Highlights January 23 to January 29

Posted on January 20, 2023

Monday, January 23

Visit the "Land of Enchantment" on the hunt for hidden treasures in Santa Fe, like a 1929 New York Yankees partial team-signed ball, a New Mexico mining league trophy & photos and a Plains Indian child's beaded shirt. One is up to $200,000! Antiques Roadshow Santa Fe's Museum Hill, Hour 1 at 7:00 pm.

Travel to Indiana's capital city to uncover antique and vintage treasures such as a Norman Rockwell charcoal self-portrait, ca. 1976, a 1958 signed Indy 500 racing flag, and an 1883 Victorian wedding ensemble. Which is the night's top find? Antiques Roadshow Indianapolis, Hour One at 8:00 pm.

From DIY underground comix scene to mainstream acceptance, meet five queer comics artists whose uncensored commentary on LGBTQ+ life left no topic untouched and explored art as a tool for social change. Independent Lens No Straight Lines at 9:00 pm.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Barack Obama in 2009. She is the first Latino to serve on the country's highest court, and the third woman. Prior to joining the Supreme Court, Sotomayor was a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit since 1998. Her book, My Beloved World, chronicles her ascent from a South Bronx housing complex to Princeton University and Yale Law School. It was recently published. Overheard with Evan Smith Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice at 10:30 pm.

Tuesday, January 24

Henry Louis Gates explores the family trees of pop icon Cyndi Lauper and actors Jamie Chung and Danny Trejo, introducing them to ancestors whose stories were forgotten when their families immigrated to the United States. Drawing on long-lost records from Italy, Korea, Mexico, and Switzerland, Gates helps his guests to re-imagine their families and connect to their vanished histories. Finding Your Roots Far From Home at 7:00 pm.

Follow the music icon from a piano lounge through her rise to stardom.From "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" to "Killing Me Softly," Flack's virtuosity was inseparable from her commitment to civil rights. Detailing her story in her own words, the film features exclusive access to Flack's archives and interviews with Rev. Jesse Jackson, Peabo Bryson and more. American Masters Roberta Flack at 8:00 pm.

Grammy award winning film documenting the rise of soul music legend Sam Cooke, from his beginnings as a gospel singer to his crossover to the pop and R&B charts. This biography takes on a scope of greater dimensions than music alone. Sam's good friend Muhammad Ali plays an integral role, with Malcolm X and the Beatles, to share the world stage with Sam in Miami at the time of the first Ali-Sonny Liston fight. The film includes illuminating interviews with Aretha Franklin,Lloyd Price, Bobby Womack, Lou Rawls, Lou Adler, Dick Clark, and Sam's brothers, sister and daughter, all of whom speak with rare candor and insight about a man whose contributions continue not only to be recognized but to grow long after his death. Songs include "You Send Me", (What a) Wonderful World", "Having a Party", and "A Change Is Gonna Come" Narrated by Jeffrey Wright. Sam Cooke: Legend at 9:30 pm.

In the Florida Panhandle lies the town of Marianna, Florida, where one native resident runs a local marathon to commemorate the lynching of Claude Neal. More than 80 years after his violent murder, this film lifts the veil of racial terror buried in this town's history. POV Shorts The Changing Same at 10:30 pm.

Wednesday, January 25

Take a deep breath and experience the complex world of ocean waters. NATURE shows a never-before-seen look at how life underwater co-exists in a marriage of necessity. Nature Soul of the Ocean at 7:00 pm.

Without the chemistry of photosynthesis, ozone, and an enzyme called Rubisco, we wouldn't exist. So why do we? Discover the molecules that allowed life on Earth to begin, and ultimately thrive, and how scientists use evolution in chemistry. Nova Beyond The Elements Life at 8:00 pm.

Join historians, survivors and experts as they consider one of the great moral dilemmas of the 20th century. Should the Allies have risked killing Auschwitz prisoners and bombed the camp to stop future atrocities? Secrets of the Dead Bombing Auschwitz at 9:00 pm.

PASSAGE TO SWEDEN tells the lesser-known, compelling story of events occurring in Scandinavia and Budapest during WWII. It focuses on the heroic actions of ordinary people who saved the lives of thousands of Jews and fellow countrymen. Passage to Sweden at 10:00 pm.

Black Pumas founder Adrian Quesada brings to life the music of his acclaimed Spanish-language album Boleros Psicodélicos in a thrilling hour, with international guest vocalists iLe, Natalia Clavier, Girl Ultra, Clemente Castillo and more. Austin City Limits Adrian Quesada ‘Boleros Psicodelicos’ at 11:00 pm.

Thursday, January 26

The families continue to work with the Opportunity Coaches Jean Chatzky, Louis Barajas, and Patrice Washington who provide tips and guidance to get the families' finances on track. Opportunity Knock$ The Work Begin$ at 7:00 pm.

Kelly Corrigan has a conversation with Selma Blair about her personal journey overcoming alcoholism, abuse and multiple sclerosis. Selma shares stories from her childhood and explains that the labels imposed on her as a kid shaped who she became as an adult. They also talk about being the dangerous issue in the medical community of women’s symptoms being ignored and how that contributed to Selma’s late diagnosis of MS. Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan Selma Blair at 7:30 pm.

Chet explores what makes this city the #1 tourist town in Texas. From learning the real history of The Alamo, to floating The Riverwalk, to eating authentic Tex-Mex at the historic Market Square, The Daytripper shows folks why sometimes the path most traveled is the path best traveled. Daytripper Downtown San Antonio, TX at 8:00 pm.

Carver Valley's seventh comic festival is in full swing when the village is shocked by the murder of a former supermodel. A scathing comic magazine targeting villagers as their only lead, Barnaby and Winter are left trying to separate fact from fiction. Guest Starring Jemma Redgrave (Grantchester). Midsomer Murders Drawing Dead, 1 & 2 at 8:29 pm.

Freddie pays a visit to Kish's widow and grows convinced that he's being followed. With Britain on the brink of war with Egypt over the Suez, the staff of The Hour-led by a newly confident Hector-are also breaking the story of the Hungarian uprising, but Freddie is nowhere to be found. The Hour Crises at Home and Abroad at 10:01 pm.

Friday, January 27

Did you know that Minnesota has more snowmobile trails than it does interstate highways and state highways combined? More than 22,000 miles of them! Join host Chuck Leavell for winter in Minnesota as he adventures through the boreal forests on a snowmobile and meets the folks who are restoring the pines along Lake Superior to their former glory. Viewers will also see the Chippewa's extraordinary efforts to protect Minnesota's mighty moose population. Known as "the land of ten thousand lakes," but with its 14.89 billion trees, Minnesota could also be called the land of ten thousand forests. This brand new special from America's Forests with host Chuck Leavell, keyboardist for the Rolling Stones, ends appropriately with a rollicking version of "Like a Rolling Stone," by Minnesota native, Bob Dylan. America's Forests with Chuck Leavell: Minnesota at 7:30 pm.

"The Big & The Small," dramatizes the fact that humans are almost exactly the same distance - in terms of "Powers of Ten" - between an atom and a star. But where do we fit in the moral universe? Alan speaks with the Dalai Lama, a rabbi and a bio-ethicist about the nature of consciousness, and the status of future Artificial Intelligences. Searching: Our Quest for Meaning in the Age of Science The Big & The Small Part 2 at 8:00 pm.

WALTER TEVIS: A WRITER'S GAMBIT explores the complex life and brilliant career of this Kentucky writer. His novels The Hustler, The Man Who Fell to Earth and The Color of Money were all adapted into major motion pictures, and The Queen's Gambit has become one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed television series of the past decade. Walter Tevis: A Writer's Gambit at 9:00 pm.

Hip Hop legends The Roots give an electrifying performance during their residency at the Kennedy Center. Beyond the stage, the band endeavors to inspire others and explore the depths of their creative potential. Next at the Kennedy Center The Roots Residency at 10:00 pm.

Black Pumas founder Adrian Quesada brings to life the music of his acclaimed Spanish-language album Boleros Psicodélicos in a thrilling hour, with international guest vocalists iLe, Natalia Clavier, Girl Ultra, Clemente Castillo and more. Austin City Limits Adrian Quesada 'Boleros Psicodelicos' at 11:00 pm.

Saturday, January 28

Ayana Abdul-Raheem, the founder of Timbuk2 Academy, a private, independent institution that offers high-quality holistic, arts and education and personal development programs for girls/young ladies ages 9-22. Ayana has committed herself to teaching young ladies that they are born worthy, unleashing their full potential through amazing experiences and life-based education. Start Up Timbuk2 Academy: Trenton, NJ at 6:00 pm.

Grammy-winning modern rockers The War On Drugs perform songs from their acclaimed LP I Don’t Live Here Anymore. Austin City Limits The War On Drugs at 7:00 pm.

Walter Penmark is found burnt to death in a locked room after receiving a warning, in latin, IGNIS meaning fire. Peggy Langdon is also murdered by a block of ice after receiving a warning, GRANDO meaning Hail. Mrs McCarthy receives a warning, FAMES meaning starvation. Father Brown and Sid investigate to save Mrs McCarthy's life, that Walter Penmark's wife had committed suicide and had been the subject of domestic violence, gossip, and advice from Mrs McCarthy to give up her lover, a local fireman. Her sister, Ruby Nellins, had returned from America for her funeral and stayed on in Kembleford to run a business. A business that an entrepreneur was trying to buy along with Peggy Langdon's home and properties owned by Walter Penmark. Father Brown The Vipers Tongue at 7:59 pm.

A TV crew has arrived to use St Vincent's Convent as a location for a spy thriller. The filming becomes all too real when a live gun is fired instead of a replica. Sister Boniface deduces that the bullet was meant for the producer. Sister Boniface Mysteries Lights, Camera, Murder! at 8:45 pm.

Poirot and Hastings are staying at a Cornish resort. Conversing with Magdala "Nick" Buckley, Poirot believes that someone is out to kill her, confirmed when he finds a bullet that Nick had thought to be a wasp shooting past her head. Poirot suspects someone in Nick's inner circle. Agatha Christie's Poirot The Peril at End House Part 2 at 9:30 pm.

Eliza is on the trail of a notorious conman and tracks him down to a hotel in a remote part of France. She believes she has finally caught Scotland Yard's most wanted man, but she's not the only hotel guest who wants to claim the reward. Miss Scarlet and the Duke On Masterpiece Hotel St. Marc at 10:25 pm.

Max applies his neurological expertise to the case of a disturbed veteran who is convinced he is cursed. And when the captain is found dead in a particularly gruesome fashion, Max and Oskar are not convinced that it was suicide. Vienna Blood The God of Shadows Part 1 at 11:25 pm.

Sunday, January 29

Samantha begins her visit to St. Augustine by helping sail a 27’ Catamaran while learning about the surrounding ecosystem and our need to protect it. From there she visits Castillo De San Marcos to learn about the fort’s incredible history, which dates back to 1702. Samantha then goes on a tour through Flagler College, discovering Henry Flagler’s architectural impact and vision for what Saint Augustine is today. She then strolls the historic and beautiful streets of St. Augustine before ending up at Lincolnville, where a Civil Rights struggle took place. Samantha Brown’s Places to Love St. Augustine, Florida at 11:30 am.

The team is in Sacramento to help Patti declutter her home and locate some cherished heirlooms that celebrate her family's rich African American heritage. As the team rolls up their sleeves and gets to work, Matt enlists the help of a professional organizer who teaches Patti some tips that help her get a handle on the project. Legacy List with Matt Paxton A Capitol Idea (Sacramento, Ca) at 12:00 pm.

The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, a PBS music special, honors singer-songwriter Lionel Richie, as he receives the distinguished honor from the Library of Congress. Lionel Richie: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song at 1:00 pm.

The 87th ANNUAL ANISFIELD-WOLF BOOK AWARDS highlights the 2022 winners of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards and their work. The Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards is the only national juried prize recognizing literature that has contributed to our understanding of racism and human diversity. The program is hosted by acclaimed scholar, lecturer, social critic, writer, and editor Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., chairman of the Anisfield-Wolf Books Awards jury and host of the popular public programming show Finding Your Roots. The 87th Annual Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards at 2:00 pm.

Award-winning historian and former war refugee Lien-Hang T. Nguyen draws on her personal and professional journey in a discussion on the contested history of the war in Vietnam, visiting new historical terrain that continues to elicit national debate, deep soul-searching, and purported lessons for America's role overseas. History with David Rubenstein Lien-Hang Nguyen at 6:00 pm.

Detective Fitzroy sees one of his colleague's plant evidence on a suspect. With the Duke away, Fitzroy turns to Eliza and hires her to look into a case of police corruption. Miss Scarlet and the Duke On Masterpiece Bloodline at 7:00 pm.

TB testing mistakenly puts a prize cow in danger. Helen struggles with her lifelong vocation. Mrs. Hall and Tristan have brushes with love. All Creatures Great and Small What A Balls Up! at 8:00 pm.

The investigation into the captain's death reveals a dark secret going back to the Boxer Rebellion in China. The search for an explanation leads Max and Oskar on a dangerou3s odyssey into the antiquities trade and the opium dens of Vienna's Chinatown. Vienna Blood The God of Shadows Part 2 at 9:00 pm.

The Academy prepares for a visit from the actor Benito Padilla, Manuela's cousin, and the director Jorge Merlot. Meanwhile, Roberta tries to get closer to Teresa and Carmen continues to pass information about the Academy to the Peraltas. La Otra Mirada Your History at 10:00 pm.