Highlights June 19 to June 25

Posted on June 16, 2023

Monday, June 19

Equalization schools were established throughout the American South to maintain racial distance from Blacks. Austin created its own segregated high school in 1909, and it rose to statewide glory and out-grew three campuses; in 1971 it was closed as a segregated school. Fifty years later, students still identify themselves by their mascot "The Yellow Jackets" and remain connected as a community. The Anderson Yellow Jackets at 3:00 pm.

A documentary by award-winning director, Ya'Ke Smith that invites viewers into the story of Juneteenth - the holiday recognizing the end of legalized slavery in Texas - through the eyes of a Black man learning about the holiday from the direct descendants of those liberated that fateful day. The story reveals the harsh realities of slavery while also offering an inspirational insight into how hope, perseverance, and faith were major factors in the resilience of those who survived slavery. The film features 2022 Nobel Prize Nominee Ms. Opal Lee, the "Grandmother of Juneteenth" who was the guest of honor at the White House ceremony which enshrined Juneteenth as a federal holiday, and other prominent voices who played key roles in keeping the observance of Juneteenth thriving before the recent national recognition. Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom at 4:00 pm.

Travel to Tucson to learn more about finds like a 1943 Allen Ginsberg-signed yearbook, an 1884 Anna Pottery temperance snake jug and an Alfons Walde oil painting dating to around 1935. Which item is valued at $200,000-$300,000? Antiques Roadshow Tucson, Hour One at 7:00 pm.

Meet a new group of home cooks from across the country as they compete to win "The Great American Recipe." This week's challenges include preparing a dish that defines who they are and cooking a recipe that showcases their geographical region. The Great American Recipe at 8:00 pm.

Catch a case of "Treasure Fever" as Roadshow examines artifacts and artistry with health and medicine history including a Lakota Sioux doctor's bag, a Civil War medical officer's sword and a Fern Isabel Coppedge oil. Which is $120,000-$180,000? Antiques Roadshow Treasure Fever at 9:00 pm.

A critically-acclaimed documentary that paints the stories of three Black Cowboys in South Central LA and how they each find purpose, hope, and freedom through the cowboy lifestyle. Fire on the Hill: The Cowboys of South Central LA at 10:00 pm.

Tuesday, June 20

Henry Louis, Jr. helps John Leguizamo and Lena Waithe retrace the paths of their ancestors, uncovering crucial pieces of their own identities that were lost on the journey to America. Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Forgotten Journeys at 7:00 pm.

In August 1942, the murder of a young Mexican American ignited a firestorm in Los Angeles. The tensions that had been building up for years between Mexican and white Los Angelenos boiled over. The press claimed that Mexican youth -- known as "zoot-suiters" for the clothes they wore -- were terrorizing the city with a wave of crime. Police fanned out across the city arresting 600 Mexican Americans. Seventeen "zoot-suiters" headed to a trial in which prosecutors had little evidence to present. Nonetheless, guilty verdicts were handed down to all. The tensions the trial inflamed sparked riots between servicemen and the Mexican American community that led to "zoot-suiters" being beaten and stripped of their clothes. Despite vigorous denials from city officials, a citizens' committee concluded the riots had been fueled by racial prejudice and encouraged by sensational news reporting and a discriminatory police department. American Experience Zoot Suit Riots at 8:00 pm.

Although they grew up as fundamentalist, evangelical Christians, these moms are now willing to risk losing friends, family, and faith communities to keep their kids safe-even if it challenges their belief systems and rips apart their worlds. Independent Lens Mama Bears at 9:00 pm.

Lang Fisher has an impressive history of writing and producing hilarious, smart television, and her work as co-creator and showrunner of Never Have I Ever is no exception. Gather around to learn about the process and stories behind this fresh, coming-of-age comedy that balances diverse representation, witty dialogue, and relatable themes for teens and adults alike. On Story On Writing: Never Have I Ever with Lang Fisher at 10:30 pm.

Wednesday, June 21

The story of South Africa's annual sardine migration is brought vividly to life on camera. Each summer, the sardine run sees billions of sardines spawning and traveling up the coast, providing a feast for an array of marine predators. Nature The Ocean's Greatest Feast at 7:00 pm.

In 2018, Italy's Morandi Bridge collapsed, killing 43 people. NOVA investigates what went wrong and explores other bridge collapses across the United States. How can new engineering techniques make bridges safer and prevent such tragedies? Nova Why Bridges Collapse at 8:00 pm.

Through the lens of endometriosis, examine the widespread problems in our healthcare systems that disproportionately affect women. This film reveals how millions are silenced and how, by fighting back, they can improve healthcare for all women. Below the Belt: The Last Health Taboo at 9:00 pm.

Singer/songwriters Parker McCollum and Robert Earl Keen bring Texas to musical life. Rising country star McCollum plays his major label debut Gold Chain Cowboy. Legendary Keen performs and celebrate his upcoming retirement from the road. Austin City Limits Parker McCollum/Robert Earl Keen at 10:00 pm.

Thursday, June 22

Kelly Corrigan talks with filmmaker Judd Apatow. Tell Me More with Kelly Corrigan Judd Apatow at 7:00 pm.

Travel Editor Peter Greenberg reports on the rebuilding effort in Ft. Myers. Plus, hidden gems of St Augustine. And, a list of some secret airlines. Travel Detective Cover Story: Ft. Myers Hurricane Recovery at 7:30 pm.

As one of the largest cities in America, many folks know about Houston, but Chet takes viewers off the beaten path exploring its hidden side. He goes underground into an ancient cistern, visits the wild art side of the city, sees the ship channel, and then finds authentic eats inside Houston's Indian district. The Daytripper Houston, TX at 8:00 pm.

Finn is adamant that his marriage to Siobhan is over. When her former lover is arrested for assault, however, Finn can't hide his jealousy - which leads Leila to wonder if she's made a terrible mistake. Hope Street Episode 7 at 8:29 pm.

Finn's daughter Niamh goes missing. When CCTV footage indicates that the girl has been abducted, Finn turns to Leila to get him through the worst day of his life. Hope Street Episode 8 at 9:15 pm.

Bianca figures out what has really happened to Stefan and makes a proposal to Christian. Hopelessly entangled in the police investigation, Christian opts instead to go with Davor to learn everything he needs to know about Operation Krajina. Before We Die Episode Four at 10:00 pm.

Friday, June 23

The Bargo Brothers visit the Keystone state. They discover the city of Brotherly Love has a deadly museum, buggy their way to some local scenery, and ride through a battlefield in a new way. They finish their trip with the founder and CEO of Auntie Anne's Pretzels, on top of Mt. Davis. Highpointers with the Bargo Brothers Pennsylvania at 7:30 pm.

Rick explores how new technologies and social progress spawned a variety of artistic styles during the 1800s: freedom-loving and soul-stirring romanticism, the gauzy art of the prosperous Belle Epoque, light-chasing impressionism, and sensuous art nouveau. Then, Rick careens through Europe's tumultuous 20th century, with rule-breaking art as exciting as the times. From expressionism and cubism to surrealism and abstract, the visionary genius of artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Dali helped express the complexity of our modern world and our place in it. Rick Steves Art of the Modern Age at 8:00 pm.

Finding inspiration outside the studio, a group of acclaimed contemporary artists use history, science, and politics as the raw material to create potent sculptures, paintings, drawings, and public works. ART21: Art in the Twenty-First Century Bodies of Knowledge at 9:00 pm.

Gay and Lesbian Latinos Unidos (GLLU) was founded in 1981, only a dozen years after the Stonewall rebellion and only a couple of years before the HIV/AIDS pandemic began to ravage LGBTQ communities. GLLU was the greater Los Angeles area's first major Queer Latin@ organization, and the film chronicles events surrounding GLLU at a pivotal time in the history of LGBTQ equality, women's rights, and civil rights movements that shaped the destinies of GLLU's communities for decades to come. UNIDAD: Gay & Lesbian Latinos Unidos at 10:00 pm.

Saturday, June 24

Christopher Columbus set out from Huelva, on Spain's southwest coast, in 1492 in a quest to chart unknown lands with hoped-for riches. With him he brought three ships and a cultural impact that changed the world forever in the space of thirty years. Huelva and its surrounding area reveal a wealth of cultural and historical influences, from Romans through Moors to Spaniards, from technology to disease, through Italians and (perhaps) Portuguese ancestry that Columbus and subsequent would-be conquerors carried with them. They would transform the Americas into a European province. In the Americas with David Yetman Colon's Spain and the Quest for Western Lands at 11:30 am.

San Antonio is the home base for this season of Planet Barbecue. One of only two cities in the U.S. designated a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, the Alamo City boasts a cuisine as colorful as its historic city center. Get ready for Carne Asado Breakfast Tacos, Jason Dady's Oak-Smoked Cherry-Glazed Ribs, and Beef Cheek Barbacoa prepared by local smoke master Esaul Ramos. Steven Raichlen's Planet Barbecue San Antonio Grill at 1:00 pm.

Join Host/Producer Roberto Mighty at legendary St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, in New Orleans! The town, known for mardi gras, jazz and great cuisine, is home to this Catholic cemetery with multicultural roots. We learn about Asian immigration, and tombs include the "witch" Madame Marie Laveau; civil rights activist Homer Plessy; Chess master Paul Morphy, and a mysterious pyramid for actor Nicolas Cage. World’s Greatest Cemeteries St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans at 4:30 pm.

Farmers in Iowa change their methods to confront climate change, pulling carbon from the atmosphere into the ground. The largest lake in California is in rapid decline, causing the loss of wildlife and threatening human health. A program to regenerate forest is already bringing songbirds back to the woods of Pennsylvania. This American Land Farmers Challenge Climate Change, The Salton Sea in Trouble, Songbirds Respond to Improved Habitat at 6:00 pm.

Celebrate singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett, joined by his iconic Large Band. Lovett makes his first appearance in a decade with songs from his first new album in 10 years: 12th of June. Austin City Limits Lyle Lovett and His Large Band at 7:00 pm.

The team investigates the mysterious death of an astronomer after he falls from a cliff during a rare planetary event. Meanwhile, is romance blossoming for Neville? Death in Paradise Murder in the Stars at 8:00 pm.

Poirot receives a strange letter for assistance from an elderly woman,Miss Amelia Barrowby, who lives at Rosebank in Charman's Green. She is extremely vague in defining the problem, but adds several times that discretion is paramount as family is involved. The letter intrigues Poirot who has his secretary Miss Felicity Lemon draft a reply saying that he is at the lady's service. Five days later Miss Lemon spots an announcement in the "personal column" of The Morning Post about the death of Miss Barrowby. Poirot sends a letter to Rosebank to provoke a response from the next of kin,and he duly receives a reply from the dead woman's niece saying that his services are no longer required. Nevertheless, he goes to the house where he admires its well-maintained garden with its spring flowers and edging of shells, then meets Katrina, a young Russian girl, and the niece, Mrs Delafontaine, and her husband. Agatha Christie's Poirot How Does Your Garden Grow? at 8:55 pm.

An orchestra soiree, a much-anticipated performance and an abandoned warehouse are scenes for a trio of deaths. Morse's investigation turns up an unsettling connection to the past. Thursday gets a tempting offer, as does Joan. Endeavour on Masterpiece Season 9: Prelude at 9:50 pm.

Anna Friel stars as school teacher Ellie Manning, a wife who is devastated to learn her husband Greg died in a horrific car accident with a mystery woman in the passenger seat. Stricken with grief and refusing to believe her husband was having an affair, Ellie sets out to find the truth of who the mystery woman is, and why she was in the car. What to Do When Someone Dies at 11:48 pm.

Sunday, June 25

Eric Hanson heads down under to explore the Larapinta Trail and Kakadu National Park. Epic Trails Australia's Northern Territory at 12:30 pm.

Watch an innovative documentary that illustrates how weather works by performing brave, ambitious (even unlikely) experiments that show how nature transforms simple ingredients like wind, water and temperature into something spectacular and powerful. Wild Weather at 1:00 pm.

Explore the 1928 dam collapse, the second deadliest disaster in California history. A colossal engineering failure, the dam was built by William Mulholland to ensure the growth of Los Angeles by bringing water to the city via aqueduct. American Experience Flood in the Desert at 1:55 pm.

The "bomb cyclone" that swept across the Great Plains in March 2019 became, in its cost and scope, the worst natural disaster in Nebraska's history. As the storm began, up to 45 inches of snow swept across Colorado and Wyoming into Nebraska and Iowa. Then, warm air turned the blizzard into a deluge. With the ground still frozen hard and unable to absorb the rain, water overflowed into creeks, rivers and ponds already iced over or at capacity, causing record water levels. The people of Nebraska stood in the center of the bullseye. As the unlucky combination of ice, snow and rain caused historic flooding, towns became islands. Cattle, surrounded by water, suffered without food. When the ice broke loose from frozen rivers, it took on a life of its own, moving downstream and swiftly destroying bridges, dams, livestock, homes and businesses. The documentary AND THE FLOODS CAME lays out a one-of-a-kind narrative of this fast-moving tragedy and subsequent efforts to rebuild lives and communities, using news footage and video, photos and recollections from rural Nebraskans who experienced the extreme weather. And The Floods Came - Nebraska 2019 at 2:55 pm.

What are the potential new materials to make batteries more affordable, safer and less environmentally impactful? What could this mean for the future? Lynden Archer, Dean of Engineering at Cornell University, and Shirley Meng, Chief Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and Professor of Molecular Engineering in the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago, discuss. Energy Switch The Future of Batteries, Part 2 at 6:00 pm.

Ridley always suspected the initial investigation into the unsolved case was flawed, and that the wrong man was tried for Hannah Lindsay's abduction. As they delve deeper, the discovery of another body leads to a shocking secret. Ridley The Peaceful Garden, Part 2 at 7:00 pm.

A gang of entitled college students runs riot. But are they behind a rash of lethal mayhem? Morse makes a date with Joan, then starts digging up an old crime scene. Endeavour on Masterpiece Uniform at 8:00 pm.

Ellie goes to Milena's workplace using a fake name under the guise of being helpful – but really looking for clues as how Milena knew Greg. Milena's business partner, Frances Shaw, confides in Ellie that her own marriage is over, as she had fallen for Milena's lover. But Ellie does not get the chance to find out the name of Frances’ lover. What to Do When Someone Dies at 10:00 pm.