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Hiring Challenges, Trends and Strategies in Central Texas

ATX Together: The Engage Series - Hiring Challenges, Trends and Strategies

Join us on Wednesday June 8 at noon for the latest ATX Together discussion about hiring challenges in Central Texas.

Impacts of Human Trafficking in our Region - May 11

ATX Togther: The Engage Series - Impacts of Human Trafficking in Our Region

Join us for ATX Together: The Engage Series as our three panelists discuss the impacts of human trafficking on Central Texas.

ATX Together: The Engage Series - How Are Artists and Creatives Faring Throughout the Pandemic?

ATX Together: The Engage Series — How Are Artists and Creatives Faring Throughout the Pandemic?

Original livestream: 3/9/22
In recognition of SXSW, this month’s ATX Together: The Engage Series shines a spotlight on greater Austin’s creative community and how artists have been coping during the past two years of the pandemic.

ATX Together: The Engage Series - April 13

ATX Together: The Engage Series — Beyond Call Out Culture: How Do We Hold Each Other Accountable?

Original livestream: 4/13/2022
In this episode, the panel defines call-out culture, assesses its impact on our community, explores when it’s appropriate to call out individuals or groups, and discusses strategies on how to effectively call-in individuals to achieve equity goals.

ATX Together The Engage Series: Lessons Learned from Workplace Anti-Racism Training

ATX Together: The Engage Series — Lessons Learned from Workplace Anti-Racism Training

Original livestream: 2/9/22
Workplace anti-racism training provides education around the impacts of systemic racism. This is done through creating shared language and protocols to consciously identify and respond to racist behavior within organizational structures and cultures.

Panelists for Mental Health

ATX Together: The Engage Series — Normalizing Mental Health and Grief in the Workplace

Original livestream: 1/12/22
For nearly two years, our society has been raddled by individual and collective grief, stress and trauma from Covid-19. This pandemic has changed the way we move in our day to day lives including the workforce. Whether you work in-person or remotely, Covid-19 has impacted the way many jobs operate and the way people may show up at work.


ATX Together: The Engage Series — A Call to Action Against Antisemitism in Greater Austin

Original livestream: 12/08/21
Antisemitism is the belief or behavior hostile toward Jews just because they are Jewish. It may take the form of religious teachings that proclaim the inferiority of Jews, for instance, or political efforts to isolate, oppress or otherwise injure them. It may also include prejudiced or stereotyped views about Jews.


ATX Together: The Engage Series — What Does It Mean to Be Native American in Contemporary American Society?

Original livestream: 11/10/21
This question was posed during a conversation between Leadership Austin’s program director and a member of the Native American community, who is intertribal (existing between tribes) and mixed race (Native American and white). What is most striking about this question is that it moves us beyond past images, stereotypes and tropes of Native American and Indigenous communities. It forces us to rethink what we have been taught and acknowledge what we don’t know.

ATX Together - Vaccinating Central Texas

ATX Together: Vaccinating Central Texas

Original airdate: 04/01/21
What’s working and what’s not in the effort to vaccinate Central Texas.

ATX Together: Mental Health

ATX Together: Mental Health During a Year of Crisis

Original airdate: 03/18/21
What can each of us do to cope and support others during this long season of crisis?


Help the Helpers

The devastating winter storm that paralyzed Texas revealed, once again, these kinds of crises hit vulnerable communities the hardest. It left many of us wondering how to help our neighbors. There are many local organizations that have stepped up to aid in the recovery.

ATX Together: The Future of I-35

ATX Together: The Future of I-35

Original airdate: 02/18/21
Austin’s most famous dividing line is at a crossroads. I-35 stands as a reminder of our city’s segregated past. Close to a century ago, city leaders passed a plan to ensure people of color lived east of the highway. Now, Austin is facing a once in a generation opportunity to repair that legacy of racism and rebuild I-35, making it a community resource rather than a barrier.

ATX Together Roots of Racism in Austin

ATX Together: Roots of Racism in Austin

Original airdate: 02/04/21
Austin’s 1928 Master Plan is the heart of institutionalized racism that forced all Black people to move east of East Avenue, where I-35 stands today. Judy Maggio talks with UT’s Dr. Kevin Foster, former Austin City Council Member Ora Houston and community mobility advocate and attorney Yasmine Smith about how the plan continues to shape our city’s racial divide almost 100 years later.


ATX Together: Finding Common Ground

Original airdate: 01/21/21
Our country and our community are deeply divided from politics to race. Finding common ground and understanding takes effort. Here are practical ways we can all step outside our own world views and listen to one another with open hearts and minds.

Host Judy Maggio and panelist: Greg Casar, Susan McDowell, Chris Baker, and Craig Staley

ATX Together: Homeless in Austin

Original airdate: 1/07/21
Homeless camps seem to be moving and multiplying in Austin creating challenges and changes as the city addresses its growing problem. Austin City Council Member Greg Casar, Chris Baker of The Other Ones Foundation, Susan McDowell of LifeWorks and business owner Craig Staley from Royal Blue Grocery explore causes of homelessness, its impact and possible lasting solutions.

ATX Together: Food Insecurity

ATX Together: Food Insecurity

Original airdate: 11/19/20
Central Texans are facing food insecurity, some for the first time in their lives.

ATX Together: The Female Recession

ATX Together: The Female Recession

Original airdate: 11/05/20
Dr. Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, LBJ School of Public Affairs, Cathy McHorse of United Way and Dr. Jereka Thomas-Hockaday of Central Texas Allied Health Institute look at the challenges facing women and real solutions that could help turn around this "she-cession."

ATX Together: Police Defunding

ATX Together: Police Defunding

Original airdate: 10/22/20
The term "police defunding" is the issue sparking the deepest political divides in Texas and across the country. What does it really mean? Austin Mayor Steve Adler and Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo discuss the politics of public safety and if there is common ground to re-imagine policing. *Contributor essay and resource links inside

ATX Together: Education Inequities

ATX Together: Education Inequities

Original airdate: 10/08/20
How can we ensure every child has equal access to educational opportunities and support so they can succeed, especially as the coronavirus pandemic has amplified educational inequities? ATX Together explores the challenges and barriers many students face and ways to embrace and enrich the unique talents and interests of all students. *Contributor essay and resource links inside

ATX Together Community Resilience September 1 2020

ATX Together: Community Resilience

Original Air Date: 9/10/20
Local leaders, Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette and Ruben Cantu, join host Judy Maggio to discuss ways we can all make Greater Austin a more equitable, resilient community. *Contributor essay and resource links inside

ATX Together Confronting Racism

ATX Together: Confronting Racism

Original airdate: 6/11/20
What practical actions you can take in your everyday life to fight racism? Chas Moore, founder of the Austin Justice Coalition, Meme Styles, founder and president of MEASURE, and Simone Talma Flowers, executive director of Interfaith Action of Central Texas discuss the issue. *Resource links inside

ATX Together: Disability and Employment

ATX Together: Disability and Employment

Original airdate: 10/3/19
In dialogue with the audience, this special ATX Together focuses on the employment challenges and successes of people in Austin who have disabilities. *Resource links inside

ATX Together Mayoral Forum 2018

ATX Together: Austin Mayoral Forum 2018

Original airdate: 10/19/18
Judy Maggio and veteran journalist Alberta Phillips moderate the debate among candidates running for Austin's mayor in the 2018 election.

Judy Maggio and Austin Police Chief Brian Manley

ATX Together: Choosing Our Next Chief

Original airdate: 5/21/18
Austin residents pose questions to Brian Manley who is being considered for the role of Chief of the Austin Police Department. Moderated by Judy Maggio and taped in front of a studio audience.

Judy Maggio speaks to a group of Vietnam veterans and their families.

ATX Together: Lessons from Vietnam

Original airdate: 9/20/17
Using the experiences and issues of the Vietnam War, teens and Boomers discuss the role of citizenship and service both then and now.

Host Judy Maggio speaks to a studio audience

ATX Together: The Talk

Original airdate: 5/5/2017
Generations of black parents have had "The Talk" with their children about how to survive interactions with police but shouldn’t that conversation about race and police relations be happening throughout our community?

ATX Together: Civic Summit

ATX Together: Civic Summit

Original airdate: 7/11/16
Are you concerned about civil rights issues facing our nation and our community? Are you asking yourself “what can I do?” KLRU issued a challenge for citizens and leaders to come together to identify positive ideas and offer commitments to make an impact on our community.