Evenings with Judy Woodruff + $10,000 Match

Posted on Mar 1, 2021

Every year Austin PBS gets a jump on springtime content and initiatives with our first fund drive of the year, and it's now underway!

And there's no better time to tell you about our good news!

Good News #1: Well, that's easy. It's PBS NewsHour of course! This is good news defined by research, facts and commercial-free broadcasts. You get the rundown on what matters, not on what brings in advertising dollars. Judy Woodruff, Yamiche Alcindor (we recommend following her Twitter account!), Lisa Desjardins and the rest of the team helm America's most trusted news source, adding context and expert perspectives on the challenges and world events we all face.

Good News #2: We have a $10,000 match from Austin PBS member Sinclair Black! Sinclair is an ardent supporter of the reporting on Austin PBS, from national programs like PBS NewsHour and Frontline to our local community-journalism from Decibel. He knows that while the news is often heavy, that weight is only lifted when our community is informed and engaged.

There are years when some viewers equate the longevity of PBS with permanence, resulting in fewer donations. But the reality is more complicated, and it's no longer so unusual to see beloved longtime institutions fade away. Sinclair Black wants to ensure the continued growth of Austin PBS by matching every dollar donated up to $10,000! As we plan for the future, Austin PBS is tirelessly working to be a more diverse public space, amplifying local voices, spotlighting inspiring art and science, broadcasting award-winning entertainment and acting as a window to the great world around us. That window is open every day, including weekdays at 6 p.m. with PBS NewsHour.

Our 58 years in the community is a testament to neighborhood support. Help keep our momentum going and automatically double your impact to Austin PBS during this challenge match!

Contribute today at austinpbs.org/donate