Highlights March 18 to March 24

Posted on March 15, 2024

Monday, March 18th

Head to Louisiana's capital for captivating finds including a 1995 Muhammad Ali-signed tablecloth; a Panerai Radiomir watch with Rolex movement and a Frederick Douglass letter & Free Will Baptist Church archive. One is worth up to $110,000! Antiques Roadshow LSU Rural Life Museum Hour 2 at 7:00 pm.

Series Premiere. A landmark two-part documentary by Ric Burns, chronicles the life and work of the great 14th century Florentine poet, Dante Alighieri, exploring the inner world and legacy of his incomparable literary creation, The Divine Comedy. Dante: Inferno to Paradise Part One: The Inferno at 8:00 pm.

In MEDICI: THE ART OF POWER, host Dr. Rocky Ruggiero examines the rise to power and legacy of the most famous family of the Renaissance.Not only were the Medici bankers to some of Europe's most important rulers, but they were also great patrons of the arts. Artists such as Donatello, Brunelleschi, Botticelli, and Michelangelo all developed under and enjoyed Medici largesse. Filmed mainly on location in Florence, Italy, the half-hour documentary explores how the art of the Renaissance became the visual geopolitical language of the Medici family, which was clearly a language of power. Medici: The Art of Power at 10:00 pm.

As a blind, undocumented immigrant, Pedro faces obstacles to obtain his college degree, become a social worker, and support his family. Uncertainty looms over him even after he graduates. Through experimental cinematography and sound, unseen reimagines the accessibility of cinema, while exploring the intersections of immigration, disability, and mental health. POV Unseen at 10:30 pm.

Tuesday, March 19th

Henry Louis Gates traces the roots of actors Brian Cox and Viola Davis, uncovering records from workhouses in Scotland and slave plantations in South Carolina that reveal individuals who battled to build a better life for their families. Finding Your Roots Rising from the Ashes at 7:00 pm.

Around 1400, the beauty of ancient Greece and Rome was reborn in the Renaissance. And glorious art told the story. This rebirth of classical culture showed itself in the statues, paintings, and architecture of Florence, then spread from Italy to Spain, Holland, Germany, and beyond. The Renaissance featured a star-studded cast, from art-loving princes and popes to Leonardo's "Mona Lisa" and Michelangelo's "David." Its art celebrated humanism and revolutionized the way we think about the world and our place in it. Rick Steves Art of the Renaissance at 10:00 pm.

Wednesday, March 20th

The relationship between man and his noble steed is almost as old as civilization itself. Ever since the mysterious beginning of our extraordinary partnership, horses helped shape the human world. At the speed of a horse, our ancestors conquered distances and built empires. Together, humans and horses flourished side by side. What makes us so perfect for each other? Nature Equus: Story of the Horse: Chasing The Wind at 7:00 pm.

Following a trail of fossils found in all the wrong places -- beech trees in Antarctica, redwoods and hippo-like mammals in the Arctic -- uncover the bizarre history of the poles, from miles-thick ice sheets to warm polar forests teeming with life. Nova Polar Extremes at 8:00 pm.

Follow forensic anthropologists as they excavate the early American colony and uncover dark secrets. What do the newly discovered bones of a 14-year-old English girl reveal about what really happened during the winter of 1609? Secrets of the Dead Jamestown’s Dark Winter at 10:00 pm.

Thursday, March 21st

CNN anchor Jake Tapper discusses his new book, All the Demons Are Here: A Thriller, and journalism and news media's relationship with truth in the modern age. Overheard with Evan Smith Jake Tapper at 7:00 pm.

Chet and crew travel to a "world famous" back road burger joint in Andice. They also look back at some of their favorite and memorable burger meals. The Daytripper Texas Burgers Road Trip at 8:00 pm.

A retired entertainment executive in rural Massachusetts needs Matt's help clearing out a basement full of cherished showbiz memorabilia. His priceless collection includes autographs, posters and his uncle's photo album containing rare pictures of Hollywood's Golden Age. Legacy List with Matt Paxton Lights, Camera, Downsize at 8:30 pm.

Despite Pete’s best efforts to avoid Eliza and the reasons their relationship fell apart, things become tricky when the two of them are tasked with the retrieval of a critically ill little boy with a mystery illness. And when they discover what it is, they have very differing views on the best course of action to take. RFDS: Royal Flying Doctor Service at 8:59 pm.

Friday, March 22nd

Episode 2 builds on episode 1 and is in the same style. This episode examines other occupations associated with flamenco, As before, the episode is filled with live performance. We continue to discuss significant aspects of gitano history while also reminding viewers of non-gitanos who contributed to the art form. Flamenco: The Land Is Still Fertile at 7:30 pm.
Follow a team of experts as they solve the enduring mystery of exactly where Hannibal and his troops crossed the Alps to launch a surprise attack on Rome. Secrets of the Dead Hannibal in the Alps at 8:00 pm.

Meet the man whose transformation is one of the most compelling in history, the Apostle Paul. Journey with Jonathan Phillips as he re-traces Paul's bold quest to bring the Christian message to Asia and Europe, a quest which would see him imprisoned, beaten and on the brink of death. Ancient Roads from Christ to Constantine The Great Missionary at 9:00 pm.

Saturday, March 23rd

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats and Adia Victoria update soul and blues on ACL. Rateliff and his band perform songs from their LP The Future. Victoria plays tunes from her Americana Music Awards Album of the Year nominated A Southern Gothic. Austin City Limits Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats/Adia Victoria at 7:00 pm.

Sunday, March 24th

Join Dr. Scott Tinker on an unexpected journey -- in turns heartwarming, funny, eye-opening and unsettling to understand the benefits and challenges of bringing energy to more than 3 billion citizens of the developing world. In this spectacular 6-part series, he'll cross Nepal with an environmental health scientist, studying people's transition from the most dangerous cooking fuel, killing millions a year, to the safest; visit Ethiopia's huge new hydroelectric dam and Kenya's largest slum, to see how Africa will power its people; venture into the ports and coal mines that support a growing Vietnam; and install a solar microgrid to bring electricity, for the first time ever, to the Arhuaco people of Colombia. Switch On Modern Cooking Fuels at 6:00 pm.

Shelagh and Joyce assist a heavily pregnant woman dealing with a severe mold infestation in her new flat. Nancy attends a "Raise the Roof Campaign" meeting against some of her peers' wishes. Trixie takes secret driving lessons from Fred. *__Call The Midwife__* at 7:00 pm.

Nolly's last day on "Crossroads" is approaching, and she is desperate to know what will happen to her character, but her farewell is so shocking that nobody in the cast could have predicted it. Nolly On Masterpiece at 8:00 pm.

Jack is now happily married to Lynn with a baby when an unexpected call from Alice turns his life upside down. Torn by his feelings for Alice, Jack decides to see her in secret with devastating consequences. Alice & Jack On Masterpiece at 9:00 pm.

Gaspar investigates deaths in the port, following closely on the heels of Pedro Ramirez. Meanwhile, the smugglers receive aid from Dr. Eloisa Gonzales, a friend and former love interest of Gaspar. The Sanfuentes and Bormann families strengthen their ties, romantically and commercially. Hijos Del Desierto (Sons of the Desert) at 10:00 pm.