Somewhere South

Somewhere South

Porridge for the Soul

A dinner honors chef Edna Lewis; porridge gets the royal treatment; how blacks contributed to Southern cuisine. (60 minutes)

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Sun, 4/12 at 11:30 am on Austin PBS HDTV

Dumpling Dilemma

A trip to the Mississippi Delta and farther south reveals that not all dumplings are the same -- whether they're filled with minced meat, chopped vegetables or nothing at all, they are known to stretch ingredients as well as the imagination. (60 minutes)

Sun, 4/19 at 11:30 am on Austin PBS HDTV

What a Pickle

Chow chow, a Southern relish, is celebrated at the Chow Chow culinary festival in Asheville, N.C.; Indian and Sri Lankan pickles; Puerto Rican escabeche; Korean kimchi. (60 minutes)