Highlights October 31 to November 6

Posted on October 28, 2022

Monday, October 31st

Travel with Roadshow to Texas for updated Season 12 appraisals including Chinese carved walnut shells, ca. 1910, a Polyphon music box & poster, ca. 1895, and a Tang Dynasty ceramic horse. Which find has nearly doubled in value to $120,000? Antiques Roadshow Vintage San Antonio Hour 1 at 7:00 pm.

Celebrate Halloween with thrilling and chilling finds, like a rag doll nicknamed Chucky, a nightmarish Leonora Carrington painting and an eye-catching "Bride of Frankenstein" pressbook. Which macabre and magnificent treasure is $250,000-$350,000 Antiques Roadshow Kooky & Spooky at 8:00 pm.

What started Britain's century of bloody witch hunts? Lucy Worsley uncovers the story of one supposed witch, whose case lit the fuse for the state-sanctioned killing of thousands. Lucy Worsley Investigates The Witch Hunts at 9:00 pm.

Unearth some of the most significant moments of zombie pop culture over the last two centuries. Host Dr. Emily Zarka explores how zombie folklore arose before it became mainstream and how the monster changes in tandem with a changing world. Exhumed: A History of Zombies at 10:00 pm.

Tuesday, November 1st

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. meets actors Scarlett Johansson and Lupita Nyong'o and chef Lidia Bastianich, whose families crisscrossed the globe to escape oppression and find opportunity, leaving them with questions about those who stayed behind. Finding Your Roots Flight at 7:00 pm.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. retraces the ancestral journeys of David Chang and Raul Esparza, whose families fled their homelands, leading them to find lost parts of themselves along the way. Finding Your Roots Children of Exile at 8:00 pm.

Defiant Russians push back against Putin's crackdown on critics of the war in Ukraine. Facing arrest and imprisonment, the inside stories of activists and journalists refusing to stay silent and protesting the Kremlin's war effort. Frontline Putin's War at Home at 9:00 pm.

Wednesday, November 2nd

Get an intimate look at what makes woodpeckers so special. With over 240 species of woodpeckers identified, explore their unique evolutionary journey and the powerful role they play in every ecosystem except Antarctica and Australia. Nature Woodpeckers: The Hole Story at 7:00 pm.

Who created the Nazca lines, one of archaeology's greatest enigmas, and why? Recent finds of long-hidden lines and figures etched into the Peruvian desert offer new clues to the origins and purpose behind these giant desert symbols. NOVA Nazca Desert Mystery at 8:00 pm.

A review of how ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics were first translated 200 years ago and a look at the archaeological work being done in Egypt right now to understand one of the most important scribes. Secrets of the Dead Decoding Hieroglyphics at 9:00 pm.

Thursday, November 3rd

City of Austin mayoral candidates Phil Brual, Rep. Celia Israel and Sen. Kirk Watson address issues and questions submitted from the community ahead of the November election. Hosted by journalist Sonta Henderson. ATX Decides - Mayoral Forum 2022 at 7:02 pm.

Chet explores the renovations going on in this historic town, including a new brewery. He visits an artist using old toys to make amazing sculptures. And hikes in a little-traveled wildlife refuge. Daytripper Liberty Hill, TX at 8:00 pm.

The annual Paramount Dance Extravaganza arrives at Midsomer, bringing deep-running feuds, passions and deadly ambition behind the sequins and smiles. Guest starring Nigel Havers (Nicholas Nickelby). Midsomer Murders The Point of Balance, 1 & 2 at 8:29 pm.

Trish receives a shocking message and for Ellie and Hardy, suspects start to come into view. Meanwhile, Mark has some unwelcome news for Beth. Broadchurch Season 3, Episode 3 at 10:01 pm.

Friday, November 4th

When world famous author and socialist Upton Sinclair swept the Democratic primary for governor of California in August 1934--leading a massive grassroots movement--it provoked Hollywood's first all-out plunge into politics. The First Attack Ads: Hollywood vs. Upton Sinclair explores how Sinclair's inspiring End Poverty in California movement was destroyed by powerful business and political forces, with most of the Hollywood moguls lending a hand. This is the first film to focus on revered MGM producer Irving Thalberg's creation of the first "attack ads" to appear on a screen, a forerunner of today's media-based politics. The First Attack Ads shows how the 1934 race marked the rise of "spin doctors," false or manipulated news and modern campaign techniques that will continue to dominate political campaigning in 2022 and beyond. First Attack Ads: Hollywood vs. Upton Sinclair at 7:30 pm.

Narrated by the late Ossie Davis, this a fantasy trip through the magic of Christmas. A runaway little girl decides to return to her family after she enters a rundown theater for shelter and encounters an old caretaker (Davis), who guides her on her journey. The caretaker brings the theater to life through various musical performances by singers Jewel, Michael Crawford and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Ghosts of Christmas Eve at 8:00 pm.

Groundworks profiles four California Native co-creators of the Groundworks project - an immersive, year-long media collaboration that culminated with a performance on Alcatraz Island on San Francisco's first official Indigenous Peoples Day in October 2018. While weaving together these artists' stories and their contemporary ways of sharing traditional knowledge, GROUNDWORKS also explores land management issues, water rights, and food-security - concerns for all Americans, especially in an age of climate change. Groundworks at 8:45 pm.

Saturday, November 5th

Charles Namba and Courtney Kaplan, the couple behind Echo Park's Tsubaki, have always loved the culture of izakaya but found Los Angeles lacking in these Japanese taverns. Sonoko Sakai is a teacher with a passion for buckwheat and the near-sacred art of soba noodles, and Seiichi Yokota knows how to prepare and preserve fresh fish with a traditional Japanese technique never seen before in Los Angeles. Each aims to introduce Angelenos to the unique spirit of Japanese hospitality and the culture's deep culinary customs. Featured in the episode: Echo Park's Tsubaki, Sonoko Sakai, Wild Live Seafood and Spago Beverly Hills. Migrant Kitchen Omotenashi at 5:00 pm.

Alex Torrey is a former CIA employee who founded The Rounds, a company that refills your nonperishable pantry items and picks up your empty containers. Like the modern-day milkman, but for sustainable staples. Focused on reducing waste and creating convenience, The Rounds are on their way to becoming a household name. Start Up The Rounds: Philadelphia, PA at 6:00 pm.

Celebrated singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett makes his first appearance in a decade with songs from his first new album in 10 years, 12th of June. Austin City Limits Lyle Lovett and His Large Band at 7:00 pm.

Ned Hannigan, a notorious child killer, is found dead in the woods after serving 14 years for confessing to the murder of his childhood girlfriend 14 year old Maggie Banks who was besotted with him. Inspector Mallory arrests Maggie's mother after finding fingerprint evidence. Maggie's father, John, had already attacked Hannigan and her brother, Daniel, had visited him, both now adults, just before his release from prison. Hannigan had never revealed where the body was. Father Brown wonders why Hannigan returned to Kembleford and who he was meeting and his only clue in his prison bag was a wooden symbol of the star system Gemini. Father Brown The Requiem for the Dead at 7:59 pm.

After spending the night with a pipe-smoking gentleman caller, a woman is found dead with a jigsaw puzzle and a face full of cold cream. Sister Boniface Mysteries Love and Other Puzzles at 8:45 pm.

Sunday, November 6th

Combine ancient wisdom and modern science to answer a 15,000-year-old question: who were America's First Peoples? The answer hides in Amazonian cave paintings, Mexican burial chambers, New Mexico's Chaco Canyon and waves off California's coast. Native America From Caves to Cosmos at 3:00 pm.

How do we make energy environmentally, sociopolitically, and economically sustainable? Energy Switch Making Energy More Sustainable at 6:00 pm.

Eliza is hired to solve a case of blackmail in the shady world of Victorian medicine and finds herself with a new rival - Patrick Nash, the owner of a private detective agency. Nash wants Eliza to join his company - or he will crush her business. Miss Scarlet and the Duke On Masterpiece Angel of Inferno at 7:00 pm.

The puzzle pieces of Alan's death get more and more jumbled. At the same time, the plot of his new book and the lives of his acquaintances start to converge. Magpie Murders On Masterpiece Episode 4 at 8:00 pm.

An author who has ruined lives has her own ruined-permanently. Blair finds a friend for Morgan. Annika and Jake go to a museum exhibit. Annika On Masterpiece Episode 4 at 9:00 pm.

Manuela doubts her life with Martin, who wants a child. Roberta wants to report Rafita to the authorities. Tomas asks Flavia for one last night together before her wedding. Angela experiences a sweet moment with Paula. La Otra Mirada I Think of Me at 10:00 pm.