Inspire Kids To Unlock Their Coding Creativity With the PBS KIDS ScratchJr App

Posted on September 1, 2023

Encourage kids to use storytelling and creativity to build their own customizable games using the PBS KIDS ScratchJr app. Via the creative coding app, kids can design their own stories and build their own worlds by utilizing iconic PBS characters, design tools, and coding blocks to create their own content.

Experimenting with problem solving skills as they move through the design process, the app inspires children to not just learn to code, but code to learn.

Geared for children ages 5 to 8.

Key Features

  • PBS KIDS Characters and Backgrounds
    With 150+ PBS KIDS characters, children can create projects based on their favorite shows and can mix-and-match as much as they’d like!

  • Story Starters
    Looking for inspiration? Eight story starters in the app are a great place to start. Each Story Starter features a different set of characters and is designed to encourage children to edit and complete the story however they’d like.

  • Paint Editing
    Create your own characters and backgrounds.

  • Voice Recording
    Use the recording tool to add sounds and your voice to projects.

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