The role of philanthropy in the business community is absolutely critical.

Posted on Oct 20, 2020

What can I do to help? That’s a question a lot of us are asking right now, especially as fallout from COVID-19 continues to affect the ability of so many to stay healthy, go to work, pay bills and get emotional support. This pandemic has had negative consequences for nearly the entire world, but some individuals and businesses are faring better than others. Austin PBS Business Supporter ABC Home & Commercial Services has been able to pivot and continue offering maintenance to their customers. While this transition hasn’t been easy, ABC’s President Bobby Jenkins acknowledges that he and his company have been lucky.

“The overall nonprofit community needs help. There are a lot of businesses that are struggling, but there are also a lot of businesses that are able to survive and be successful. I think that this is a time that those that have need to step up as much as they possibly can to help those that don’t have. The role of philanthropy in the business community is absolutely critical.”

ABC Home & Commercial Services has been a contributor to Austin PBS for four years. Jenkins is committed to giving back to Central Texas and supporting his adopted home that has done so much for him.

“Austin’s welcoming spirit is one that I’ve been very appreciative of. I moved here 37 years ago and started my business and I really believe that the overall community has this attitude that if you’re willing to come in and work hard and contribute and give back, there’s a place for you.”

Jenkins cites his two young granddaughters as one inspiration for his love of Austin PBS. Not only does he enjoy tuning in with them, but he knows the programming they’re watching is safe and educational. Beyond that, ABC Home & Commercial Services also supports the groundbreaking music from Austin City Limits, the high quality dramas from Masterpiece and the rigorous journalism from shows like PBS NewsHour and Washington Week, all presented commercial free.

“I think Austin PBS really plays a very important role in the community. It’s part of the fabric of it. And to provide that kind of programming, that kind of information and education… if not from Austin PBS, there’s going to be a void. If not done by them, then done by who?”

Keeping area nonprofits and other one-of-a-kind organizations running will take ingenuity and action. The Central Texas community has already lost so much this year and it will be a tough road forward no matter what. But certainly the dedication of local businesses like ABC Home & Commercial Services will help sustain what makes our city special now and into the future.


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