Experiment With Science and Take On Challenges With Ruff Ruffman

Posted on August 1, 2023

Inspire children to discover the magic of engineering, science inquiry, and experimentation in their everyday lives with Ruff Ruffman games and activities. Follow Ruff Ruffman and his fearless group of adventurers like Team Hamster, Rhino, Blossom, and Chet on a series of interactive games that use scientific skills to embrace challenges and accomplish goals.

Geared for children ages 4 to 8.

Learn about simple machines as you navigate Sadie, Mateo, and Tasha’s hamster balls around a series of obstacles to the finish line:

Roll to the Rescue

Experiment with cooking and follow recipes to help Ruff Ruffman make cookies for his customers:

Ruff's Cookie Creator

Practice building skills and use your own materials to make a functional ramp (also available in Spanish):

Ups and Downs

You can find additional “Ruff Ruffman” games, videos and activities at https://pbskids.org/ruff/

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