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Austin PBS, KLRU-TV enriches lives and transforms communities through a variety of initiatives. Your support allows us to provide experiences that educate, entertain and engage your neighbors throughout Central Texas. But you don't have to take our word for it. Watch your neighbors share their personal stories of how Austin PBS has impacted their lives.

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“We chose to support Austin PBS purely and simply because of the programming.”

Dustin Hammer, CEO of Systemverse, established his business in Austin because of the innovative and unconventional spirit of this capital city.

As a company that helps organizations with business technology, Systemverse understands that their success is tied to the success of this community. Systemverse sought to support a local nonprofit that aligned with their values and reflected their dedication to Austin.

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Lessons Learned In A Pandemic Classroom

Teaching during the height of COVID-19 required educators like Toni Bayerl to show up for their students like never before.

The Educational Services Team at Austin PBS worked with Toni in the summer of 2019. We reached out to see if she could share some of her experience surviving, and even thriving, during a pandemic school year, while also tackling a new grade level.

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“It helps us to clear our minds of worries.”

In early March of this year, Nely Avelar signed up for a family literacy workshop modeled after the PBS KIDS show Molly of Denali. When the pandemic hit, those plans changed.

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“It’s a resource that can’t be beat.”

It’s no secret: teachers are heroes. This pandemic has only emphasized that truth. Julie Hildebrand is a first grade teacher in Austin ISD, a Discovery Education Ambassador and a 2018 PBS Digital Innovator All-Star. Despite her accolades and 14 years of classroom experience, Mrs. Hildebrand notes that this is by far her hardest year.

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The role of philanthropy in the business community is absolutely critical.

“I think Austin PBS really plays a very important role in the community. It’s part of the fabric of it. And to provide that kind of programming, that kind of information and education… if not from Austin PBS, there’s going to be a void. If not done by them, then done by who?”

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Austin PBS is a great partner because they really get parents excited.

Everyone needs a good role model. Children naturally follow the guidance and behavior of their parents, but what about when those adults need some positive modelling themselves? At Wooten Elementary, Bernardo Martinez bridges that gap in his role as Parent Support Specialist. Parent Support Specialists focus on finding ways moms, dads and caregivers can take more active roles in their children’s school lives, from spending time on campus to helping with homework in the evening.

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“Doing good is good for business.”

Austin PBS is fortunate to call Central Texas home. This is a community that’s always been passionate about public media. Local individuals and families account for 85 percent of our funding. Another vital source of funding comes from area businesses.

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"This workshop was marvelous!"

Araceli Godinez spends most of each day with her family. Within the routine of being a devoted mom, Araceli found that her relationship with her children deepened even more in a classroom environment after they all joined the KLRU KIDS outreach program.

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The Svinicki Legacy

Longtime supporters Jay and Marilla Svinicki have committed to making sure Austin PBS has staying power by including the station in their estate plans.

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“I move where I want to, I do what I want to.”

Finding the energy to exercise and then sticking to a fitness regimen is a struggle for so many Americans. KLRU Sustaining Member Ola Ann Freeman had been on a search for a workout method that would suit her style – she knew it was important in her retirement to get regular movement time to stay active. Then a friend from church recommended she try Classical Stretch: By Essentrics on KLRU Q and Ola Ann hasn’t looked back since.

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Meet the Arunkumars

A strong support network of friends and family opens up a world of possibilities. For the Arunkumar family, the encouragement they have shown one another has clearly made a big difference in many parts of their lives. Parents Michael and Priya have been vital in helping their daughter Nila and son Surya explore their interests. And as Nila has grown, she’s inspired her brother and parents along the way. Nila and her dad Michael sat down to talk about one of her longtime passions: the KLRU KIDS Writers Contest.

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“Austin PBS works for us.”

KLRU is the only community-supported public television station in Central Texas. In addition to individual donors, KLRU relies on financial support from area businesses. Amish Furniture of Austin and Terra Toys are two such local KLRU Business Supporters and both have been incredible champions of KLRU.

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Community Cooperation, Community Jobs

Workforce Solutions Capital Area, the City of Austin, Travis County and Austin Community College have teamed up for a first of its kind local initiative. The focus: combining their resources to create a team focused on lifting up jobless or low-wage earning workers to employment that provides a living wage.

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KLRU is a good neighbor because they build lifelong learners and readers.

For eight years, the staff at Wooten Elementary has been encouraging community among students by pairing kindergarteners with third and fourth grade reading instructors. This little kid/big kid partnership is a cornerstone of KLRU’s Martha Speaks Reading Buddies program.

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Our children feel so happy.

For low-income moms and dads who don’t speak English, ensuring their young children are on a path toward school-readiness can be daunting, especially when access to quality childcare is often out of reach. When the opportunity to join KLRU’s Ready to Learn (RTL) came around for Mariel, she enrolled with her three-year-old son Brandon, knowing that they both would benefit from this early childhood resource.

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KLRU programming was essential in forming my art.

When Hakeem Adewumi was a kid, he remembers watching Arthur and other popular children’s shows—but also history programs and documentaries that later influenced his work. Hakeem is now a photographer and visual storyteller. And last year, Hakeem himself appeared on PBS stations throughout the country, featured in a KLRU-produced documentary series.

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I am still a PBS Kid.

When Jessica Michallick was growing up, she was bullied. She often found herself left out of classroom activities, too. Jessica is visually impaired. And there weren’t always ways for her to participate at school.

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Representation is very important.

Roshi K. is a mural artist and was featured on KLRU's Arts in Context. She talks about why showcasing diverse voices in the media is important, and why KLRU is her favorite neighbor.

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Austin PBS is our safe place.

For Michelle Haché and her sons Soren and Tristan, KLRU is an important part of their routine. “I have two sons that are on the spectrum and children’s programming in general on commercial TV is not a sensory-friendly place for kids that are on the spectrum.”

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Austin PBS Expands Your World

For Edie Avery and her granddaughter Bird Holmquist, a special bond was forged years ago when they started watching Masterpiece together. Now Bird is all grown up, but their shared love of PBS endures. Edie and Bird spent so much time with the beautiful English backdrops which factor so heavily into many Masterpiece presentations, that the two women decided to travel to The United Kingdom to explore these places in person! Three weeks abroad, two generations of women and one common passion: public television.

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Alejandra brings the world to your table.

What started as a search for ingredients to make her grandmother’s mole ended with Alejandra leaving her banking position to start La Flaca, an urban farm in Austin where she now cultivates traditional herbs and vegetables from Mexico and beyond. Local KLRU program Central Texas Gardener became an important tune-in for Alejandra on her journey from financier to farmer.

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KLRU’s Partnerships Make Our Neighborhood Stronger

Erica Egan, Director of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Education at Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area (BGCAA), recently shared just how important KLRU resources are to her program.

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Meet The Stanton Family

What do science lessons and family bonding have in common? For Patrick, Lucinda and Naomi Stanton, the connection comes from their time together at the Ruff Ruffman Family & Community Learning workshop.

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Austin PBS Business Supporter: Whim Hospitality

Whim Hospitality's CEO Kim Hanks grew up on public broadcasting, and drew from the lessons she learned from Mister Rogers when forming her company's core values. She's not only a Austin PBS Business Supporter, but she's still an avid viewer. She loves the show Victoria because of what a trailblazer Queen Victoria was for women leaders like herself.

Austin PBS Business Supporter: Camp Lucy

Camp Lucy's owner, Whit Hanks, talks about how his values align with Austin PBS viewers — being curious, adventuresome, and relaxed, to name a few. And that's why he's proud to be an Austin PBS Business Supporter.

Alan Pogue

Voted Austin's Best Photographer for over 10 years, Alan Pogue has been capturing photos of Austin's social movements since the 70's and sees Austin PBS as a vital platform to reflect Austin's past and present and to connect us as a community.

Austin PBS is a community in the virtual space

Amy Wong Mok is the Founder & CEO of the Asian American Cultural Center. Balanced storytelling is something she values in Austin PBS—and in fact, the public trusts PBS above commercial and cable television networks.

Michael Hartman

Michael Hartman, CEO of Amy's Ice Creams, loves Austin PBS because it's a fake news free-zone.

Alka Bhanot

Alka Bhanot is a mom, a member of the Austin PBS Community Advisory Board, and founder of a non-profit called Indie Meme. Alka believes that Austin PBS stands for community and fairness, and thinks public television is a resource that needs to be protected.

Catherine Robb

Catherine is the granddaughter of Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson, and talks about the significance of the Public Broadcasting Act and how she thinks Austin PBS will be a vital resource into the future.

John-Michael Cortez

John-Michael Cortez is the Special Assistant to the Mayor, and believes that Austin PBS makes Austin a richer and more educated community.

Ross Buhrdorf

Ross Buhrdorf is a longtime entrepreneur in Austin and believes that Austin PBS and public television have the power to make the world a better place.

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