“KLRU works for us.”

Posted on Apr 25, 2019

KLRU is the only community-supported public television station in Central Texas. In addition to individual donors, KLRU relies on financial support from area businesses. Amish Furniture of Austin and Terra Toys are two such local KLRU Business Supporters and both have been incredible champions of KLRU.

These businesses give back to our community in so many important ways — they create market diversity, they keep money in the local economy, they help “Keep Austin Weird” and they make decisions that reflect the best interests of Austinites, not corporate HQs.

Lucky for KLRU, Amish Furniture of Austin and Terra Toys are both proud supporters of Austin PBS. And with KLRU broadcasting in 18 surrounding counties, their businesses receive wide-range recognition in return. Win-win.

Christine Kortshak, President of Amish Furniture of Austin, receives positive feedback for underwriting KLRU programming directly from her customers. “We’re a small business – a mom and pop business. We truly, truly continue to have people come in and say ‘thank you for your sponsorship,’ so we know people are seeing us, hearing us and they’re coming in as a result. It’s a great match.”

Sylvia Edwards, General Manager at Terra Toys, explains why her store supports KLRU. “When we look for places to promote our business, we look for places that we ourselves believe in. And we believe in the messages that KLRU sends as a station – to provide free access to educational programming to all. Our emphasis is on always growing and always learning. I think that Terra Toys and KLRU are really in line with each other. KLRU works for us.”

Amish Furniture of Austin and Terra Toys provide value to Central Texas. Collectively they have sold one-of-a-kind goods and added variety to the Austin marketplace for over 54 years. Promoting their businesses through KLRU sponsorship is just another way they give back, putting their support behind media that educates and inspires hundreds of thousands of people each day.


Interested in becoming a KLRU Business Supporter? Head to klru.org/business for details.