Highlights November 13 to November 19

Posted on November 13, 2023

Monday, November 13th

Everything is bigger in Texas, including finds like a Beggs steam train set, ca. 1885, a Tiffany Cypriote glass vase, ca. 1926, and a William H. D. Koerner oil illustration, ca. 1935. Discover which is Dallas's top $150,000 appraisal! Antiques Roadshow Vintage Dallas at 7:00 pm.

The Fire: A south Texas town is thrown into the national spotlight when a local mosque is burned to the ground in 2017. After the media moves on, the community is left to reflect on its complex history with racism. The Suspect: With the arson trial near, the suspect's family argues his innocence. Meanwhile, facets of Victoria reveal the ingredients that might have turned him to hate. Town Called Victoria at 8:00 pm.

ALMOST AN ISLAND is a cinematic portrait of the Goodwins, an Inupiat family living above the Arctic Circle in Kotzebue, Alaska. Through observing three generations of one family over four years, the documentary explores what it means to be indigenous in the dramatically changing Arctic. Elmer Goodwin, 78, grew up in a sod house wearing animal skins. Now, his dog sled has transformed into a snow machine. His children are half white, but Elmer wants to teach his family everything he knows about being Inupiat. ALMOST AN ISLAND is an intimate portrayal of this multi-generational family, revealing their memories, dreams and goals, and challenging common stereotypes to show the Goodwins as complex, dignified individuals. Almost An Island at 10:00 pm.

Tuesday, November 14th

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and guests Mario Lopez and Melissa Villasenor look at the Mexican American experience as seen through the lens of two families. Finding Your Roots Mexican Roots at 7:00 pm.

Celebrate the power of Native languages and the inspirational people who are saving them. From secret recordings to Star Wars films dubbed in Navajo, follow the revolutionary steps transforming Native America. Native America Language Is Life at 8:00 pm.

The prosecution presents shocking evidence. As the trial concludes, the engaged citizens of Victoria seek a way to build a more inclusive community. Town Called Victoria The Trial at 9:00 pm

Community First: A Home for the Homeless is a documentary introducing a unique and innovative new model for transforming the lives of homeless people through the power of community. Community First: A Home for the Homeless at 10:00 pm.

Wednesday, November 15th

Spy creatures showcase the challenges of ocean life. From a baby whale in danger and marine iguanas battling storms, to a mantis shrimp's knockout punch, the spies are never far from trouble. Spy in the Ocean, A Nature Miniseries Deep Trouble at 7:00 pm.

Are scientists on the verge of a breakthrough in the fight against malaria, one of humanity's oldest and most devastating plagues? Follow researchers as they develop and test a promising new vaccine on a quest to save millions of lives. Nova The Battle to Beat Malaria at 8:00 pm.

Recent discoveries and technological advances shed new light on our understanding of pre-Columbian societies in the Amazon. Scientists speculate the rainforest was home to between 8 and 10 million people living in large, well-established communities. Secrets of the Dead Hidden in the Amazon at 9:00 pm.

Thursday, November 16th

Culture and modern energy go hand in hand. Our fashion, music, and art all have been impacted by modern energy. Wealthy industrialists with fortunes made from energy funded much of modern culture, using energy systems to spread culture across the globe. Power Trip: The Story of Energy Culture at 7:00 pm.

In his "Viewer's Choice" finale, Chet heads to a modern town with a vintage feel. He visits a museum of roadside attractions and nostalgia, then visits a local soda fountain for a back-in-time meal. Along the way, he visits a museum in an old jail dedicated to history and a museum in a local college that's dedicated to Texans at war. For some outdoor adventure, Chet goes rock climbing above the waters of Lake Whitney, and then finishes the day over a plate of Texas BBQ. Daytripper Hillsboro, TX at 8:00 pm.

Beto visits the taqueria that was his biggest source of inspiration for Cuantos Tacos and talks about on his life-changing surgery; Xose and Anthony recount a nearly fatal car wreck at Discada that almost put them out of business; Edgar and Sara plant a community garden and visit their friend at Side Eye Pie to reflect on past fundraising efforts to support Beto, Anthony and Xose in times of need. Taco Mafia Sacrificio at 8:30 pm.

Ruth is concerned about becoming increasingly forgetful, and is even more perturbed when Martin offers to perform a mini mental state examination. Meanwhile, Louisa plans a special evening to celebrate Martin's birthday, and Al decides to throw Morwenna a surprise engagement party on the same night. Doc Martin S.W.A.L.K. at 8:59 pm.

When an ATM is stolen, new detective Al crosses a line to save someone he loves. Finn, struggling to cope, tells Siobhan their marriage is over. Hope Street at 9:46 pm.

Code Name: Ayalon tells the harrowing story of how a secret bullet factory was built, concealed, and operated under a kibbutz near Tel Aviv to defend the fledgling nation of Israel in a pivotal effort in the battle for statehood. Surviving members of the group of 45 teenagers who risked their lives for the mission share their stories along with re-enactments and historical commentary. Code Name: Ayalon at 10:30 pm.

Friday, November 17th

Charly Lowry is an indigenous singer and songwriter of Lumbee/Tuscarora descent whose native American roots and experiences inform her music. Host Rhiannon Giddens visits Charly’s tribal homeland of Robeson County, NC for songs and conversation. My Music with Rhiannon Giddens Charly Lowry at 7:30 pm.

Celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's First Folio, which saved 18 plays from being lost. Tracing the First Folio's story, the film also spotlights how New York City's Public Theater presents Shakespeare's work for today's audiences. Great Performances Making Shakespeare: The First Folio at 8:00 pm.

Saturday, November 18th

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame icons Foo Fighters return to rock Austin City Limits in an epic hour with a full-tilt performance featuring classics and highlights from their acclaimed recent album But Here We Are. Austin City Limits Foo Fighters at 7:00 pm.

Sullivan's dream of leaving Kembleford is scuppered when he is arrested for receiving stolen goods. Father Brown The Serpent Within at 8:00 pm.

Poirot's Mediterranean cruise is disrupted when an unlikeable passenger is found murdered in her stateroom. Agatha Christie's: Poirot Problem at Sea at 8:46 pm.

Sunday, November 19th

Tony-Award-winning director of Broadway's "A View from the Bridge" and "West Side Story," Ivo van Hove makes a major Met debut with a new take on Mozart's tragicomedy, re-setting the familiar tale of deceit and damnation in an abstract architectural landscape and shining a light into the dark corners of the story and its characters.Maestro Nathalie Stutzmann makes her Met debut conducting a star-studded cast led by baritone Peter Mattei as a magnetic Don Giovanni, alongside the Leporello of bass-baritone Adam Plachetka. Sopranos Federica Lombardi, Ana Maria Martinez, and Ying Fang make a superlative trio as Giovanni's conquests--Donna Anna, Donna Elvira and Zerlina--and tenor Ben Bliss is Don Ottavio. Great Performances at the Met Don Giovanni at 1:00 pm.

While China continues to build coal plants, they intend to reduce their use, to manage local air pollution and meet peak CO2 and net zero goals, while prioritizing their energy security. Can it be done? Dr. Wei Peng, Assistant Professor, School of Public and International Affairs & Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, Princeton University, and Dr. David Sandalow, Founder & Director of Columbia's US-China program, conclude their thoughts. Energy Switch China's Energy and Climate Policies, Part 2 at 6:00 pm.

Bella must act decisively to salvage her investment in the Hotel Portofino, but at what cost to her relationships and her children? Just when things seem to be going Bella's way, tragedy strikes with fatal consequences for one member of the family. Hotel Portofino Farewells at 7:00 pm.

Harry returns to Manchester, but Kasia is determined to leave. In Europe, Marga and Henriette must each make their escape, while North Africa remains brutal for Rajib. World On Fire On Masterpiece at 8:00 pm.

A brutal murder on Glasgow's canals hits close to home when the victim is identified as a former police officer. Annika On Masterpiece 9:00 pm.

The Little Bird family comes together to mourn death and celebrate life. Esther and Golda are both changed from this journey of self-discovery, but it has strengthened their bond. Esther has finally found what she's been looking for. Little Bird Bineshi Kwe at 10:00 pm.