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Elections 2022

Our election coverage this year will be driven by you, the public. Inspired by The Citizens Agenda model of election coverage, we are using community engagement to guide our work. First step in this approach involves you, please submit a question here and sign up for our News and Community Issues Newsletter to stay up to date.

ATX Decides: Austin’s Next Mayor

A runoff election for Austin's next mayor is December 13th. Rep. Celia Israel and Sen. Kirk Watson will join journalist Sonta Henderson on December 5th at 11:30 a.m. for a livestream discussion of the issues. Submit questions for the candidates here. A limited number of guests may attend in-person at Studio 919 at The Texas Tribune. RSVP for a free ticket. You may also watch the livestream on the Austin PBS YouTube channel.

Meet the Candidates

The Austin mayoral race has been narrowed down to two candidates: Rep. Celia Israel and Sen. Kirk Watson. Voters will decide between the two in a December 13th runoff election. The Austin Monitor profiled each candidate earlier this fall. Check out the articles below and learn more about each candidate's platform.

Rep. Celia Israel

Celia Israel

Rep. Celia Israel is no stranger to politics. She’s been able to count herself as Texas State Representative since 2014. But she also counts herself as a Latina and a member of the LGBTQ community, bringing a level of representation she feels is crucial in public office. Israel is focusing her campaign chiefly on affordability and transportation. Read more about Israel.

Sen. Kirk Watson

Kirk Watson

Sen. Kirk Watson is well acquainted with the responsibilities of being the mayor of Austin; he held the office for four years before moving into state politics. Now he’s looking to return to his previous office a few blocks south of the Capitol because “there’s more to do," he said in an announcement for his candidacy. Watson is focusing on housing, transportation, and affordability. Read more about Watson here.

ATX Decides: Austin Mayoral Forum

City of Austin mayoral candidates Phil Brual, Rep. Celia Israel, and Sen. Kirk Watson address issues and questions submitted by members of the community ahead of the November election. Hosted by journalist Sonta Henderson.

ATX Decides: Austin Mayoral Forum En Español

Los candidatos a la alcaldía de la Ciudad de Austin, Phil Brual, la Representante Celia Israel y el Senador Kirk Watson, abordarán problemas y preguntas enviadas por miembros de la comunidad en antelación de las elecciones de noviembre. Dirige la periodista Sonta Henderson.

Voter FAQ

You asked, we answered! Our Austin PBS team goes into detail to explain some of your biggest questions about voting. Have a question we didn’t cover here? Check out our in-depth FAQ Section to learn more.

How Do I Figure Out Who’s On The Ballot?

Maybe you’ve heard about some of the big races at the top of the ticket, but how do you find out what else you’ll be voting on? We break down where to find the best information for your specific ballot.

How Do I Make Sure My Vote Counts?

It can be easy to feel like your vote doesn’t matter. How can you make sure your vote has an impact on your community? We get into it here.

What Is A Poll Watcher, And What Do They Do?

Poll watchers have been a thing in Texas for a while now, but their roles have been expanded recently. But what does that mean for you? We break down what poll watchers can and can’t do here.

Can I Drive People To The Polls?

There’s been some confusion about carpooling to the polls, thanks to a recent Texas state senate bill. But what does that mean for you? We explain it all here.

Can I Take My Phone To The Polls?

We all use our phones to look up anything about everything, and that includes voting information. But can you actually use your phone while you’re casting your vote? We get into it.

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