Donkey Hodie

Posted on Jun 1, 2022

June brings new episodes of Donkey Hodie!

Donkey Hodie, Purple Panda, Duck Duck and Bob Dog are ready for some fun!

Look out for a week of five, all-new episodes, airing June 6-10, that will help kids learn about perseverance, resilience and problem-solving, while enjoying some silliness along the way.

Donkey Hodie is a puppet series for children ages 3 to 5 inspired by the quirky, funny side of Fred Rogers as well as his mission to help young viewers navigate the frustrations and challenges of childhood. Through eleven-minute, character-driven stories full of adventure and imagination, Donkey Hodie and her pals empower young viewers to dream big and overcome obstacles in their own lives!

The learning goals for Donkey Hodie focus on self-regulation and executive function skills, with an emphasis on resilience, persistence, and problem solving. The show encourages kids to face fears and challenge with positivity, practice kindness, and enjoy the success that comes from trying hard and doing their best.

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