Highlights October 3 to October 9

Posted on September 30, 2022

Monday, October 3rd

Journey back to Palm Springs for sizzling finds, including Tiffany Studios lamps, an Art Deco emerald diamond ring, ca. 1930, and a Some Like It Hot Marilyn Monroe dress. Guess which find has an updated value of $400,000 to $600,000! Antiques Roadshow Vintage Palm Springs Hour 1 at 7:00 pm.

Celebrate in style with THIS OLD HOUSE's Master Carpenter Norm Abram before he hangs up his toolbelt one last time. This one-hour tribute special will highlight and chronicle 43 years of Norm's incredible career. The House That Norm Built at 8:00 pm.

Three Cuban baseball players leave their families and risk exile to train in Central America and chase their dreams of playing in the United States. At the shadowy nexus of the migrant trail and pro sports, The Last Out chronicles their difficult journey, from multi-step immigration obstacles and learning English to the broken promises and dubious motives of agents. POV The Last Out at 9:00 pm.

Starting in the 1930s and continuing for decades, farmers in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota depended on Hispanic field workers-laborers from Texas and Mexico. Now, one and two generations later, this community has contributed its own cultural stamp to the region's art, cuisine, diversity, and economy. Esta Es Mi Casa - This Is My Home at 10:30 pm.

Tuesday, October 4th

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. sits down with Terry Crews and Tony Danza, both guests who overcame adversity, to discover they aren't the first in their families to beat the odds through sheer force of will. Finding Your Roots Fighters at 7:00 pm.

Hour one explores how free Black people, in the North and South, built towns, established schools, held conventions - creating robust networks to address the political, economic, and social needs of the entire Black community. Making Black America: Through The Grapevine Building Black America at 8:00 pm

Go beyond the legend and meet the woman who repeatedly risked her own life and freedom to liberate others from slavery. One of the greatest freedom fighters in U.S. history, Tubman was an Underground Railroad conductor, a Civil War scout, and a spy. Harriet Tubman: Visions of Freedom at 9:00 pm.

In this week's On Story, Stephen Karam, Tony Award winner and Pulitzer Prize finalist author of The Humans, Sons of the Prophet and Speech & Debate, discusses his directorial debut and highly anticipated adaptation to The Humans. Karam dissects the evolution of the Tony Award winning play and the difficulties in bringing his vision from stage to screen. On Story On Writing The Humans: A Conversation with Stephen Karam at 10:00 pm.

The critically acclaimed and Grammy-nominated Funk band, reverent of long-standing tradition, and inspired by today’s social environment. Deeply rooted in the cultural phenomenon that is the music of New Orleans, frontman Joseph Boudreaux Jr. is renown for his traditional and intricately designed Mardi Gras Indian headdress and regalia. Cha Wa blends infectious groove with pure joy. Cavern Sessions Cha Wa at 10:30 pm.

Wednesday, October 5th

Europe's mighty and majestic Danube, full of glorious riches and magical surprises, is the world's most international river. See how its epic journey is like no other - featuring stunning secret tributaries, baby turtles, and a waterfall-riding kayaker. Rivers of Life Danube at 7:00 pm.

In April 2019, the world watched as a devastating fire almost destroyed Paris's iconic Notre Dame Cathedral. Go behind the scenes with a team of engineers, masons, and timber workers tackling the daunting challenges of restoring the historic landmark. NOVA Rebuilding Notre Dame at 8:00 pm.

Examine the U.S. gun violence crisis and the people it impacts with NewsHour correspondent William Brangham. Understand deeply personal stories from shooting victims and their loved ones, community leaders,gun owners and frontline health workers. Ricochet: An American Trauma at 9:00 pm.

Celebrated Americana singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile raises the roof for a full hour of passionate and powerful songs from her acclaimed album In These Silent Days. Austin City Limits Brandi Carlile at 10:00 pm.

Thursday, October 6th

Trace the World War II years and those that follow, as Latino Americans serve their new country by the hundreds of thousands - yet still face discrimination and a fight for civil rights in the United States. Latino Americans War and Peace ay 7:00 pm.

Chet heads to the birthplace of America's first drill team, the Kilgore Rangerettes. He explores the "World's Richest Acre" that produced a Texas-sized oil boom and visits the East Texas Oil Museum. He goes mountain biking the woods, eats Hungarian food, and dines on the most storied rib joint in Texas. Daytripper Kilgore, TX at 8:00 pm

When a dead body is discovered covered in live rabbits, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter uncover a sinister side to the local pet show. Is this a rivalry taken too far or is the killer driven by something darker? Midsomer Murders Red In Tooth & Claw, 1 & 2 at 8:29 pm.

A trap is set - but will it have the desired result? Paul steps in to help a figure in distress, and in a turn of events she could have never foreseen, Ellie finds herself exposed and alone. Broadchurch Season 2, Episode 7 at 10:01 pm.

Friday, October 7th

Become happier, more joyful and energetic with a simple three-step process that unlocks the secrets of moving beyond our limitations to access a field of infinite possibilities. Includes interviews with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Martha Beck and more. Deepak Chopra: Becoming Metahuman at 7:30 pm.

See how the discovery of lost photographs sparks the search for a hero that history forgot - Maria Moreno, an eloquent migrant mother of 12 who became an outspoken leader for farmworker rights. Her legacy was buried - until now. Voces on PBS Adios Amor - The Search for Maria Moreno at 9:00 pm.

Frame of Mind is a series totally built around Texas filmmakers making films about Texas. These two films highlight surprising and delightful connections.
Dumped and alone at a city park, Honk the goose spends his days dodging cars, begging for food and looking for friends. Cheryl and Honk’s paths cross unexpectedly, and what follows is a story in which fairy tales are made. During an unprecedented time of lockdowns,this unlikely pair turn to each other for companionship. With close to 80,000 followers on Instagram, Honk has become a much-needed symbol of hope, friendship, and love during an overwhelming time.
Down Home
A sleep-away camp in Elgin, Texas gives adults with special needs the opportunity to escape societal barriers and have a good ol’ time dancing, loving, and feeling free.
Frame of Mind Love In Unexpected Places at 10:00 pm.

Saturday, October 8th

Inspired by the traditions of generations of Mexican women and combining regional heirloom ingredients from across Mexico, Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins takes a huge risk to elevate the cuisine in her hometown. Migrant Kitchen El Jardin at 5:00 pm.

Cutting edge research that shows how stimulation of the vagus nerve can help patients regain arm function up to a decade after a stroke. Researchers at Emory/Georgia Tech who are studying the science of movement including the neuromechanics of human balance and gait. Their research shows that cognitive stiffness is connected to physical stiffness and vice versa and that improving one area can improve the other. Your Fantastic Mind Balance and Movement at 6:00 pm.

Dreamy American pop act Japanese Breakfast and eclectic U.K. tunesmith Arlo Parks share an hour of heartfelt performances. Japanese Breakfast, AKA bestselling author Michelle Zauner, plays songs from her breakthrough album Jubilee. Parks performs songs from her Mercury Prize-winning album Collapsed in Sunbeams. Austin City Limits Japanese Breakfast/Arlo Parks at 7:00 pm.

A reggae rap artist is shot dead at a soundcheck for a concert. Things prove uncomfortable for Marlon when he discovers a personal connection to the crime. Death In Paradise at 8:00 pm.

When an employee of the renowned Cuypers Diamonds is killed and his body delivered in pieces to the wealthy siblings and heirs to the company, Van der Valk must consider a possible tale of revenge against the family. Van Der Valk On Masterpiece Blood In Amsterdam at 9:00 pm.

What started Britain's century of bloody witch hunts? Lucy Worsley uncovers the story of one supposed witch, whose case lit the fuse for the state-sanctioned killing of thousands. Lucy Worsley Investigates The Witch Hunts at 11:00 pm.

Sunday, October 9th

Energy transition will cost trillions of dollars. How will we invest in our energy future? Energy Switch Investing In Our Energy Future at 6:00 pm.

Discover one of the most significant British archaeological finds of the century in the Althorp estate, house to the late Diana, Princess of Wales. What treasures and history will this extensive excavation reveal? Secrets of the Dead Archaeology at Althorp at 7:00 pm.

When a promising cellist from a prestigious orchestra dies following an acid attack, Van der Valk and his team must delve into the city's vibrant and eclectic classical music scene in the search for her killer. Van Der Valk On Masterpiece Payback In Amsterdam at 8:00 pm.

Angela goes with her family to take a portrait and meets Paula, an artist who awakens unknown feelings in her. Teresa meets an old acquaintance from Lisbon. Though her punishment is lifted, Roberta does not want to attend the Autumn Ball. La Otra Mirada Portraits In Pastel Tones at 10:00 pm.