Highlights February 5 to February 11

Posted on February 2, 2024

Monday, February 5th

Old Sturbridge Village brings in new remarkable finds, including a 1977 Pele-signed soccer ball, a 1933 RKO King Kong Bachrach photo, and Winfred Rembert's Moonshiners painting, CA. 2001. Guess the top $ 100,000 to $125,000 find. Antiques Roadshow Old Sturbridge Village Hour 2 at 7:00 pm.

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW marks its tenth trip to Texas with a stop in Austin,where host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Laura Woolley travel to the Briscoe Center to talk about a personal collection donated by country music legend Willie Nelson. Highlights include a spinning wheel gifted to the owner's mother by Mahatma Gandhi, now valued at $50,000 to $75,000; a pin designed by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein that features his trademark Ben-Day dot pattern; and a diamond and platinum Van Cleef and Arpels necklace that was custom ordered for $5,700 by the owner's father-in-law and is now worth $125,000. Antiques Roadshow Austin, Hour 1 at 8:00 pm.

In 1864, the powerful industrialist and engineer George Pullman brought luxury to overnight train travel with his revolutionary sleeping cars. Passengers aboard these rail cars were served by former slaves who became known as Pullman Porters and Maids. Pullman soon established a company town for employees on Chicago's South Side,giving him complete autonomy over every aspect of their lives. PULLMAN AND THE RAILROAD REBELLION: AMERICAN STORIES recounts the bloody rebellion that followed as Pullman's workers fought for their independence. Pullman and the Railroad Rebellion: American Stories at 9:00 pm.

Following a cancer diagnosis, a wisecracking Catholic nun chooses to live as she's dying. In this touching end-of-life documentary, the self-proclaimed "leader of the misfits" plans her funeral in her last nine months to live. Independent Lens Sister Una Lived A Good Death at 10:00 pm.

Tuesday, February 6th

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores the roots of journalist Sunny Hostin and actor Jesse Williams -- introducing them to ancestors from very diverse places. Finding Your Roots Far and Away at 7:00 pm.

THE NIAGARA MOVEMENT: THE EARLY BATTLE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS is a one-hour documentary focused on the formation and impact of the first civil rights movement of the 20th century. The program traces the social and economic conditions of African Americans at the turn of the 20th century, examines the different strategies for racial advancement led by Black leaders of the time, explores the creation of the Niagara Movement, and places the movement's legacy into a contemporary context. Niagara Movement: The Early Battle for Civil Rights at 8:00 pm.

Wednesday, February 7th

Shorebirds fly thousands of miles each year along ancient and largely unknown migratory routes called Flyways. Follow conservationists and scientists who are racing against the clock to understand and save these shorebirds. Nature Flyways at 7:00 pm.

The giant stone heads of Easter Island have inspired theories for centuries. Now, new research reveals intriguing evidence of the origins and inspirations of the ancient Rapanui people who created the iconic monoliths. Nova Easter Island Origins at 8:00 pm.

A decade-long archaeological quest reveals that the oldest stones of Stonehenge originally belonged to a much earlier sacred site -- a stone circle built on a rugged, remote hillside in west Wales. Secrets of the Dead The First Circle of Stonehenge at 9:00 pm

Thursday, February 8th

CNN anchor Jake Tapper discusses his new book, All the Demons Are Here: A Thriller, and journalism and news media's relationship with truth in the modern age. Overheard with Evan Smith Jake Tapper at 7:00 pm.

Matt travels to Western Virginia to help a woman downsize a home filled with family treasures. Among the things they're hoping to find are mementos from her great uncle's days working for the Secret Service guarding Eleanor Roosevelt and home movie footage of Jackie Kennedy horseback riding on the property. Legacy List with Matt Paxton A House Full of History at 8:30 pm.

Martin and Louisa travel to London so he can deliver the keynote address at the Imperial College Obstetrics Conference. All does not go smoothly, however, as Martin is accidentally headbutted while saving a choking woman, and then his ex-flame Sophie causes a scene at the cocktail reception. Back in Portwenn, Penhale proves to be both a hindrance and a help to Janice as she babysits the children. Guest starring Hermione Norris (Cold Feet, Luther). Doc Martin Return to Sender at 8:59 pm.

As Wayne battles with his decision to leave the RFDS, his family and Mira, it will take all his skill and a frantic medevac to Adelaide to save a patient. Meanwhile, another patient's snakebite rattles a very phobic Pete, a situation that worsens when the patient has a panic attack on the plane. Pete and Eliza must calm the panicked flyers as a tense Mira works on an emergency landing. RFDS: Royal Flying Doctor Service at 9:45 pm.

WALTER TEVIS: A WRITER'S GAMBIT explores the complex life and brilliant career of this Kentucky writer. His novels The Hustler, The Man Who Fell to Earth and The Color of Money were all adapted into major motion pictures, and The Queen's Gambit has become one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed television series of the past decade. Walter Tevis: A Writer's Gambit at 10:32 pm.

Friday, February 9th

Dr. Eddie Henderson: Uncommon Genius tells the remarkable life story of renowned African American jazz trumpeter and flugelhorn player Eddie Henderson. Eddie's curiosity and need for exploration led him down many career paths, including figure skating and medicine and music. Dr. Eddie Henderson: Uncommon Genius at 7:30 pm.

GOSPEL Live! Presented by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is a concert celebration honoring the legacy of Gospel music in America. As a companion to GOSPEL, hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., secular and gospel artists sing their favorite gospel classics. Gospel Live! Presented By Henry Louis Gates, Jr. at 8:00 pm.

Eddie Durham heard music differently, and he played it differently, too. Carrying rural southwestern blues influences with him from his hometown of San Marcos, Texas, Eddie became a leading architect of the Kansas City swing jazz sound in the 1920s and '30s. As a trombonist, guitarist, writer and arranger, he helped to author the signature sounds of Count Basie, Benny Moten, Jimmie Lunceford and Glenn Miller, while his pioneering work with amplified and electric guitars paved the way for today's rock 'n roll. Through interviews with family, friends and devoted fellow musicians of all ages, WHAM RE-BOP-BOOM-BAM: THE SWING JAZZ OF EDDIE DURHAM follows the musical journey of this often overlooked, but totally unique, musical genius. Wham Re-Bop-Boom-Bam: The Swing Jazz of Eddie Durham at 9:00 pm.

Saturday, February 10th

Breakout singer/songwriter Noah Kahan & Grammy-nominated act Flor de Toloache debut on Austin City Limits. Kahan performs tunes from his acclaimed Stick Season. Groundbreaking all-female mariachi act Flor de Toloache plays songs from Motherflower. Austin City Limits Noah Kahan/Flor De Toloache at 7:00 pm.

Sunday, February 11th

Europe's energy crisis has fostered cooperation between member states and the EU governing body and strengthened the push for more wind and solar though some call for technologically neutral decarbonization.Dr.Carlos Batlle, Visiting Scientist at the MIT Energy Initiative, and Jonathan Elkind, Senior Research Scholar at Columbia's Center on Global Energy Policy, conclude. Energy Switch EU Energy and Climate Policy, Part 2 at 6:00 pm.

Eliza is on the trail of a fugitive who is charged with murder. She must find him before the police do or risk losing everything. Miss Scarlet and the Duke On Masterpiece The Fugitive at 7:00 pm.

When Richard Alderson needs help, Helen returns to Heston Grange; however, buried family secrets threaten to tear their relationship apart. Gerald's beloved dog, Rock, needs veterinary help, but he is too worried about the operation. All Creatures Great and Small The Home Front at 8:00 pm.

The team reunites to record the last show. It is a triumph, but there are a few surprises still in store for Barbara as the series reaches its finale. Funny Woman at 9:00 pm.

With Zoe's departure from the company looming, she intends to savor every last second: onstage, in a highly moving performance with the Russian dancers... and backstage in a wild, impromptu party. In a vodka-fueled dance competition, Zoe falls into Sasha's arms. But will she be swayed by his charms and his promises all over again? L’Opera at 10:00 pm