Tour the World of Work with Jamming on the Job

Posted on Dec 1, 2023

Listen to the music-inspired podcast that takes kids and their caretakers on a jam session around the world. Join Christina, Andrés, and Magic Beatmaster Boombox, voiced by musician, Pierce Freelon, as they tour the country and perform songs about the world of work. Each place they go, they meet a grown-up with a different kind of job who helps them along their way.

Suitable for children 4 to 8 years old and their caregivers

Color with Christina, Andres, and Boombox as they meet a nurse practitioner :

Coloring Activity

Read more about Jamming on the Job’s mission to create a curious future:

"Jamming on the Job" Helps Kids Explore Interesting Careers

Supplement your listening with 10 picture books designed to encourage kids to explore their interests and skills:

10 Picture Books About Careers

You can find additional Jamming on the Job videos and activities at

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