Highlights April 8 to April 14

Posted on April 5, 2024

Monday, April 8th

Soak up and revisit Sunshine State appraisals from 2005, including a W.S. Starring archive from around 1870, an Isotta Fraschini model car and an Art Deco star chandelier. Can you guess which is now valued at $100,000-$150,000? Antiques Roadshow Vintage Tampa 2019 at 7:00 pm.

The incomparable, trail-blazing talents of songwriting duo Elton John and Bernie Taupin are celebrated in Washington, DC's historic DAR Constitution Hall during an all-star tribute concert. Hosted by Billy Porter, the lineup includes artists spanning the generations that followed in Elton's and Bernie's footsteps, including Joni Mitchell, Garth Brooks, Brandi Carlile, Annie Lennox, Metallica, Maren Morris, Charlie Puth and Jacob Lusk of Gabriels, culminating with a showstopping performance from Elton John. The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song at 8:00 pm.

Discover the intellectual evolution and political legacy of William F.Buckley, Jr. See how the author and commentator, one of the foremost public intellectuals in American history, galvanized the modern conservative movement. American Masters The Incomparable Mr. Buckley at 10:00 pm.

Tuesday, April 9th

After a nationwide search, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. solves deep family mysteries for three everyday Americans -- compelling each to reimagine their identity. Finding Your Roots Viewers Like You at 7:00 pm.

Events beyond Caesar's control threaten to unravel his plans and leave him isolated. Pushed into a corner, he makes a decision that will change the course of the Republic - and Western history - forever. Julius Caesar: The Making of a Dictator Veni Vidi Vicci at 8:00 pm.

Learn how data collection has been an essential public health tool for centuries. Increasing understanding and mitigating the spread of disease, data has helped make sense of the threats to collective health. The Invisible Shield Follow The Data at 9:00 pm.

Wednesday, April 10th

From giant eagles to miniature falconets, meet the many species of raptors. Explore how they survive bitter winters, learn to hunt and undergo epic migrations. Their superpowers of flight, sight, hearing and smell give them dominance over the skies. Nature Raptors: A Fistful of Daggers: Meet The Raptors at 7:00 pm.

Why are many of us feeling overwhelmed and afraid in this historically transformational moment in time? Ari Wallach explores how it offers unprecedented possibilities for new and needed futures we can create together. A Brief History of the Future Chaos & Complexity at 8:00 pm.

The Forbidden City is the world's biggest and most extravagant palace complex ever built. For five centuries, it was the power center of imperial China and survived wars, revolution, fires, and earthquakes. How did the Ming Emperor's workforce construct its sprawling array of nearly 1,000 buildings and dozens of temples in a little over a decade? Nova Ancient Maya Metropolis at 9:00 pm.

Thursday, April 11th

Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of Indigo Girls reflect on their storied musical careers and cover topics from "Closer to Fine" in the Barbie movie, their latest album, and their non-profit Honor the Earth, which is dedicated to the survival of sustainable Native communities, Indigenous environmental justice, and green energy solutions. Overheard with Evan Smith Indigo Girls at 7:00 pm.

Chet eats at the legendary City Market BBQ joint with famed pit boss Ms. Tootsie. He explores the Wendish history of the area including their delectable noodles. He samples whiskey at a distillery inside an old train depot, mountain bikes on the nationally-famous WARDA trails, and finishes the day at a local brewpub serving German-inspired pizza. The Daytripper Giddings, TX at 8:00 pm.

Two sisters are determined to clear the clutter out of a Virginia farmhouse that's been in their family for over a hundred years. Purchased when few African Americans could buy homes, the house is filled with artifacts celebrating their family's proud legacy. Their dream is to fix up the farmhouse so that future generations can continue to enjoyed it. Legacy List with Matt Paxton This Land Is Our Land at 8:30 pm.

On the day of Timmy's funeral, Wayne tries face his grief alone until he is confronted with the person he deems responsible for the death, resulting in dire consequences for his own health and a race for the team to get to him. RFDS: Royal Flying Doctor Service at 9:00 pm.

Friday, April 12th

Celebrity Chef Richard Ingraham is one of a thousand black heroes selected by Pass the Story of Diaspora Forward, Inc. to profile and share in order to inspire and create hope for the present and future generations of black males. Today, it is more important than ever to highlight and share success, stamina, and the skills that make this happen. Chef Ingraham opens up about his work ethic and his perseverance. This series walks viewers through the early years, the challenges, and the overcoming of those challenges on the path to success. While we enjoy learning about the chef and his culinary skills, we also enjoy learning about his mentors and his discipline. Hero of a Thousand Faces: Chef Richard Ingraham at 7:30 pm.

Visit Julliard Pre-College with Scott Yoo to play with some of tomorrow’s virtuosos and travel to Singapore to meet rising star, Chloe Chua, who reminds Yoo of the dedication and passion required to prepare for a professional career. Great Performances Now Hear This: Rising Stars at 8:00 pm.

Host Jonathan Phillips treks to North Africa to tell the story of Perpetua, a young Christian martyr, whose extraordinary story still resonates today. Phillips visits places where Christians faced unimaginable violence because of their beliefs, where the Roman Empire threatened everything that Christians stood for with their pagan temples, emperor cult and vicious tortures. Ancient Roads from Christ to Constantine Pagans and the Cult of Martyrs at 9:00 pm.

Saturday, April 13th

Rap star Lil Yachty showcases his genre-bending album Let's Start Here joined by special guests; Singer/violinist Sudan Archives performs the eclectic R&B of her acclaimed Natural Brown Prom Queen. Austin City Limits Lil Yachty/Sudan Archives at 7:00 pm.

Sunday, April 14th

Many countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America aim to build hydroelectric projects, large and small, to bring electricity to their growing cities and power their economies. Join Dr. Scott Tinker in Ethiopia, at the construction site of Africa's largest dam, to understand the key issues of building hydro here and across the developing world. Switch On Hydropower In Africa at 6:00 pm.

It's summertime in Poplar, and during Violet's first event as mayor, a young mother goes into labor. Among the chaos, May sneaks off and Shelagh receives an unexpected visit from her social worker, which puts her on edge. Call The Midwife at 7:00 pm.

Alan Bates and the Sub-postmasters begin their fight for the truth and justice with new allies in Parliament, but first, they must convince an independent investigator of their honesty. Mr. Bates vs The Post Office On Masterpiece at 8:00 pm.

Jack and Alice meet again. Their joy is cut short by devastating news that forces Alice and Jack to re-evaluate what they're doing with their lives. Alice & Jack On Masterpiece at 9:00 pm

When Eloisa is fired from the British Hospital after the attempted murder of Gato, Gaspar approaches her and their old flame is reignited. Pedro obtains information about Nazi smuggling, and an old soldier appears in his hideout with information about his stolen brother. Hijos Del Desierto (Sons of the Desert) at 10:00 pm.