Together Our Impact Is Doubled For KLRU!

Posted on Jun 7, 2019

It’s wonderful to connect with other people who love KLRU, so we're happy to be writing a letter to all our KLRU friends out there who, like us, believe in the power of public media to transform lives.

KLRU has something for everyone. In our home we have quite a few must-see KLRU shows. PBS NewsHour and Washington Week are favorites of ours — nowhere else can you find this kind of deep dive into the news of the week. Other standouts include documentary series such as POV, Independent Lens and Frontline. This content is eye-opening. It's programming that takes the time to research full stories and give nuanced perspectives, with no advertisers to please and no sensationalism.

We think our lives are richer because of public television and that's why we're so excited to offer our matching challenge. My husband David and I are pleased to close out KLRU’s five day online-only drive with a $10,000 matching gift. For every dollar you donate today, we promise to match that amount up to $10,000! We were inspired to double our annual gift to KLRU because of two powerful branches of programming — News & Public Affairs and Arts & Culture. Our hope is to keep that inspiration going through our matching challenge, encouraging other KLRU viewers like you to support this kind of content. So let’s pull together and help KLRU end this June drive on a strong note!

Please consider joining us today. You can donate and activate this match by going to the secure link at

Thank you for being a KLRU friend. Your dedication to KLRU allows our community to be a more informed, more creative and more accepting place to live. Our investment today is an investment in the future of Central Texas.

Thank you, neighbor!

Ellen & David Berman
KLRU Viewers & Longtime Supporters