ATX Together: The Future of I-35

Posted on February 14, 2021

ATX Together: The Future of I-35 is now available to stream.
Austin’s most famous dividing line is at a crossroads. I-35 stands as a reminder of our city’s segregated past. Close to a century ago, city leaders passed a plan to ensure people of color lived east of the highway. Now, Austin is facing a once in a generation opportunity to repair that legacy of racism and rebuild I-35, making it a community resource rather than a barrier.

What is being proposed for the I-35 redevelopment project?
Urban Land Institute (ULI) Advisory Services Panel Report (Feb. 2020 - commissioned by the Downtown Austin Alliance)

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"Mobility Commission hears plea not to widen I-35" - Austin Monitor, 01/25/21

"Public Notice: I-35 Cap(ital Express) and Stitch" - The Austin Chronicle, 11/20/20

"City forms team to ensure equity with I-35 cap-and-stitch" - Austin Monitor, 08/21/20

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Animated short film from summer 2020 engagement (recaps history and opportunity to do things differently)
Credits: Public City; By: Shiny TV; Production Ron Pippin; Animation: Ami Plasse; Script: Todd Alley; Sound: Ron Pippin + Miriam Conner
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Visit My I-35 Capital Express
Be heard during the I-35 Capital Express Central Virtual Public Scoping Meeting from Feb 24 - March 25.

Contact your City Council members to share your vision for the I-35 redesign
District 1 - Natasha Harper-Madison
District 2 - Vanessa Fuentes
District 3 - Sabino “Pio” Renteria
District 4 - Greg Casar
District 5 - Ann Kitchen
District 6 - Mackenzie Kelly
District 7 - Leslie Pool
District 8 - Paige Ellis
District 9 - Kathie Tovo
District 10 - Alison Alter