Lucy Worsley's Royal Myths & Secrets.

Lucy Worsley's Royal Myths & Secrets

Henry VIII's Reformation

Lucy Worsley discovers how the history of the Reformation has been manipulated and mythologized by generations of politicians and writers. (60 minutes)

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Thu, 3/7 at 1:00 pm on Austin PBS WORLD

Elizabeth I, The Warrior Queen

Elizabeth I's image as a warrior queen, facilitated by myths and secrets about her victory over the Spanish Armada, shaped British national identity for centuries. (60 minutes)

Thu, 3/7 at 2:00 pm on Austin PBS WORLD

Queen Anne, The Mother of Great Britain

Queen Anne's role in the forging of Great Britain, a role often overshadowed by gossip over her love life. (60 minutes)

Thu, 3/7 at 3:00 pm on Austin PBS WORLD

Marie Antoinette, The Doomed Queen

The myths and secrets that led Marie Antoinette to the guillotine. (60 minutes)