Friends of ACL RSVP Instructions

Welcome to the Friends of Austin City Limits, supporting Austin PBS. Below are instructions to log in to your RSVP account, how to claim passes for ACL tapings and how to update your password.

If you continue to experience difficulty after following the below instructions or need to change existing reservations, email

Important Notes

  • Please RSVP during the reservation period. The RSVP system is open on the day you receive the invitation (approximately 2 weeks prior to the taping) and closes on the reservation deadline noted on the invitation. Austin PBS reserves the right to fill unclaimed seats after the RSVP period closes.
  • Be sure to add and to your safe-senders list to ensure delivery of Friends of ACL communications and eticket delivery you’re your RSVP.
How to Obtain Your Password – New or Forgotten

New Members: Click here for the RSVP Login landing page. Click the “Forgot Password or User ID” option. Enter your email address that your membership was set up with and hit enter. Your login information will be emailed to you from Upon logging in, you will be prompted to set up security questions. Your answers are case-sensitive. We suggest you change your password to something you will remember. See “How to Change your Password” below.

Current Members:

Click here for the RSVP Login landing page. Click the “Forgot Password or User ID” option. Enter your email address that your membership was set up with and hit enter. You will be prompted to answer security questions you previously set up. Answers are case-sensitive. Upon successfully answering your security questions, you will be prompted to log in. Your new password is now set up.
How to Change Your Password

To update your password provided per the below RSVP instructions, log in here and click “My Account” tab. Enter a new password in the fields on the right and then click the “Update Information” button at the bottom of the screen. Upon successfully changing your password, you will see a confirmation appear at the top of the page, just above your Personal Information.

How to Log in and RSVP

All Friends of ACL memberships have been set up with their own RSVP accounts in advance. When prompted for a username or promocode, you will need to use the full email address of the primary contact on the membership.

If you have BALCONY-LEVEL Access (Friends with a View)
  • Upon clicking on the link to RSVP link in the email invite, you are prompted for an Offer Promotion Code. Your Promotion Code is the full email address of the primary contact on the Friends of ACL membership. Hit "submit".
  • You will then be prompted to log into your account.
  • Upon login, you are taken to the taping event description page. Enter the captcha and hit "Next".
  • Choose the quantity of seats you want in the drop down menu. Click on the section of the balcony you want to sit. Click "Next".
  • Choose the exact location of your seats. Click "Next".
  • Confirm your seats and location. Click "Continue".
  • Click "Accept Terms and Conditions" box at the bottom of the Payment confirmation screen and click "Process Order". You will not be charged.
  • You will receive a confirmation email immediately; followed shortly by a second email with the subject "TicketFly eTicket". That email contains your Print-at-Home Passes attached in PDF format.
  • Please print your tickets and bring them with you on the night of the taping.

**Note** Do not share your promotion code or password. You will need to enter the same promotion code for all ACL tapings moving forward.

If you have STAGE or MEZZANINE Access
  • Upon receiving the official Austin City Limits Taping invitation, click on the link to RSVP. It will take you to the ticketing Customer Portal login page.
  • Upon login, go to the "My Tickets" tab in the header bar at the top.
  • You will see a list of passes available for you to claim for the taping(s) in which the RSVP system is open. Your account will be preloaded with either your assigned seats or the max number allotted if Floor GA. Unclaimed passes will either be filled by Austin PBS (if assigned) or be returned to your membership allotment.
  • To claim and forward the Print-at-Home Passes via email, select the passes you wish to use and then click the "Proceed to Step 2" button at the bottom.
    1. Note: Unclaimed passes are noted with a “0” under the far right “Times Forwarded” column. Claimed passes will be noted with a hyperlinked number. Reclaiming a claimed pass will void out the barcode on the original pass and reassign a new barcode. Voided passes will not be accepted for entrance.
  • Select your email and then select the “Proceed to Step 3” button.
    1. Note: If you are giving your apsses to a guest, we recommend sending the passes to yourself and forwarding the email with the pdf attached passes.
  • Review your selection. Be sure to select the box within the pink box at the bottom, and select "Process Now" button.
  • Your Print-at-Home Passes will arrive shortly to the email address you indicated. They will come from with the subject "Your Ticket" with a pdf attachment containing your Print-at-Home Passes.
  • Please print your passes and bring them with you for entrance on the night of the taping.


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