Your June gift to KLRU was a gift to us all!

Posted on Jun 10, 2019

Thank you so very much for your contribution to KLRU's 2019 June Drive! And if you haven't given yet, there's still time! For five years in a row, KLRU has kept our June fundraising down to two simple ideas:

  1. Fundraise completely online with no broadcast interruptions into your favorite programs
  2. Keep our drive as short as possible — just five days long

This June you helped KLRU distribute 1,067 Summer Adventure Kits to local underserved children! Your donation not only keeps your only community-supported public television going strong, it also gives back to neighborhood kids, providing them with fun-filled kits that provide educational support and outdoor adventure all season long.

A short fund drive of course means fewer days to raise dollars, and this year we didn't quite make our June Drive goal of $100,000. As we continue to innovate our fundraising model, we hope you'll continue to support our speedy, interruption free drives so we can get back to what we do best — serving our Central Texas community. If you would like to give us a post drive boost, or if you know someone that didn't get around to making their gift last week, anyone can still contribute at

A special thank you also goes to KLRU Business Supporters RetailMeNot and Emerson for their challenge matches, as well as to Ellen and David Berman who closed out our June Drive with a $10,000 match. Central Texas donors chipped in enough to help us meet all three of our challenge matches, doubling $15,000 into $30,000!

Take pride knowing that your gift powers this media space, creating a local meeting point free of corporate sponsorship, where we can all learn, grow and be inspired together. In an ever more divisive time, KLRU is a place where children can safely examine the world, where adults can turn for measured, longform journalism and where we can all decompress with a little Masterpiece drama.

Thank you so much for giving back this June!

Thanks to Our June Drive Matching Sponsors and Business Supporters

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