Austin PBS FAQ

What is a sustaining membership?

A sustaining membership is an easy, convenient and affordable way to support Austin PBS! Sustaining members make an ongoing, monthly contribution from either their credit card or checking account. By spreading out your support over the year, Austin PBS has the security of a steady, reliable stream of income that helps transform the way we raise money. It is not an installment plan, meaning that it does not stop automatically and you never have to worry about renewing!

What are the perks of becoming a sustaining member?

As a sustaining member your membership will always be current! You’ll have the benefit of receiving our monthly Member eNewsletter and bi-monthly Member Newsletter, access to Austin PBS Passport, and of selecting a thank-you gift once per year.. Thank you gifts are given out during Austin PBS Fund Drives. To receive your annual thank you gift, please contacting Member Services at or (512) 475-9032.

Why should I switch to direct debit for my sustaining membership?

We know you want to make the most of your monthly donations, so if you give to Austin PBS through a credit or debit card, we encourage you to switch to direct debit from your bank account. With direct debit more of your donation comes directly to the station, which keeps our costs down and allows more of your gift to pay for the programming you love. Ready to make the switch? Use the update form on the Sustaining Members page or give us a call at (866) 446-6800.

Can I get a thank-you gift?

Absolutely! You are eligible to receive a thank-you gift each year. Please call (866) 446-6800 or send us an email to to make your selection. Note: The fair market value of any thank-you gifts received is not tax-deductible.

Will I receive a tax statement at the end of the year?

Yes, we will send you a tax statement each January in the mail, detailing your gifts from the previous year. If you received a thank-you gift from us, the fair market value will be deducted from the total amount as they are not tax-deductible.

Can I make a one-time gift in addition to my monthly sustaining gift?

Of course, and thank you! You can make your one-time donation online or give us a call at (512) 475-9032.

My contact information has changed. Where can I update my information?

You may update your billing address or other contact information by emailing or calling (512) 475-9032.

What if I have a general question regarding my Sustaining Membership?

Please email us at or call (512) 475-9032.

How can I cancel my sustaining membership?

You can stop or suspend your monthly giving at any time by calling us at (512) 475-9032. You can also email us at In your message, please provide your name, mailing address, and email address so we can confirm we are canceling the correct sustaining gift. If you email, be sure you receive a message back from us confirming cancellation or suspension of your monthly contributions.

If you decide to cancel or suspend via email and do not hear back from us within 2 business days, please give us a call. It may be that your email has gotten lost on our server. This rarely occurs but is possible.

Passport FAQs

What is Austin PBS Passport?

Austin PBS Passport is a member benefit of being a donor to Austin PBS that provides you with extended on-demand access to a rich library of quality public television programs on your TV through your streaming device or on-the-go on any of your mobile devices. Featuring both PBS and select local programming, Austin PBS Passport allows you to watch even more episodes of your favorite shows, including full seasons of many current and past series.

Does Austin PBS Passport cost anything?

KLRU Passport is a benefit of being a donor to Austin PBS that contributes $60 or more annually or at least a $5 ongoing monthly donation to the station.

If I do not have Austin PBS Passport, will I still be able to watch programs on and for free?

Yes. Free is not going away! Many of our programs are available for free on various digital platforms including, PBS mobile applications, and the PBS channels on Roku, AppleTV, and other streaming services. And of course, PBS and Austin PBS programs will continue to be broadcast to the public, for free, over the air.

All broadcast content will remain available to watch for free online and on mobile for at least two weeks after airing and, in some cases, longer. After which, these programs will become exclusively available through Austin PBS Passport.

What kind of content can I expect to find on Austin PBS Passport?

The Austin PBS Passport library grows every week as more series and episodes are added. Notable titles include select MASTERPIECE series such as Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Poldark, and Wolf Hall, along with other favorites such as NOVA, Nature, This Old House, The Great British Baking Show and many more.

Austin PBS Passport also includes popular local programs such as Austin City Limits and the documentary, The Painted Churches of Texas: Echoes of the Homeland.

Due to streaming rights, we are unable to provide a full list of available Austin PBS Passport content. However, you can check out which PBS shows are currently being featured on Austin PBS Passport by visiting

Additionally, Austin PBS members who qualify for Austin PBS Passport will automatically receive monthly emails specific to showcasing to the newest programs available on Austin PBS Passport.

How can I tell which videos are Austin PBS Passport videos?

Passport videos are designated by a blue “compass rose” icon.

Passport Compass Rose
I can’t find my favorite PBS shows in Austin PBS Passport. Why not?

Close to a thousand hours of PBS programming across multiple genres including drama, science, history, natural history, and the arts are currently available on Austin PBS Passport. This library of content will continue to grow over time as more titles are added – so please keep checking back!

Why can’t I find more full episodes?

Availability of certain videos on the player and our mobile apps are always subject to change due to streaming rights. and our mobile apps continue to offer access to hundreds of hours of recently broadcast programming, as well as past episodes of popular series, and news, public affairs and independent film series such as Frontline, PBS Newshour, Independent Lens, and POV.

Many full episodes of shows such as Downton Abbey and Mercy Street are available for free streaming for two weeks after original television broadcast. For instance, when Downton Abbey airs on television on Sunday night, it is available for free streaming on on Monday and for two weeks after. After the two-week period is up, the free streaming rights for the episode have expired.

What about PBSKids content?

While PBSKids shows are not available on Austin PBS Passport at this time, PBS may include KIDS programming in the future. Until then, you can watch and download the free PBSKids Video App.

Is Austin PBS Passport available outside the U.S.?

All PBS streaming video – including Austin PBS Passport – is available only within the United States due to PBS streaming rights.

Can I view Austin PBS Passport content on my TV or computer?

Yes. Austin PBS Passport is available via the PBS Video apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and other streaming devices. Austin PBS Passport also offers online video streaming, and is accessible from and on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

How can I view Austin PBS Passport content?

Austin PBS Passport can be accessed through the following websites, platforms and devices:

*The PBS channel is not available on select older Roku models. The PBS channel is available on most Roku 2 models and newer.

How do I stream Austin PBS Passport content on my AppleTV, Roku or other streaming device?

First, you’ll need to activate your Austin PBS Passport account online. Once your account has been activated, please follow the step-by-step guide provided by PBS Support:

*The PBS channel is not available on select older Roku models. The PBS channel is available on most Roku 2 models and newer.

I already contribute to Austin PBS. Can I view Austin PBS Passport content?

Current members who donate $60 or more annually and have an active email address on file with the station will have received an email from PBS and Austin PBS inviting you to begin the activation process (remember to check your SPAM folders). If you did not receive the email or may have deleted it by accident, please try looking up your email here (don’t worry if it isn’t there. We may just have an old email on file) or contact Austin PBS Member Services at or (512) 475-9032.

If you’re a current member and you do not have an active email address on file with us (for instance, you’ve previously donated via phone or mail), please contact us at or (512) 475-9032 to provide an email address and begin the activation process.

Austin PBS Passport Activation & Sign In FAQs

How do I know if my Austin PBS Passport membership has been activated?

To confirm that you have activated your Passport account, go to, change your local station if it is not showing, and sign in as you did during activation. If your Passport is activated properly, you will see a small blue and white compass rose symbol by your name in the upper left portion of the screen. When you search through the site, any video bearing that same blue and white compass rose symbol are videos available to Passport members.

You can also check your activation status by visiting PBS Member Lookup entering the email address used with making your donation.

I believe my membership should qualify me for Austin PBS Passport, but my account is “Not Found” in the PBS Member Lookup. Why?

There are a couple reasons that could explain why your membership account cannot be not found:

  1. You made your donation through the mail or over the phone, and we do not have an email address on file to create your account. Please email us at or call (512) 475-9032 to have an activation code sent to you. We’ll need a valid email address to get it to you.
  2. Your Austin PBS membership is linked to an old or different email address. If you use multiple email addresses, try logging in again with an alternative email address in your rotation. If that does not work, please email or call (512) 475-9032 for additional support.
I just made a donation that qualifies me for accessing Austin PBS Passport. How do I get my activation code?

If you gave your donation through an online form, you should have seen a green activation link on the confirmation page for your gift. You will also receive an email message from PBS and Austin PBS at the email address you entered when making your donation. Remember to check your spam folder if you can not find the activation email in your inbox. You can also check your activation status by visiting PBS Member Lookup entering the email address used with making your donation.

If you gave your donation through the mail or over the phone, it may take a few days for your gift to be entered into our database and your activation code assigned. Please email us at or (512) 475-9032 and we’ll make sure you get your activation code as soon as possible.

Where can I enter my activation code to access Austin PBS Passport?

You can activate your Austin PBS Passport member benefit yourself by entering your activation code at

I click the activation link and see a message saying I'm already activated. What do I do now?

If you have already activated your account DO NOT click the activation link again. Simply click Sign In in the upper left corner on and begin browsing Passport content. Please note, when you sign in you must use the same email address you used when you donated to access Austin PBS Passport.

How do I sign in to Austin PBS Passport?

We recommend visiting and click on the “Sign In” option in the top left corner of the site. If this is your first time visiting the site, you may be prompted with a window asking you to choose KLRU as your local station.

Once you’ve signed in, you will see a small blue-and-white icon by your name in the upper left portion of the screen. Videos bearing this icon are available only to loyal members such as yourself.

I am trying to watch a Passport video online while logged in to (or, but the screen keeps saying I am not a Austin PBS Passport member. Why is this happening?

It is possible your PBS account is not connected to your login for Austin PBS Passport - this can happen due to a variety of reasons:

  1. You have not completed the activation process. Please check your inbox for an email from PBS and Austin PBS with your activation code and instructions. Remember to check your SPAM folder.
  2. Your Austin PBS membership is linked to an old or different email address. This is common for donors who had an existing PBS account before making an additional gift (using a different email address) to qualify for Austin PBS Passport. If you’re not sure which email is linked to your Austin PBS Passport account, please contact us at or (512) 475-9032
  3. Upon first activating Austin PBS Passport, you may have opted to sign-in to Austin PBS Passport using your Google account or Facebook account (instead of through a PBS account). If you do not remember which option you chose, you can try each of them without doing harm to your accounts.
I’ve logged into my Austin PBS Passport account online, but the Passport video screen still says I need to log in or become a Member. How do I get out of this loop?

Unfortunately this is a common problem that PBS Support is working diligently to fix. In the meantime, we suggest you close out of the browser completely, go back into (or and try viewing the video again. If that doesn’t work, then try logging out before exiting the the browser again. Then go back into the site, sign in first, and find the video you wish to watch.

We’ve seen success with both of these methods. Sometimes, it could also be a matter of clearing out your browser’s cache before logging in and viewing the Passport video.

I have forgotten my password. What can I do?

If you do not remember your password, you can reset your password here and follow the instructions on the screen. You’ll get an email with subject “Reset Your PBS Password” with a link inside to create new password. Clicking the link will take you to the screen where you’ll need to enter your new password twice, then hit "Reset".

I've updated my login information, but I keep getting redirected to my PBS profile page. How can I get out of this loop?

If you find yourself in a loop after updating log in information, logout and exit the browser completely. Then go back into our site and sign in.

Who should I contact for my question - Austin PBS Member Services or PBS Support?

If you need assistance with resending your activation code, and/or confirming or setting up the email address linked to your Austin PBS Passport account, we can help at Austin PBS Member Services. You can reach us at or (512) 475-9032 (Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.).

If you seek additional technical support, we kindly ask you reach out to PBS as they have access to additional technical resources. Check out their extended FAQs, submit an online support request or call PBS Support at (844) 812-5623 (Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.).

How do I cancel my Austin PBS Passport benefit?

Passport is one of the benefits available to Members of Austin PBS. If you are a Sustaining member donating monthly, you can cancel your Membership by contacting Austin PBS Member Services at or (512) 475-9032.

Vehicle Donation FAQ

What type of vehicles do you accept as donations?

We accept most cars, trucks, vans, fleet vehicles, trailers, boats, motorcycles, and RV’s. If you have any questions about what you can donate, please send us an email or call us toll-free at (855) 996-KLRU (855-996-5578).

Is my car donation tax deductible?

Vehicles donated will benefit Austin PBS a nonprofit classified with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and are tax deductible. For more information, you can check out A Donor’s Guide to Vehicle Donations (pdf).

What paperwork will I need for the DMV?

We will need a signed, clear title, free of all liens. If there is a lien listed on the front of the title, please include the original lien release. If you do not have a title, please call our donation department at (855) 996-KLRU (855-996-5578). Our title specialists can usually help obtain a duplicate title from your local motor vehicle department.

What does Austin PBS do with the vehicles?

The vehicles are sold at private auction. The proceeds are used to help support Austin PBS. Funds from vehicle donations help Austin PBS acquire and produce quality educational and entertainment programs and support our outreach efforts in the community.

Is my contribution still deductible under the new tax laws?

Yes, under the new tax law effective in 2005, people who donate vehicles to charities can claim the actual amount for which the vehicle sells at auction.

Do I get a receipt for my donation which shows how much money my car raised for Austin PBS?

Yes, you will be mailed a receipt that shows the amount your donated vehicle brought in at Auction or $500, whichever is greater. You should expect to have your receipt of sale about four -eight weeks after you donate your vehicle.

Can I value my vehicle before I donate it to Austin PBS?

Many factors can contribute to the final selling price of any vehicle, including the make, model and year of your car, along with any mechanical or physical damage to the vehicle that could affect its value. Austin PBS’s vehicle donation representatives cannot guarantee the final selling price, which is your charitable contribution to Austin PBS.

My car hasn’t run in years. Can I still donate it?

Yes! We accept vehicle donations of all conditions. Your vehicle doesn’t need to run but you need proof of ownership.

How will my car be picked up?

We will arrange to have your vehicle towed away on a scheduled date previously agreed upon with you. We will NOT pick up a vehicle without first contacting you.

How can I schedule a pickup?

Please complete and submit our Vehicle Donation Form or call us (855) 996-KLRU (855-996-5578).

Car donation tax laws in effect as of Jan. 1st, 2005

Your vehicle donation is still tax deductible and will fall into one of these categories:

  1. For low value vehicle donations you can claim the fair market value up to $500.00 without any additional paperwork besides the receipt we will provide at the time of pickup.
  2. If you donate a car that is worth more than $500.00, your deduction will be limited to the actual sale price of your car donation. If your vehicle is sold, all proceeds will benefit Austin PBS a 501(c)(3) charity. You will be provided with a receipt stating the final sales price of your vehicle within 30 days of the sale of your donated car. We will work to get top dollar for your car donation.
Need more help?

If your question is not answered above, or you seek additional technical assistance, please check out extended FAQs from PBS Support, submit an online support request or call PBS Support at (844) 812-5623 (Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.).


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