saturday.

Enjoy an intimate hour with renowned singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright. The American/Canadian performer and composer sings songs from his latest album Unfollow the Rules. Austin City Limits Rufus Wainwright at 7:00 pm Saturday.

The arrival of a long-lost brother to a family-run golf club culminates in a body on the course. But a prime suspect with an alibi leaves the team with an impenetrable conundrum. Death In Paradise at 8:05 pm Saturday.

Sunday, June 26th

How can you adapt to the future without losing sight of yourself? ROADTRIP NATION: SKILL SHIFT follows four people hoping to answer that question as they balance their personal evolution with the rapidly shifting needs of the workforce. Along the way, they meet with inspiring professionals pursuing careers where constant curiosity and skill acquisition are part of the job description. Roadtrip Nation: Skill Shift at 2:00 pm Sunday,

THE REAL BEDFORD FALLS: IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE explores the connections between Seneca Falls, New York, and Bedford Falls, the fictional setting of the beloved movie It's A Wonderful Life. Real Bedford Falls: It's A Wonderful Life at 6:00 pm Sunday.

Cecil arranges for a family heirloom to be sent from England for authentication. Bella is horrified when he also invites her blackmailer, Signor Danioni, for tea. Lucian gives Rose a painting lesson on the beach with an unfortunate outcome. Hotel Portofino Lessons at 7:00 pm Sunday.

On the outskirts of Oxford, a cab driver is found murdered in his taxi. The investigation into his death leads Endeavour and the team down a surprising path. Endeavour receives a guest who reminds him of a past he'd sooner forget. Endeavour On Masterpiece Scherzo at 8:00 pm Sunday.

When actress Kiki Delaine accuses Hector of assaulting her, Bel scrambles to cover for his absence and prove his innocence. Freddie pursues a story on black immigration juxtaposed with the growing Fascist movement in Britain, challenging the BBC's position on free speech and upsetting Camille and Sissy. The Hour Fascists and False Accusations at 10:00 pm Sunday.