Highlights January 16 to January 22

Posted on January 13, 2023

Monday, January 16

Watch wow-worthy Woodside treasures, including a vintage LGBTQ+ t-shirt collection, a 1959 Walt Disney Studios Sleeping Beauty Maleficent cel, and a Walter Johnson-signed baseball. One surprising find has a value of $60,000 to $150,000! Antiques Roadshow Filoli, Hour 3 at 7:00 pm.

Journey to the Lone Star State to learn more about historical items like an 1864 Civil War statue hilt presentation sword, a 1936 Joe Fortenberry Olympic gold medal, and James Madison's personal seal, ca.1828. Which item is worth $100,000-$175,000 Antiques Roadshow Fort Worth, Hour Three at 8:00 pm.

In 1899, the Sewanee football team went undefeated and untied in a long 12-game season, including a string of 5 games in 6 days. Not only did they beat every team they played - including Texas, Texas A&M, LSU, Ole Miss and Auburn - but they held every other team scoreless until their final two games. Unrivaled: Sewanee 1899 tells the story of this team that coaches agree will never be equaled, and the very different game of football played a century ago. Unrivaled includes interviews with football coaches across the south, descendants of many of the players, and music by Bobby Horton who has scored more than a dozen Ken Burns' films. Unrivaled: Sewanee 1899 at 9:00 pm.

Wendell Pierce is an actor, producer, and author, best known for playing Detective Bunk Moreland on HBO's "The Wire." A New Orleans native, he starred as Antoine Batiste in Treme, the HBO series about the city after Hurricane Katrina. Pierce is a three-time NAACP Image Award Nominee for best actor in a television drama and won the 2008 Image Award for best actor in a television movie. His memoir The Wind in the Reeds: A Storm, A Play, and the City That Would Not Be Broken was recently published. Overheard with Evan Smith Wendell Pierce, Actor and Author at 10:30 pm.

Tuesday, January 17

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. uses DNA to help comedians Carol Burnett and Niecy Nash solve deep family mysteries. Finding Your Roots Secret Lives at 7:00 pm.

Meet the influential author and key figure of the Harlem Renaissance. Also, an anthropologist, Hurston collected folklore throughout the South and Caribbean - reclaiming, honoring and celebrating Black life on its own terms. American Experience Zora Neale Hurston: Claiming A Space at 8:00 pm.

The Big Payback is the story of how a rookie alderwoman in Evanston, Illinois led the passage of the first tax-funded reparations bill for Black Americans and stirred up a debate about the debt owed from the U.S. Independent Lens The Big Payback at 10:00 pm.

Wednesday, January 18

Immerse yourself in Scotland's wild highland landscape and meet its long-lived forest keeper, a magnificent Scots pine tree. As one of its longest living species, this ancient tree has witnessed the island's history across 500 years. Nature Wildheart at 7:00 pm.

Scientists have created virtually indestructible versions of glass, rubber and plastic. But are they too tough? As the environmental impact of the quest for durability becomes clear, scientists look for ways to maintain utility but minimize harm. Nova Beyond The Elements: Indestructible at 8:00 pm.

Follow historian James Holland on his quest to understand how the use of amphetamines affected the course of World War II and unleashed the first pharmacological arms race. Secrets of the Dead World War Speed at 9:00 pm.

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats and Adia Victoria update soul and blues for a new generation on Austin City Limits. Rateliff and his band perform songs from their LP The Future. Victoria plays tunes from her Americana Music Awards Album of the Year nominated A Southern Gothic. Austin City Limits Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats/Adia Victoria at 10:00 pm.

Thursday, January 19

The Opportunity Coaches Jean Chatzky, Louis Barajas, and Patrice Washington travel to Los Angeles, Tampa, and Philadelphia to meet with the remaining three families. Unexpected money issues surface showing just how much the families need the coaches. Opportunity Knock$ For The Kid$ at 7:00 pm.

Kelly Corrigan speaks to neuroscientist, professor, and author Lisa Feldman Barrett. She offers ways to reframe anxiety as determination and describes ways in which we can take care of each other’s nervous systems. Lisa also explains the creation of emotions, the debate between naturalists and environmentalists, and why she believes most traits can be developed. Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan Lisa Feldman Barrett at 7:30 pm.

Chet heads to the Dinosaur Capital of Texas to see the world's best dinosaur footprints in the Paluxy River bed. He explores a wildlife preserve to feed giraffes and see rhinos. And also visits a museum challenging the status quo of modern science. Follow in all up with towering burgers and grilled honey buns, and you've got a day trip. Daytripper Glen Rose, TX at 8:00 pm.

When a butterfly collector and founding member of an elite IQ society is found murdered, Barnaby and Winter are thrust into a crime that impacts both their community and the world. With the help of an old friend, can they catch the culprit before another victim is found? Midsomer Murders Death of the Small Coppers, 1 & 2 at 8:29 pm.

A Country Affair: Freddie and Bel join Hector's shooting party in the country for the weekend, while Isaac keeps an eye on Mr. Kish back at the studio. As Freddie learns more information about Ruth's life, Hector and Bel indulge in their flirtation. The Hour A Country Affair at 10:01 pm.

Friday, January 20

Host Chuck Leavell explores the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.They call Arkansas "The Natural State" and it lives up to the name. Chuck plays music in a spectacular limestone cavern, rafts the rapids on the Buffalo National River and finds out how the state's forests create not just healthy ecosystems but a healthy economy, too. America's Forests with Chuck Leavell: Arkansas Ozarks at 7:30 pm.

"The Stars & The Osprey," begins with Lightman's late-night experience alone on the ocean when he felt connected to the stars, and ends with a memorable eye-to-eye encounter with a wild creature. Lightman attempts to reconcile these transcendent experiences with the material world of atoms and molecules. Searching: Our Quest for Meaning in the Age of Science The Stars & The Osprey at 8:00 pm.

Roger B. Chaffee, the Apollo astronaut you've never met. Acclaimed by fellow NASA astro-nauts, Roger was a brilliant young man whose future was tragically cut short. He, along with Gus Grissom and Ed White, were killed when a fire erupted inside their Apollo capsule. Sadly, the moon landing was a success because of their sacrifice. Many documentary films have told the story of the moon landing. But Roger's part in that story has not. NASA astronauts Mike Collins (Apollo 11) Gus Grissom (Apollo 1) and Jack Lousma (STS-3 & Skylab) help tell why this space rookie was a great choice to pilot Apollo 1. Roger B. Chaffee -Aviator Ad Astra, pilot to the stars. Roger B. Chaffee - Aviator Ad Astra at 9:00 pm.

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats and Adia Victoria update soul and blues for a new generation on Austin City Limits. Rateliff and his band perform songs from their LP The Future. Victoria plays tunes from her Americana Music Awards Album of the Year nominated A Southern Gothic. Austin City Limits Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats/Adia Victoria at 10:00 pm.

Saturday, January 21

David and Aaron Cabello are the founders of Black and Mobile. A food delivery company that is on a mission to help elevate underserved black owned businesses. Focused on businesses that are often overlooked, Black and Mobile provides them with the technology they need to not only expand their customer base and stay competitive in this rapid changing economy. Start Up Black and Mobile: Philadelphia, PA at 6:00 pm.

Black Pumas founder Adrian Quesada brings to life the music of his acclaimed Spanish-language album Boleros Psicodélicos in a thrilling hour, with international guest vocalists iLe, Natalia Clavier, Girl Ultra, Clemente Castillo and more. Austin City Limits Adrian Quesada ‘Boleros Psicodelicos’ at 7:00 pm.

Phillip Darlington is stabbed to death and Inspector Mallory arrests his son Lawrence after finding a knife in his bedroom; a knife Sergeant Goodfellow saw Mallory plant. Goodfellow after confronting Mallory seeks Father Brown's help who with Sid Carter discover Mallory's wife and children are missing complicating matters. Darlington's daughter, Arabella, also returns home from Oxford having just married that weekend. Brother and sister claim they slept all night; the brother in the house and the sister with her new husband in Oxford. A stolen car and a man, known to Sid's prison contacts, Mallory wronged ten years ago has returned for retribution. Father Brown The Menace of Mephistopheles at 7:59 pm.

The discovery of a housemaid's corpse at a local festival puts a damper on Great Slaughter's jovial gathering. Sister Boniface Mysteries Unnatural Causes at 8:45 pm.

Poirot and Hastings are staying at a Cornish resort. Conversing with Magdala "Nick" Buckley, Poirot believes that someone is out to kill her, confirmed when he finds a bullet that Nick had thought to be a wasp shooting past her head. Poirot suspects someone in Nick's inner circle. Agatha Christie's Poirot The Peril at End House at 9:30 pm.

Eliza bumps into Arabella Herbert, the girl who made her life a misery growing up. But as an adult, Arabella seems kind and considerate and everybody loves her. So, when Eliza suspects she may be a criminal, no one wants to hear it, least of all the Duke. Miss Scarlet and the Duke On Masterpiece Arabella's at 10:25 pm.

Max and Oscar pursue the killer of three victims, a murky trail that will lead them from the world of haute couture to the altogether more sinister world of pornography, exploitation and blackmail. Vienna Blood Deadly Communion Part 2 at 11:25 pm.

Sunday, January 22

Kicking off her visit to the Capitol of the Badger state, Samantha learns that The University of Wisconsin-Madison is considered the “most archeologically rich campus in the US”. Here, Samantha explores the campus with Aaron Bird Bear, who guides her through his alma mater, while discussing University’s history and the deep roots of the Ho-Chunk Nation. At the Tornado Supper Club, Samantha gets a taste of the Supper Club experience with travel writer, Mary Bergin, first starting off with a customary Wisconsin Old Fashioned, then some traditional fare . She then learns that sophisticated Wisconsin cheeses are the specialty at Fromagination, where Samantha tastes cheeses to her liking and sets up a proper cheese plate with owner Ken Monteleone. At the Madison Curling Club, Samantha talks with US Olympian Becca Hamilton about the unique sport of Curling and its Madison roots, then gets a chance to compete in a match of their own. Samantha Brown’s Places to Love Madison, Wisconsin at 11:30 am.

When your dad helps put a man on the moon, you're bound to have cool stuff in your garage. Vicki, the last surviving member of her family, must go through a house full of personal belongings - including heirlooms that honor her Japanese heritage and boxes filled with one-of-a-kind treasures her dad collected while working on the Apollo space program. Legacy List with Matt Paxton Coal Miner's Granddaughter (Swoyersville, Pa) at 12:00 pm.

A group of dedicated government officials fights red tape to support rescue operations. As the Allies liberate German camps, the public sees for the first time the sheer scale of the Holocaust and begins to reckon with its reverberations. The U.S. and the Holocaust The Homeless, The Tempest-Tossed (1942 - ) at 1:00 pm.

In a wide-ranging conversation, bestselling author Simon Winchester examines how humanity’s conquest to acquire territory and wield its power —including European imperialism and the dispossession of Native American populations— has so definitively shaped history. History with David Rubenstein Simon Winchester at 6:00 pm.

Eliza is on the trail of a notorious conman and tracks him down to a hotel in a remote part of France. She believes she has finally caught Scotland Yard's most wanted man, but she's not the only hotel guest who wants to claim the reward. Miss Scarlet and the Duke On Masterpiece Hotel St. Marc at 7:00 pm.

Siegfried's First World War experiences resurface as he struggles to save a racehorse. Helen faces a decision over James's TB testing plan. All Creatures Great and Small Surviving Siegfried at 8:00 pm.

Max applies his neurological expertise to the case of a disturbed veteran who is convinced he is cursed. And when the captain is found dead in a particularly gruesome fashion, Max and Oskar are not convinced that it was suicide. Vienna Blood The God of Shadows Part 1 at 9:00 pm.

Teresa moves to a little house in Seville and gives Carmen, the new administrator, her room. Carmen's first attempt at trimming the budget does not go over well with the students. La Otra Mirada What I Expect from Myself at 10:00 pm.