Producing for Austin PBS

Thanks for bringing your ideas to Austin PBS. Austin PBS strives to present locally-produced television programming that reflects the Central Texas community. The station both broadcasts original content and helps facilitate national release of completed films and TV shows. Austin PBS’s Green Light Committee evaluates projects for development. The committee, made up of Austin PBS employees from all station departments, reviews projects to ensure they meet Austin PBS standards. Proposals may be submitted to Austin PBS at any time throughout the year.

Programs may be considered for:

  • Streaming & Local Broadcast Completed films and shows (25 minutes or longer) can be considered for streaming via the Austin PBS App and local broadcast on Austin PBS.

  • State and National Distribution Films and shows, at any stage of development, can also be considered for state and/or national distribution. We will work with you to determine the best distribution path for your project.

Review Process

Each project is judged on many criteria, including but not limited to the quality of the proposal or completed work, the credentials of the production team, the needs of the schedule, and whether it meets Austin PBS’s core operating principle to focus on programming that discovers, reflects, and brings to life the essence of Austin. If the project is accepted by the Green Light Committee, deadlines will be determined and a strategy for facilitating broadcast/distribution of the program will be set. Producers will be notified shortly thereafter. Producers must submit the following with their program:

To submit your proposal, please click the link below:

Submit My Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Austin PBS fund my project?

Most likely not. As much we would like to have monies set aside just for outside producers, at this time, we do not. Most producers submitting projects have funders attached or ones in mind to ask for support.

Should I only submit a completed program or does it have to be in the early stages of production?

We accept projects in all stages of development/production.

Will my program have National distribution?

This is determined on a case by case situation. First and foremost Austin PBS serves the Central Texas area. That is our focus. We do have ways of making shows available to other markets outside of Texas, but whether or not a station airs your program is entirely up to each individual station.

Can I have my program aired during primetime?

The time that you program airs is determined by many things. It depends on availability in primetime. It also depends on subject matter of the project (aka it has to air after 10 p.m.). Ultimately though, it is up to the discretion of programmers where to place a program.


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