Veterans Day Programming

Posted on Nov 1, 2022

Join Austin PBS as we honor all who have served, with special Veterans Day programming.

Monday, November 7

9 p.m. After Action: All Gave Some

Host Stacy Pearsall sits down for a candid conversation with Tommy Clack, Bobby Henline and Jeffrey Crosby, three fellow veterans who’ve all had close brushes with death. Although they have each faced adversities in their journeys, they reveal how they stay positive and what their life is like after action.

Friday, November 11

7:30 p.m. American Anthems: Soldier On All Fours

Decorated veteran Jason Johnson's Project K-9 Hero saves retired military and police dogs from being euthanized. The War and Treaty's Michael, who is also a veteran, and Tanya Trotter perform a soulful power ballad honoring Jason and his hero dogs.

8 p.m. P.O.W.: Passing on Wisdom

Vietnam Prisoners of War recall their experiences and the inspirational story of how they not only survived their imprisonment, but found growth and gratitude afterwards. In their reflections can be seen the humanity that belies the unfathomable circumstances they survived, and how the Naval Academy's principles of leadership and camaraderie helped guide them through the darkness. Their stories are juxtaposed with those of recent Naval Academy Midshipmen who are facing the COVID pandemic and applying those same foundational values to their own experiences of trauma and post-traumatic growth, of communication and disinformation, of the trials of solitary confinement and isolation.

9 p.m. Elvis and the USS Arizona

Elvis and the USS Arizona tells the surprising story of how one of music's biggest icons helped to establish a USS Arizona memorial in Pearl Harbor. Elvis' fundraising concert drew public attention to the plight and helped to galvanize efforts to finish the USS Arizona Memorial as it stands today.

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American Veteran

The Crossing: As recruits take the oath to serve, they leave the civilian world and begin their transformation.
The Mission: Veterans' stories showcase the raw impact of military life. Senator Tammy Duckworth hosts.
The Return: The road back to civilian life is often challenging for veterans. Activist Wes Studi hosts.
The Reckoning: Veterans reflecting on their service ask how veterans and civilians can move America forward.